Draft minutes

KHLGLtd Committee Meeting
Held online
8th June 2020

Present: Korehan Dora, Saeed Kanuga, Heather Mallinder, David Pipe
Antoni Pogozelski,John Sissons, Martin Spatcher, Reg Wickings

  1. Opening address
    thanked Saeed for his sterling work on the site
    SK noted that Brendan, Martin, Francoise, Gerry, Pete, and Anya had also given their services.
    KD also thanked all those who had worked in the shop.
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting, 11th May 2020
    It was agreed the May minutes were a true record.
  3. 3. Matters arising from the minutes.
    Gas cylinder purchase
    It was agreed that gas cylinders would not need to be purchased at this time.
    Action Points outstanding
    Gating of green area
    SK in hand
    Finishing work on Clubhouse ramp porch
    in hand
    Overhaul of machinery
    MS noted that the wheeled strimmer has a faulty guard and is not reliable
    RW referred to the decision for regular checks of the machines.
    MS under normal circumstances the machine are checked at 2 monthly intervals.
    and the record of use updated.
    JS all machines had been serviced this winter, new wheels for the mowers have been purchased. Awaiting fitting.
    HM not urgent as old mowers not required as yet.
    the maintenance record will be displayed in the machine room.
    RW  health and safety to be added to the agenda.
    MS action point- Bring old mowers up to date, fit replacement wheels.
    AP person providing repair service must be authorised by the Committee.
    Appointee must use appropriate spares. Repair to be independently checked and recorded. Items used from stock to be replaced.
    AP suggested that a register of competent people be compiled.
    KD The Shop IS CLOSED, access is purely by goodwill of the available members of committee.
    The Shop rota is working well at present.
    Post lockdown KD will put up rota. Will try open 10-1.00 pm 
    All committee members can provide stock to plotholders.
    SK Plotholder access may be subject to BALGF recommendations.

KHLG as a Limited Company
KD A new logo for letterhead etc will be required.
RW Issues with availability of staff has prevented account creation.
This has been an ongoing problem since December 2019.
(BALGF has a similar problem)
New account required but currently unable to create one.
RW will continue to arrange new account.
Vacant plot photo promotion
SK vacant plots are currently in too unkempt to make this a viable.
WiFi bracket
AP to produce new, stronger bracket.
KD will post instructions on the notice board for access to Wavelink and WiFi.
Raised bed construction
MS on hold as paving slabs and labour required.
Woodchip supply
KD thanked HM for arranging delivery.
Grassed border between plots 47b,48b,49b and Orchard Court
MS plotholders should be aware that this is not a shortcut.
Vic Barnes
KD A ‘Get Well’ card has been sent to Vic, on behalf of the Committee.

  1. Secretary’s Report

5a. Treasurer’s Report
No. 1A/C £15,273.70
No. 2A/C £3346.05
Savings A/C £1,672.12
Cash & Cheques £1,305.6969
Total £22,425.17

5b. Shop account
£510 from plant sales to go to NHS Charities
RW will place a note re the donation on the notice board.

  1. Shop Report
    KD reported that the shop had been very busy, one or two payments to bank each week.
    The shop vacuum cleaner is missing, Please return.
    KD will order more stock in about a month. Selection of soft drinks for shop sale will be ordered.
    Possibly also Ice Cream and Coke.
    KD IOU money, when put into Office letterbox, should be accompanied with a note re item purchased.
  2. Site Manager’s Report
    To deter intruders, the fence at rear of plots 72a & b is to be repaired.
    For long term security pyracantha plants will be sourced.
    Only £10 worth of cucumber plants left to sell.
    Adrianna is unable to grow the vegetables for open day next year.
    The Committee expressed their thanks for her single handed efforts over the last few years,
    and agreed that she will be a hard act to follow.
    The site will need to find a replacement by new year.
    Many thanks to the volunteers who have done sterling work cutting communal grass and individual paths.
    Thanks also to the ladies keeping the toilets and clubhouse clean.
    Hopefully a replacement site greenhouse will be purchased shortly
  3. Letting Manager’s report
    57 applicants on plot waiting list.
    2 plots are available to let.
    One plot taken, 2nd plot will probably be taken shortly.
  4. Work Group/Volunteers’ day
    N/A due to lockdown.

    10. AOB
    will purchase petrol for machines.
    security issue due fence collapse along the 48B/49B boundary.
    RW to contact owners of boundary fence.
    SK (in response to query from RW) Porch for disabled access to clubhouse awaiting completion.
    RW (in response to query from SK re machine hire) the site is bound to follow BALGF rules as joint site lease has been signed.
    KD request had been received a request for an on-site barbecue. Currently barbecues not currently permitted under BALGF rules.
    SK site needs more volunteers for clearing untended plots.
    KD noted that there are a number of dedicated volunteers. John Wetherell had cleaned the shop forecourt in preparation for re-locating trees from the poly tunnel.
    KD re untended plots, Martin Spatcher is keeping a log.
    RW under current circumstances committee will arrange to strim plots with long grass.
    SK will repair chain link , if necessary with galvanised wire supplied by KD.
    (Also see note in item 7 re pyracantha)
    KD additional keys for site purchased. Additional key required for office letter box.
    RW scaffolding has been erected on site for repairs to 86 Fairlawn Park. No problem for site
    KD has completed site lease. Lease document awaiting signatory identification.
    RW, in response to a request from MS, will deal removal of out of date pages in the new Facebook KHLGA document.
    will request used hops from Sydenham Brewery as compost for site.

Meeting closed at 21:20