Chateau Sydenham

There are several Vineyards in the Allotment.

Korehan Dora

Les Bateson

Heather Malinder

Dave Allart

Richard Mildenhall

Anyone interested in the keeping of a Vineyard can ask above people for advice as above.

We have a winery in the Allotment that has Hydraulic Press and a manual crusher.

The owners of the vineyard dependent on the size of their plot are allowed to use the vinery and store their produce in it.

There is a nominal fee that is charged for the use of the Vinery (£12.00 pa)




Chateau SydenhamChateau Sydenham 1Chateau Sydenham 3Chateau Sydenham 2Chateau Sydenham 5Chateau Sydenham 6

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