Draft minutes

KHLGA Committee Meeting

11th Febuary 2019


Present: Korehan Dora (Chair), Les Bateson, Saeed Kanuga,
David Pipe, John Sissons,  John Wetherell, Nick Whiteley, Reg Wickings

Apologies Heather Mallinder, Martin Spatcher, 

In Attendance: Richard Mildenhall, Rita Wetherell

Opening address by Korehan Dora.

The Chairman thanked John Sissons, John Weatherall and David Pipe for working with Electrician to enable the Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) on the site. Particularly as JS and JW were present throughout the very cold 8 hours it took to review all the electrical installations.

20 plotholders gave their time on Workday this month. KD (also present) thanked
Nick Alexander 64B, Mrs Alexander 64B, Jo Black 82, Mal Bride 14B, Gerry Burgess 74B,
Saeed Kanuga 31B, Ania Kilmowicz 71, Pete Kilmowicz 71, Tim Kipling 24B,
Korehan Dora 39, Ji Lamey 73, Richard Mildenhall 24A, Sarah Ogilvy 78B,
Chris Perrin 27B,  J. Soares 38, Ute Spittler 25A, Charlie Taylor 15B, Angus Watson 72A, John Wetherall 86, Reg Wickings 36B

KD thanked Ania & Pete Kilmowicz for preparing the meals for the volunteers.

KD reported that Ben Mansour had been presented with a Garden Voucher for his work and organisation for the replacement and extension of the site water installation along the main path.

In order to facilitate his access to tools etc. for the machinery repairs that he carries out, Ben now has permanent access to the workshop.

2.Minutes of the previous meeting, January 14th 2019
It was agreed the January minutes were a true record.

3. Matters arising from the minutes.

Note that the Work Group/Volunteers’ Day is every 2nd Sunday of the month.
The Tuesday Group will continue to manage the Memorial Garden, the Orchard and the ‘Little Garden’

Safety guidelines for motorised equipment are held in the Machine Room.
Machine loan is subject to these guidelines having being agreed to by plotholders.
Note that ear defenders are required when using petrol powered equipment.

SK has prepared a code of conduct to be circulated to all plotholders.
SK reported that Bromley council had given the cost of reinstating the rubbish collection from the driveway as £1000 for bin or £500 for 2 plastics bags.
The former was rejected as inconvenient/overpriced and the latter as unlikely to survive intact prior to collection.

An Extraordinary Committee Meeting has been convened to discuss the selection of formats available for the new site leases on 25th February.

4. Secretary’s report

 6. Site Manager’s report
Not available

7. Letting Manager’s report
reported that of the 10 prospective plot holders on the waiting list, 2 had responded. One accepted a plot and one did not turn up having left the area. (Leaving 46 applicants for plots on the waiting list)

Next letting day late February/Early March

In future, contacting prospective plot holders will be by email plus a text message.
The plot offers will require a response within 14 days
Non-responders’ will not be re-contacted, but their names held in a list for reference.

8. Events
AGM 7th April
May Open Day 19th May
September Open Day 8th September

9. Work Group/Volunteers’ day
The Work Group day is on the SECOND Sunday every month.
The next Work Group day is on the 10th March.
Tuesday group day every is Tuesday.

10. Any other Business

SK Noted in relation to Item 7 that re-letting plots is exacerbated by plotholders leaving unacceptable amounts of debris behind when they vacate their plot(s).
Under section 16 of the Rules and Constitution of the Association plotholders have agree that they shall keep their plot in a neat and tidy condition and appearance and shall deposit no refuse on the allotments sites (with the exception of organic material reasonably required for cultivation).
RW Reminded the meeting that under section 4 of the Allotment Act 1950 the site has  the right the re-claim from a departing tenant, the cost of bringing the plot up to let-able standard, this right is included our tenancy agreement and depending on the circumstances, will in future be enforced.

to order MOT (granular sub-base material) for repairs to the driveway
Topsoil will be ordered, used to fill voids in pathway where new water supply pipes have been installed, then seeded.

to order Ear Buds for Plot Holders using site lawn mowers.

 Volunteers will be needed to assist in barrowing MOT to areas of the driveway needing filling.
Date to be advised
Path clearing and tidying/ bramble clearing/polytunnel to be undertaken February/March.