Draft minutes

KHLGLtd Committee Meeting
10th February 2020

Present: Korehan Dora, Saeed Kanuga, David Pipe, Antoni Pogozelski, John Sissons,
Martin Spatcher
Apologies: Heather Mallinder, Reg Wickings

1. Opening address
KD thanked those present for their attendance.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting, 9th December 2019.
It was agreed the January minutes were a true record.

3. Matters arising from the minutes.
Action Points
MS  reported that an 8′ x 10′; wooden greenhouse could be purchased for about £3000
and that as 3 of the existing greenhouses are in good condition the option of replacing all 4
represented an unnecessary expense and additional labour to install.
As an alternative, purchasing an aluminium greenhouse was discussed as these are available at the same size and at half the price or less.
Options would be investigated and discussed at the next Committee meeting.
Re: Heating of the Poly tunnel, KD will purchase the 2 propane cylinders.
Re: The green waste area, SK proposed creating a single 5′ high gated entrance, costing
approximately £200.
Alternatives were discussed and will be revisited at the next meeting.

4.  Secretary’s report N/A

5a. Treasurer’s Report
No. 1A/C £15,903.84
No. 2A/C £6,051.03
Shop account £1671,29
Cash & Cheques £235.47
Total £23,861.63
KD noted that the £11.50 for 23 barrows of manure did not appear in the shop account
but will check with Reg although it is noted in the Treasurers report.
KD said that he will be transfering £97.45 to the Shop account as at 31/01/2020 this figure was the shop account balance.

5b. Shop account

6. Site Manager’s report
KD thanked the following Saturday volunteers, guided by Martin Spacher:-
John W (plot 87), Janet W (plot 61A), Nicholas & Margaret (plot 64B), Ania (plot 71), Brendan (plot 20A)
He also stated that with the generous help given on that Saturday, the volunteers had achieved a lot and their efforts were very much appreciated.  
MS stated that it is now possible to walk round the poly tunnel as the path has been cleared and the surrounding brambles, conifers and ivy cut back.
The green waste area has been cleared and covered, thanks to Ania (plot 71).
Work is ready to start on the first raised bed on plot 53.
There is a fallen tree at the rear of plot 79 that needs to be cleared.
(Cleared and made safe 11/2/2020)

7. Letting Manager’s report.
KD asked SK if he needed help from plot holders to assist him in renting out the existing 7 plots.
SK said he is happy with the present process and has already invited 7 potential plot holders to view the vacant plots on the 15th February.
SK also said he is hoping the invited potential plot holders would take ownership of the available vacant plots when shown them on the 15th.
The vacant plots are: 33A, 45b, 57B, 68A, 68B (vinyard), 69B, 89A)
If possible there will be second tour a week later.

AGM 29th March 2020
Spring Open Day 17th May 2020

9.Work Group/Volunteers’ day
It was agreed to trial running a Work Group/Volunteers Day on the second Saturday
for those volunteers who are unable to volunteer on Sunday in each month.

10. AOB
The clubhouse has been reserved for a private party on 21st March 2020.

An equipment overhaul is required prior to the next work group day.
KD will provide a timetable for the manning of the shop for those who hold keys to the shop.

There was much discussion regarding the status of KHLG now that is a Limited  Company.
Important concerns were raised.
It was agreed that this discussion would be continued in next months meeting.

Next months meeting will be on the Tuesday, 10th March.