Draft minutes


KHLGA Committee Meeting

9th September 2019

Present: Korehan Dora (Chair), Saeed Kanuga, Heather Mallinder, David Pipe, Antoni Pogozelski, John Sissons, Martin Spatcher

Apologies Reg Wickings

In Attendance: Rita Wetherell


  1. Opening address by Korehan Dora.

KD praised the social success of the Open Day. The music was extremely successful and enjoyable, as was the ‘Kid’s’ tent. KD emphasised the need for a co-ordinator for the day as a point of contact when queries arise. 
He proposed that at future events whoever organises a ‘pitch’ should also co-opt helpers.
He praised members who had jumped in on the day to help where stalls were short staffed.
KD expressed his full appreciation for everyone involved in making the day such a success.


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting, 12thAugust 2019.

It was agreed the August minutes were a true record.


  1. Matters arising from the minutes.

SK, DP and RW attended the BALGF meeting on 2nd September.  SK outlined the main proposals made by BALGF and explained the requirements for each Bromley allotment site to become a Company Limited by Guarantee.

Following discussion, the Committee voted and unanimously agreed to the proposal for the KHLGA to become a Company Limited by Guarantee and to arrange an EGM in order to present this decision to the plotholders. Additional documents relating to Registration and Leases are to be forwarded to the Committee.

 Action Points carried over

Waste area. In response to queries about the waste area MS pointed out that there is no general requirement for sites to make this provision.

SK – The waste area will be reopened when soil is removed away from the neighbouring walls and tree trunks and thereafter gated and fenced. Plot holders will be given access again when these work/s are completed.
The gate is to ensure plot that holders only dispose of soft green waste,  not soil, branches and general rubbish. In future, access will only be given by a member of the committee. In the meantime and into the future, all plot holders are encouraged to compost their waste on their own plots as much as possible and take any other waste/rubbish off site

Raised beds. Further decisions on style of the raised beds to be made
RW will continue to investigate further options for changing the Site bank branch.

SK to arrange delivery of new Easy Start Mowers to be purchased from Lings Motorgroup.
Spare for existing mowers to be purchased.
Redundant mowers to be offered to plotholders.
Chain link repair will be made by JS and AP.
Memorial bench to be chosen..
Southhampton Row notice board  to be reinstated as pinboard.
Machine room to be reorganised for easier access.
Memorial bench to be purchased.
Benches and umbrellas to be purchased for picnic area.
Plot 53 to be maintained as is.

  1. Secretary’s report N/A

5a. Treasurer’s Report N/A

5b. Shop Report

Income from shop and machine hire to be combined.
Currently £1579.00 in account.


6. Site Manager’s report

9 Plot Notices issued
2, 18, 16, 17B, 45a2 (2-6), 65B,62 B2,88
Recipients’ plots to be re-examined.
Further inspection to take place in October.
59a/33A to swop


  1. Letting managers’ report

33 on waiting list
3 plots vacant


  1. Events

EGM see AOB 

Work Group/Volunteers’ day
The Work Group day is on the SECOND Sunday every month.
The next Work Group day 13th October.

Pallets to be moved to extend raised beds.
Paths to be cut.
Derelict greenhouse remnants to be removed.
Tuesday group day is every Tuesday.

Main path has been seeded.
Grass cut



EGM to be arranged in October to discuss/inform re KHLG transition to a Company Limited by Guarantee. (CLG)