Draft minutes

Kent House Leisure Gardens Ltd. Board Meeting

Held online
9th November 2020

Present: Korehan Dora, Saeed Kanuga, Heather Mallinder ,
David Pipe, Antoni Pogozelski, John Sissons, Martin Spatcher, Reg Wickings
Apologies: None.

1. Chairs Opening Address
It was with deep sadness that KD announced the death of Les Hughes earlier this month. Chicken Les, as he was affectionately known, would have been 90 this month had he lived. His funeral cortege will pass the main gate on 17th November at 9.15 a.m. It is hoped that his friends and co-allotment holders can be present on the pavement (socially distanced) to bid him farewell.
KD welcomed attendees and advised that discussions would be in light of the current Covid-19 regulations. He thanked HM for circulating the Lewisham advice on public spaces re: Coronavirus shutdown.
Concern was expressed regarding the continued use of the lavatory block as Lewisham and BALGAF are advising that they should be closed. HM advised that the current Covid-19 regulations issued by the government specifically state that the ‘toilets can remain open’. HM agreed that if possible (i.e. within her technical ability) she will circulate the link to the Gov.uk guidelines.
DP is stepping down as minute taker after many months.
KD expressed profound thanks to DP for his diligence and acknowledged that the process of producing accurate minutes can  take hours of work.
The Board echoed their appreciation.

2. Minutes of Meeting 12th October 2020.
It was agreed that the minutes were an accurate record.

Matters arising from previous minutes.

 Action Points outstanding.                                                  
a) Finishing work on clubhouse porch roof.
Don is not responding to requests for information.
Agreed: to advise Don we will be asking another carpenter to complete work and deduct the money from the amount agreed to pay him.
b) Fixing Wi-Fi bracket. AP
AP currently has no time.
Agreed KD and DP will complete.
c) Fence repair behind plot 72.
Awaiting repair.
d) Purchase of slabs for raised bed walkways.
Currently investigating best price suppliers who are willing /able to deliver to the main gate rather than drop off on the pavement.
Agreed SK would ask Travis Perkins
e) Wiring between office/main gate light/ greenhouse.
As part of the recommendations from the recent PAT testing.
Agreed KD to pass the file electronically to JS.
f) Gating of green waste area.
g) Fridge freezer to be removed from clubhouse to local tip.
Agreed KD & HM to facilitate.
h) Purchase of Farm Jack and engine hoist.
Farm jack purchased.
Agreed Engine hoist ongoing.
i) Replacement greenhouse
Awaiting delivery. RW has offered wooden greenhouse to a plot holder with the caveat that it is removed and erected at the plot holder’s risk. It is likely that volunteers will erect the new greenhouse as cost of contractor to undertake work is prohibitive.

3. Secretary’s Report
RW expressed his disappointment that, as yet there is no-one willing to take on this role.

4. Treasurer’s Report
Balance as of 05 November 2020
No.1 A/C –     £13,541.55
No.2 A/C –      £ 2,822.41
Savings A/C – £ 1,672.75
Cash & Cheques £265.69
Total              £18, 302.40

Comment. There was no activity during October. RW has banked cash and cheques.

5. Shop Report KD advised that the shop is selling honey on behalf of the Bromley Beekeepers.The honey sells for £8.00 with £1.00 going to the shop funds.
Currently KD has made £77 .00 with £11.00 for the shop.
KD transferred £133.50 to Treasurer bringing the shop account to £1196.22

6. Site Manager’s Report
MS is assuming the Spring show will go ahead next year and as such is making preparation for the plant sale. He is reluctant to buy anymore black plastic pots and requests that those who have had them from last year please return to MS for reuse.
He is also looking for suggestions for a greener option. No toilet rolls please.
MS and Lynn will continue to grow the flowers. HM has agreed to grow some herbs and Emma has offered to grow veg.

7. Letting Manger’s Report
SK reported that due to current restrictions there have been no viewings this month. There are 2 vacant plots and it is envisaged that a further three plots may become vacant in the near future.

8. Health & Safety Issues.
This matter has been covered by the Covid-19 discussion.

9. A.O.B
The meeting closed at 9.16 p.m.


KHLGLtd Committee Meeting
Held online
14th September 2020
Present: Korehan Dora, Saeed Kanuga, Heather Mallinder ,
David Pipe, John Sissons, Martin Spatcher, Reg Wickings
Apologies: Antoni Pogozelski

  1. Opening address
    Welcomed the attendees and noted AP’s apologies for absence,
    KD Reiterated the need for caution on site, given the ongoing spread of Covid 19.
    KD Repeated his thanks to Pam for her work in keeping the toilets in good order.2. Minutes of the previous meeting, 10th August 2020
    It was agreed the August minutes were a true record.
  2. Matters arising from the minutes.
    Action Points outstanding
    Finishing work on Clubhouse ramp porch
    Contacted Don. The work should be completed by the end of September.
    Site Logo
    suggested opening the competition for a design to both children and plotholders. Agreed.
    RW to circulate details.
    WiFi bracket
    Raised bed construction
    and MS, construction 90% finished. Awaiting liner and walkway slabs, planing edges for completion.
    woodchip has been delivered.
    HM Supplier has wood, suitable for turning. Contact Heather Mallinder if interested.
    Overhaul of machinery
    JS & BM will replace wheels. JS & AP will complete trailer repair.
    Site signage update
    to order.

    4. Secretary’s Report

5a. Treasurer’s Report
noted that KHLGLtd now has Internet banking facilities.
No. 1A/C £14,027.63
No. 2A/C £3066.93
Savings A/C £1672.75
Cash & Cheques £1,305.69
Total £20,073.00

5b. Shop account

  1. Shop Report
    KD There has been a slowdown in sales, but the shop is still doing well.
    Manure has been delivered and paid for.
    Plotholders have enquired re the availability of site honey.
    KD will advise Plotholders that Site honey will now be held for sale
    in the shop at £8.00 per 1lb/450gm jar. 
  2. Site Manager’s Report
    Perimeter path:- brambles etc. have been pruned back by Brendon.
    Plot-holders regularly ask about the green waste area, but to date there are no new volunteers.
    When the new waste area is completed it will fill up very quickly.
    The new area will be fenced off and be strictly for communal grass clippings / waste only.
    The soil in the brook needs to be dealt with before the “wet” season.
    RW this could soil could be used in the raised beds. Agreed
    The black fridge in club-house is leaking and will be removed.
    Plots requiring attention: 2, 14A,15B,16, 17, 18, 56, 55B, 68B, 62B2, 81, 88, 89A

KD AP has suggested that there should be an area for all plot holders’ waste.
KD There is not enough space to allow uncontrolled dumping, any dumping should be only for truly compostable waste.
SK  It was agreed previously that monitoring would be needed and that only soft green waste would be accepted in the waste area.
RW Dumping could be allowed, with checks, at a specific day/ time.
MS Dumping could be monitored, but there is the issue of dealing with what has been dumped.
RW Bins in the waste area could be filled in rotation, by the time the last bin has been filled there should be useable material available.
JS The work that this would create could be dealt with on the ‘Work day’.
SK Plotholders using the facility could give their time turning over the waste.
RW Gating the waste area must be a priority in order to be able control its use.
SK Will gather helpers to assist getting the gating under way asap.
MS Re. the site inspection, there are still a number of plots that have not been worked for some years.
RW NAS/Balgf suggests instructing plotholders to bring 25% back of their plot(s) into use within 3 months and the whole of the plot(s) by the end of the next season. New tenancy agreements could be issued conditional on the initial work having been completed, as specified, within the 3 months. Current plotholders whose plots remain uncultivated will receive a letter advising them that have 3 months to bring their plots under cultivation.

KD thanked MS for his work in tidying the workshop. He  also listed a number of items that need purchasing or replacing.
JS remarked on the need for specialist tools to be kept securely.

RW  questioned the continued use of the table saw built by Peter Springall as it lacks basic safety features.
KD agreed that the saw should be examined with a view to applying modifications to render its use H&S compliant.
JS noted that mower wheels still need replacing and work is required to repair the side on the trailer.
MS Drumbeat will be back on site, over the next 3 weeks.. They have been advised of the precautions they must observe while on the site.
JS raised the issue of the guidelines during the current crisis. In particular the use of the toilets.
SK suggested that in addition to the current facilities of hot water and soap there should be hand sanitisers outside as well as in the toilets.
RW proposed that hand sanitisers be placed on the gate and outside the toilets. Agreed.
MS Items outstanding: Fence behind plot 72 repair and attention to wiring between office/main gate light/greenhouse.

NAS advice.  MS and HM to review current risks and necessary procedures.

Meeting Closed @ 21.06