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  1. Len shew 02086595234 says:

    my name is Len Shew I am the warden at Albemarle lodge that is next door to you in Kent Hose rd We are very concerned with a tree that is at the back of our building but in your Blue Bell walk urgently needs cutting back as some of the branches are nearly touching the windows and cutting out a lot of light into the flats.this is as you may be aware sheltered Housing and some of the residents are house bound.We would much appreciate some sort of pruning to take place

  2. Len shew says:

    My name is Len Shew at Albemarle lodge. I e-mailed you some time ago concerning the Bee hives that have been placed against the fence between our properties.We have never in the past had any trouble with the bee’s on your allotments ,but since the Hives have been placed where they are now they are causing concern to the residents .We have spoken to some of your members who wear their white protective suits on this matter but nothing has come back to us.
    Before we take this up with L@Q who are the lease Holders who in turn will take it up with Bromley Council we would like to sort this problem out with you our selves
    Hope to hear back from you soon
    best regards

  3. Pam Dowling says:

    Other committee members:
    Saeed Kanuga
    Richard Mildenhall
    David Pipe
    Pam Dowling

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