91a Kent House Road SE26 5LJ

The entrance is (almost) opposite the junction with Woodbastwick Road.

The entrance path is in between House # 91 and #93 





6 Responses to LOCATION

  1. francoise burgess says:

    Good Morning

    The Minutes of committee meetings do not appear to have been published since April 2018. Any reason?

    • Korehan says:

      Its been done now Francoise,
      As you are aware we have no Secretary and certain responsibilities that members do take are not able to pursue due to the high volume of work in their working life.
      We have discussed this issue on numerous occasions in the past 3 meetings but now we are on track.
      The minutes secretary have now been arranged and we aim to update the plot holders in a timely manner.
      Appologies to all concerned.
      Thank you for pointing it out.

  2. francoise burgess says:

    Dear Committee
    Thank you for for giving the Website a “New Look”

    • Korehan says:

      A bit late in response, but Thank you Francoise.
      We are doing our best. We ain to polish the look of the web page with the help of David Pipe and Linda Rapley.

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