Draft minutes

KHLGLtd Committee Meeting
13th January 2020

Present: Saeed Kanuga, David Pipe, Antoni Pogozelski, John Sissons,
Martin Spatcher, Reg Wickings
Apologies: Korehan Dora, Heather Mallinder

1. Opening address
In the absence of Korehan Dora, DP read notes that KD had prepared for the meeting.
These are as follows:-
Finding plot holders for the available plots must be made a top priority.
In response to a request from a plot holder He will purchase a heavy duty mat for the clubhouse.
The existing gate padlocks have been repaired, but a spare should be obtained.
AP concerns about reducing the plot waiting list are accepted and empty plots should be offered to applicants on the waiting list without delay.
If an applicant is not interested in the plot offered they need to be moved down the list.
Replacements should be purchased for the missing Makita drill batteries.
2 new 3KW heaters have been installed in the clubhouse. The faulty 2KW heater has been recycled.
Thanks to all those who helped prepare the clubhouse for the Christmas lunch.
The feedback for the event was that it was very well done.
He endorses a proposal by BK that all the volunteers on workdays should be invited to eat together, to enjoy coming to the site and to get to know each other.
(This was discussed and agreed by the Committee)
He wishes everyone a pleasant 2020.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting, 9th December 2019.
It was agreed the December minutes were a true record.

3. Matters arising from the minutes.
The option of using outside paid labour to clear vacant plots was discussed and it was agreed that where necessary this would be arranged.

4. Secretary’s report N/A

5a. Treasurer’s Report
No. 1A/C £16,166.68
No. 2A/C £5134.98
Cash & Cheques £217.97

5b. Shop account
Cash box to be provided for payments for manure purchased by plotholders.

6. Site Manager’s report
As no supervision was available, the January 12th. work day was aborted.
Issues with obtaining gas bottle refills persist,
The wooden Company greenhouse is in a poor state and need replacing.
Options were discussed and replacing the 3 Company greenhouses with a single greenhouse of equivalent size was proposed.

7. Letting Manager’s report
Raised beds 45a2 have been let and there are 9 plots to let.
If possible there will be 2 tours for prospective plotholders arranged for the first week in February.

8. Events
AGM 29th March 2020
Spring Open Day 17th May 2020

9.Work Group/Volunteers’ day
The Work Group day is on the SECOND Sunday every month.

10. AOB
Plotholders are reminded that composting is to be undertaken on their own plots and unsuitable material removed from the site.

MS to obtain costing for replacement greenhouse.
MS to purchase 2 new full gas bottles.
SK to provide a costing for gating the ‘Green Waste Area’.