Draft minutes

KHLGA Committee Meeting

 12th August 2019


Present: Korehan Dora (Chair), Saeed Kanuga, Heather Mallinder,  David Pipe, John Sissons, Martin Spatcher, John Wetherell,  Reg Wickings

Apologies Antoni Pogozelski,

In Attendance: John Wetherell & Rita Wetherell

1. Opening address by Korehan Dora.
KD welcomed back Committee Member Saeed Kanuga and wished him well with his ongoing recovery.
KD reported an excellent turnout of plotholders and congratulated them on the amount of work done on the Work Day, in particular in respect of what was achieved on plot 89A.
KD thanked John Wetherell, who has resigned from the committee, for all his work while on the committee. In particular his efficient running of the shop, organising fuel for the machines, machine hire, supervising the delivery of wood-chip and manure, and the many other tasks he has undertaken ad hoc. He will be missed.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting, July 8th 2019.
It was agreed the July minutes were a true record.

3. Matters arising from the minutes.
Memorial bench. The comittee had been circulated with a number of options for the memorial bench. A selection will be made from the most popular.
A Picnic bench has been purchased to stand on the shop forecourt.
It was agreed to purchase 2 more long benches, 3 sun umbrellas and 2 bases.
KD reported that a representative from idverde has met with KD and RW to explain its role as an advice centre for allotments in Bromley. Balgaf will continue to act as an arbitrator for the sites.
KD reported that the 4G router for the site wi-fi has been obtained and will be in use on the site in one week.
Action Points carried over
Raised beds. Further decisions on location and style of the raised beds to be made
RW will continue to investigate further options for changing the Site bank branch.
SK to arrange purchase of new Easy Start Mowers.
Spare for existing mowers to be purchased
SK Chain link repair will be made in  approximately 3weeks.
Memorial bench to be chosen.
Main path has been filled
Grass cut

4. Secretary’s report N/A

5a. Treasurer’s Report
A/C Balances
1.Account       £16477.28
2 Account       £1775.65
Shop               £1579.53
Cash                 £244.27
Cheques              Nil
Total              £20076.73

5b. Shop Report 8th July 2019
Bank  balance  at 7th June 2019                         £1268.38           Add July 5th to July-31st   cash  sales                 £254.85
Less July cash  purchases                                       Nil
Add Polytunnel supplies payment                         £56.30
Bank balance  12th August 2019                         £1579.33
As at 31st July 2019 total year’s cash  ales      £2225.75
Total  year’s  cash  purchases                               £825.46
Total  banked  this  year                                      £1401.29
Also to note :-
Stock payments by transfer to Horticultural Supplies                  £1478.24
Supplies from shop stock for site use £80.00
Machine  use  account July  2019              
Cash in hand 8th July                                               £98.98
Add  income      14th July                                         £27.00
Add  income      31st July                                         £21.00
Less NGK Spares 10th June                                  £13.50
Paid to Treasurer  12th August                           £133.48

6. Site Manager’s report
Wooden flatbed repaired
14 Plot Notices issued
38B dips to be filled

7. Letting managers’ report
26 on waiting list
3 plots vacant

8. Events
Planning Meeting
18th August
September Open Day 8 th September
EGM  22 nd September

Work Group/Volunteers’ day
The Work Group day is on the SECOND Sunday every month.
The next Work Group day TBC
Pallets to be moved to extend raised beds
Paths to be cut
Derelict greenhouse remnants to be removed
Tuesday group day is every Tuesday.
Main path has been filled
Grass cut
Vacant plot 89A made ready for letting
KD thanked the volunteers for their part in the above.

gave a big thank you to all those who attended his plot whilst he had been absent, in particular Richard Mildenhall, Ben and Brendan and thanked anyone else that he may have missed…all the help is very much appreciated
SK reported that the chipper purchased last year is underpowered and jams,he suggested that it is sold and replaced with a more powerful model.
SK reported a complaint from a plot holder about their location adjacent to a compost heap.Various suggestions for amelioration were put forward
JS reported that there had been problem with strimmers not starting, possibly due to errors in mixing fuel. After discussion it was decided to provide pre-mixed fuel.
MS asked that a contact number for informing the apiary of a local swarm be placed at the main gate.
JW confirmed his resignation from the Committee and from management of the site shop with effect from the August meeting.

Chain Link – Carry over
Compost heap issue
Replace glass door on signboard
Choice of Memorial bench and purchase