Draft minutes

KHLGA Committee Meeting

13th May 2019


Present: Korehan Dora (Chair), Saeed Kanuga, Heather Mallinder, Antoni Pogozelski, David Pipe, John Sissons, Martin Spatcher, John Wetherell, Reg Wickings

In Attendance: Rita Wetherell

1. Opening address by Korehan Dora.

KD thanked those present on Volunteers Day. Sophie Carrington, Ji, Freda, John and Rita Wetherell, Gerry Burgess, Saeed Kanuga, Nick Alexander
KD Stated that as plot holder John Griffiths needed further assistance in maintaining his plot, KD with assistance from MS,JW, HM and Rita Wetherell weeded, strimmed, dug and rotovated his main plot. Both his plots were then covered with weed suppressant material.
KD thanked those involved for their help.
KD reported that BALGF are going ahead with the process of setting up sites to trial the Company Limited by Guarantee option for the new site leases. KHLGA bankers are insisting on incorporation due to the changes in legislation.
KD explained that the site is to trial low cost Wi-Fi for the benefit of plotholders.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting, April 8th 2019.
It was agreed the April minutes were a true record.

3. Matters arising from the minutes.
Driveway levelling
JW The cost for preparing the driveway for repair would be £180.00 per day.
DP Grids plus infill are an economical option compared to tarmac
SK Queried expense and complication to undertake. Cheaper and easier to use finer grade MOT and compactor.
AP queried suitability of this to conform to H&S requirements.
RW to obtain quotations from local contractors and to investigate availability of grants.

Action point
SK presented the site Health & Safety Report following the inspection of the site by SK and Richard Mildenhall on the 8th March 2019. A copy is available via the ‘Information for plotholders on the KHLGA website.

4. Secretary’s report N/A

5a. Treasurer’s Report
A/C Balances
1.Account         £13247.00
2 Account         £3268.24
Shop                  £1189.28
Cash                     £755.27
Cheques              £250.00
Total                £18709.79

5b. Shop Report 13th May 2019
Bank balance at 5th April 2019                         £1290.81
Less H.S. Ltd payment by transfer £441. 25   £849.56
Add April 2019 cash sales                                   £524.25
Less April 2019 cash purchases                         £183.34
Banked 8th may 2019                       £340. 91 £1190.47
As at 30th April 2019 total year’s cash sales £1007.00
Total year’s cash purchases                                £347.16
Total banked this year                                         £659.84

For info only :- supplies to polytunnel this year £ 56.30

Machine use April 2019
Cash in hand                      1 April £41.93
Add income                     17 April £30.00
Add income                     23 April £27.00
Add income                     29 April £30.00   £128.93
Less fuel                          17 April £21.00
Less fuel                          29 April £19.19     -£40.19

 6. Site Manager’s report
NOTE: Only Committee Members can sign out machines.
Steel toe capped boots compulsory when using rotovators.
A new heavy duty flatbed has been purchased

7. Letting managers’ report SK reported that 4 plots are currently vacant. The top 4 applicants on the waiting list have been invited to view the plots on the 19th May and 25th May.

8.  Events
May Open Day
19th May
September Open Day 9th September

9.  Work Group/Volunteers’ day
The Work Group day is on the SECOND Sunday every month.
The next Work Group day is on the 9th June.
Tuesday group day is every Tuesday.

10. AOB Decision, by majority vote, to purchase 3 EasyStart mowers and to offer the old mowers for sale.

Chain Link – Carry over
Replace glass door on signboard ?
Memorial bench purchase.
Enclose green waste area