Minutes 2016


January 2016

Minutes of KHLGA 13th January 2016

PRESENT:Korehan Dora. David Allart. Martin Spatcher. Richard Mildenhall. RegWickings. David Pipe.

ALSO PRESENT: Pam Dowling. John Black. June Allart. Rita Wetherall.

APOLOGIES: Trevor Barnes. John Wetherall.Heather Mallinder.


MATTERS ARISING: Martin pointed out that he suggested and committee agreed to splitting up the site into four management areas NOT four geographic areas.

Minutes were accepted.

CHAIR’S REPORT: No report.

CORRESPONDENCE &SECRETARY’S REPORT: There’s BALGF meeting on 20th January. RegWickings and Richard Mildenhall will attend.

Reg received letter from a plotholder who is unhappy with the work done on clearing the culvert that runs beside but is not part of her plot. The culvert runs across the site and out to Kent house Road and must always be kept clear There had been discussion about this matter at the last meeting and with the plotholder’s husband and it was thought that the matter  had  been resolved.  It recommended that the fence be replaced along the culvert for Health and Safety reasons. The committee had also agreed that there would consultation with any directly affected plot holders before any such work is carried out in the future.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  £19,231.00p in bank.There are about seven or eight rents unpaid . If not paid by 15th January 2016 then the plot will be lost.

Rent refund agreed to a plot holder who is 80 and has been paying full rent for the last 10 years.

SITE MANAGER’S REPORT:Volunteers day Sunday 10th January-  a lot of trees trimmed back/taken down around the site.  Yellow paint indicates trees to be cut later.  Strimming was done around the raised beds and the greenhouses were cleared and cleaned.

SITE MANAGERS/LETTINGS: There are 12 plots to be let. Second Sunday in February to be the day for plots to be offered to new people.

TUESDAY GROUP/VOLUNTEERS: Too wet for much work to be done.

SHOP REPORT: Stock take has been completed.


OPEN DAYS.  Spring Open Day – Sunday 29th May and Autumn Open Day Sunday 4th September.

Suggestion we have a co-ordinator – Richard Mildenhall agreed to do this.And the Committee agreed to having a coordination meeting four weeks prior to each open day.

Sunday 1stMay for May Open Day.Sunday 7th August for September Open Day.

Wild Life talk to be arranged

Meet the Neighbours lunch/social to be organised.

HEALTH & SAFETY:JB and KD were tasked to provide documentation for the next meeting about H&S survey and Risk assessment for the site. To include risk assessing the use of various site machinery .

It was agreed that as well as written instructions there should also be a formal induction for plot holders in the proper use of equipment like mowers, strimmers and cultivators. It was noted that the blades of mowers are regularly (badly) damaged because they are used instead of strimmersto  cut long grass  on rough and uneven ground.

Committee members who let out equipment should have a good idea of how the machinery works etc.

Also they should advise plot holders about the clothes and shoes they should be wearing when using machines and be able to refuse the letting if their advice is not taken..


Separate meeting arranged for forward planning for site works and improvements . Monday,1st February 7.30pm.Draft 5 year plan attached


We may link up with Dorset Road to be able to have free deliveries of goods for the shop.

RM asked if rent days be changed.  Our constitution says that year plot rents are due annually on the 21st of November each and rent days are arranged close to that date. RW saw no reason for changing this and this could only be done by resolution at the AGM. It has been our practice to allow 40 days from the last rent day for rent to be paid. The clause in the constitution also says the 40 days should be counted from the 21st of November and in future years we should apply this rule or change it by resolution at the AGM. This means that all rents should by paid by year end and can be included in the accounts for the current year.

Julia may put on a History of the site display in a tent on Open Day.

Agreed that £100 to be paid to NSPCC in memory of Margaret.

E-mail from FB about repairing holes in the drive and other works..  KD suggested we break up old bricks to fill in the large puddles. DA said that we do this properly. The last time it was done we needed 2.5 tons (2500KG)  of MOT 1 (crushed granite or limestone)or scalpings to cover the driveway. 3 bags of 850K at £58.80 per bag =£176.40.    Further research needs to done before a decision is made or order placed.

Raised bedscan be built or adjusted to meet the needs of individual people.

Agreed to cost proposals that weconsider buying tabletennis equipment and /or a pool table forthe Club House


Monday 8th February 2016




February 2016

Minutes of KHLGA meeting on  Monday 8th February 2016

PRESENT:  John Wetherell. Korahan Dora. Martin Spatcher. Richard Mildenhall. Reg Wickings. David Pipe.

ALSO PRESENT : Saeed Kanuga. Rita Wetherell. Pam Dowling.

APOLOGIES: Heather Millander.

ABSENT: David Allart. Trevor Barnes.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: CHANGES – Date of Spring Open Day now 22nd May 2016.


Planning meeting now 24th April 2016.

Wild Life Garden should have read ‘Discussion on Wild Life’. David Pipe is waiting to hear from person interested in giving the talk.

Minutes accepted and signed.

CHAIR’S REPORT: Recorded thanks to all the people who have cleared the culvert. Decision to be made on how to make safe.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Correspondence from Jemma, Plot 8a, requesting if they can have a shed at top of the plot due to water logging. Committee agreed to this request.  Also requested a rent rebate because they believed that what they paid in August was a full year’s rental. Committee agreed.

KHLGA in future will charge tenants a proportion of the annual rent due for their plot according to the date when they sign their agreements. Our paperwork must be amended for the future.

Plot 88, notice to quit withdrawn on appeal. A communication stating what cultivation is expected within the next three months will be sent.  

Martin Spatcherhas produced detailed guidelines for future inspections and how the interpretation of existing rules has been applied to plot and weed notices. The guidelines will be presented to the April AGM, along with a committee motion proposing any necessary rule changes.

Tony Chase is asking for help with the administration of BALGF as without this their competition and dinner will not take place.

Reg reported that he received information of a dead tree on the site that needs attention.

TREASURER’S REPORT:Reg handed out monthly balance sheets. All but one rent has been collected. He will be sorting out the last one.

Annual accounts will be ready for auditing before the AGM.

AGM on Sunday 3rd April 2016. 

Motions for discussion to be discussed at the next committee meeting.

Two Invoices have only just received for the repairs of the tractor carried out last year. David Pipe who ordered the works did not feel that they had been done properly and a query has been raised with the company involved.


SITE LETTINGS: Sunday lettings 14th February. There are ten available. Copy of the paperwork for lettings is in the site office. Sheds and greenhouses left on plots when they are vacated will become the property of the association to dispose of the management committee see fit. In practice they will be offered to incoming tenants at a nominal charge.

SHOP REPORT:  No change since end of December.  John has money for January 2016 sales approx. £30 waiting to be banked.

EVENTS:  Two Open Days.  John suggested a Banger’s and Mash evening.

TUESDAY GROUP:  Culvert clear.  Vacant Plot 41a – brambles cleared.  Cuttings have been burnt.  Poly Tunnel and greenhouses have been cleaned for Spring.

HEALTH AND SAFETY:  Korahan e-mailing contents of H&S on site.  Written by John Black.

PLANNING:  Water drainage across the site.  Make a plan re which plots get flooded.  Options to be considered are to dig soak always or channels.  Stand pipes around the site will be checked by Chris Wise.  He will report on the condition of the present installation and then a decision will be made either to relay leaking pipes or dig up and repair.

Now that the culvert is clear how to keep it free flowing.  We are looking at using corrugated iron sheets for this purpose.

Chain on top gate is broken.  To be looked at.

Weed Notice – make sure plot holders know what is expected.

Communal compost heap.  Keep eye on this.

Drive way needs to be repaired.  Saeed will look at methods and costing.  Rest of the roofing to be completed.  Guttering on clubhouse needs to be sorted.  Top ridge of clubhouse needs attention.  David Pipe will look at these problems and price up what is required.

Replacement marquee.  Richard will look on e-bay and other websites for 10x4mtrs with galvanised framework.  £500-£600 with free delivery.  Marquees need to be push button fixings not screws.


Insurance Certificate has been renewed.

Letter from Tony Chase requesting a key for the Bromley tree cutters.  We need a contact number and name before we give the key out.  (key sent)

John Wetherell nominated Saeed Kanuga be co-opted to the committee.  Agreed.

TIME AND DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  Monday 14th March at 7.30pm.


March 2016

KHLGA Committee Meeting Monday 14th March 2016

PRESENT:John Wetherell. Korehan Dora. Martin Spatcher. Richard Mildenhall. Reg Wickings. David Pipe. Trevor Barnes,SaeedKanuga.

ALSO PRESENT:Pam Dowling. Rita Wetherell.

ABSENT:Heather Millander.

APOLOGIES:The meeting started with a moments silence in memory of Ray Allart.  David Allart popped into the meeting to give us details of Ray’s funeral.  This will be Friday 8th April at Hither Green Cemetery at 12.00 noon.

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:Subject to alterations minutes were accepted.

MATTERS ARISING:Replacement marquee – Richard is still looking.

CHAIR’S REPORT:We have not yet paid for the tractor repairs but there are some difficulties between us and Mr. Jones.  Letter or e-mail to Mr. Jones with regards this problem will be sent by David Pipe.

AM has offered to sell us a petrol lawn mower.  This is light weight and would be ideal. The committee agreed and that they would offer to buy it for £50.

Heaters were left on overnight last Wednesday (09/03/2016). Reminder to all that they should check all heaters are unplugged after use.

Minor thefts are occurring in Clubhouse, on site and on plots.  BE AWARE.

Reg has suggested that a combination lock be fixed to the office. This was agreed. John Black has offered the supply the lock.

Committee members should be aware how to operate machinery and be able to demonstrate to users. Committee agreed to arrange a training day in the use of machinery and demonstrations with John Black – Sunday 10th April from 10am if he is available.

Jobs to be done on site:

Top gate padlock to be fixed.  Combination lock for office required.

Machinery use of demonstrations – dates.   Culvert covers. : Committee agreed to buy corrugated iron sheets. Straightening the line of the culvert and removing a small tree would be required

Top gate fence posts are being repaired by David Pipe.

Driveway repair.  Hire a Kango and buy necessary gravel etc.  Saeed suggested we start at the shop end and work towards the gate.  Costing approx £400 – £500 should be sufficient. Work to be carried after Open Day

Shed roofing repairs – as soon as weather improves.  Deal with unsafe trees (as and when).  Clubhouse gutters, fascia’s, ridge.

Raised beds.  Painting/wood repairs to toilet block.

A plot holder has used a lot of rubble, slabs and blocks stored by the main gate to use as a base for their shed.  They will replace what they have not cemented in.

Top corner of site adjacent to plots 68-71needs to be tidied.  There may be asbestos in this area.  Care has to be taken when touching or removing.  We may need to get in touch with Council or private company for the removal if it has to be repaired.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:e-mail from Reg to say that he has hired the clubhouse out on the 7th May at a fee of £50 to Positive Action.

E-mail received from BALGF re Green Space Policy from Bromley Council. Go on website and answer questions. Allotments are in a worrying situation if they are not kept in good repair, not well used or not seen as part of the community. The Landscape Group has the contract from Bromley Councils for the maintenance of parks and green spaces and allotments have been added to this contract. Suggestion we ask member of the Landscape Group to come and talk about their work.

TREASURER’S REPORT:Account sheets were given out showing a bank balance of £19,926.44p

SITE REPORT/INSPECTION:8th March 2016.  Martin reported that individual weed notices were not issued this month as there were too many. These WILL be issued after inspection on April 11th.

As a guide: 72 plots were OK.  56 plots need tidying up and grass cut. 6 plots on hold due to ill health that we have discussed with plot holders. 5 have real problems (not touched since last year) Plots 46b. 28a. 64b. 77a.

Taps have now been repaired/replaced by Associate Member Chris Wise. Our thanks to Chris.

Water will be on by Easter barring leaks.

SITE LETTINGS: 4 vacant plots.  69a. 63b.12a. 12b. 10b.

SHOP REPORT: Turnover to the 31st December £2,593.27p.  Since then two lots of banking has done.  Total sales £220.30p. John Wetherell handed copy of these accounts and this are with the Treasurer for audit.


AGM Nominations should have been in by 12th March 2016.  There is only one place left on the Committee.  No ballot is needed because the number of nominations is less than the number of places available.

We must note all amendments/changes made at the AGM concerning our Rules and Regulations.

Tenant on Plot 12b would like to swap with 67a if possible.  The Committee agreed.

Motion for AGM: 2% increase in rents by previous agreement.

Motion to rescind the Poly Tunnel rule.  Put across plot to avoid shadow. Each request will have to be put before the committee and neighbours need to be negotiated with.  Majority of the committee appeared not to be in favour of Poly Tunnels.

Richard Mildenhall would like a copy of the Site Lease.  Reg advised that this is available on line.

He also asked if we could have signs for 5mph speed limit and another to indicate that we are dealing with the Knotweed in the drive.  Committee agreed.

Richard Mildenhall also had concerns about debris – tyres and tractor wheels, supermarket trolley and a shed that is falling down.  Martin Spatcher will be bringing this to the notice of plot holders at the  AGM.

Korehan Dora has been cutting off branches with help from David Pipe.  Chainsaw has become blunt and getting very hot.  Committee agreed to look into this and agreed the purchase of a spare chain.

KD suggested that we have very busy month ahead the driveway was not urgent. The committee agreed we should concentrate on the roof, the culvert and the open day for the moment.

Frog Life talk. David Pipe has put a grid to dates together.  The date most appropriate 10th and 23rd April.  The committee felt that the event would not take place.

TIME AND DATE OF NEXT MEETING:Monday 11th April at 7.30pm. 



April 2016

KHLGA Committee Meeting 11.04.2016

PRESENT: Trevor Barnes. Korehan Dora. Richard Mildenhall. Saeed Kanuga. David Pipe.

Reg Wickings. Martin Spatcher. Pam Dowling. John Wetherell. (Rita Wetherell.)

APOLOGIES: David Allart.
MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:There were several alterations needed. RW has taken these to put right.

We were welcomed by Korehan Dora the new chair of KHLGA.


Chair asked members to keep to the point of the subject under discussion.


Each member be knowledgeable of the minutes provided each month before coming to the meeting.


Plot holders along the central path asked if the trees (Hornbeams) could be trimmed. After discussion it was agreed to ask tree surgeons for advice.  It may also be necessary to get advice from Bromley Council.


LBhas been doing a lot of work on a spare plot.  This has left him with stones, iron and other rubbish. He asked where he could put this.  Committee said it could be put on the area at the side of the main gate.


The Chair said the Emergency General Meeting was a good session. He thanked RM for arranging to have Tony Chase explain to us about the renewing of the Lease which is due to end in five years. During discussion it was suggested we should work towards four years and have planning meetings to help get our house in order and ready for any eventuality.

 RW said The site must be tidy and well managed. There are neglected communal areas of our site which need improvement and some paths between plots are in poor condition. The recent informal inspection of the site showed 20 plots where mandatory notices and 17 advisory notices would have been served had the inspections been formally carried out

We do well on providing communal facilities like water ,toilets, meeting space and the hire of machinery

We could do more work with the community groups and opening the site to the community including schools. We must prove we can help the community. We must prove there is a local demand, withthe longest waiting list in the borough we can show this.  On the recent BALGF competition inspections we did badly on environmental issues like composting and water collection. We could also consider the use of solar panels to generate electricity for communal areas. There are grants available for equipment etc.

SK suggested we try to encourage more activity from our local community.


Outside of this meeting the Treasurer of BALGF would like to see KHLGA have more representation at the various competitions via BALGF.In the past KHLGA have won various competitions but last year there were very few individual entrants and the site was only given a Bronze award (3rd place with many others).


DP was repairing gutter on Clubhouse roof.  He reported that the wood is rotten and it may be a bigger job than expected.


KHLGA Websiteis out of date.  We need to make it more interesting and up to date.After discussion DP accepted to be Website Manager.



Recent accounts : Account 1                    £ 9,827.58p

                                 Account 2                    £ 6,376.54p

                                  Shop Account            £ 2,928.04p

                                  Cash & Cheques        £    224.02p

Total 11/04/2016                                        £19,356.18p                                                                                                             


We recently purchased a new Marquee but several of the packages delivered were for the wrong sized Marquee. The suppliers have agreed to resend the missing packages (received 13/4) and we will make arrangements to return the wrongly sized items at their cost.


SK suggested we need a banner/sign to indicate where we aresuch as the one we use to advertise our Open Day.  RWalso said we need a better letter box at the front entrance to the site.


Donation to NSPCC in memory of Margaret Ronald has been made. The local NSPCC rep sent an email which detailed Margaret’s valuable contribution to the work of the NSPCCand will put this in a formal letter which can then  be displayed on the site Notice boards and sent to her family.


Approval from committee to have Pamela Dowling and Korehan Dora asnew signatories on the one and two bank accounts with HSBC.


RW stated that it is our normal practice to send a floral tribute at a cost of £50 or pay this to a charity when a plot holder dies. Where a plot holder had made a significant contribution to the association this was sometimes increased to £100.

Ray Allart’s family have asked if it was possible to put the donation to a headstone fund. The committee agreed provided that the payment was made direct to the provider of the headstone.


The Secretary said she would not be available in the week before OPEN DAY but will be on the Saturday and Sunday.


PD presented a letter from DRUMBEAT accepting Plot 89b for their students which was needed for insurance purposes.  DRUMBEAT is a local 6th Form College for students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.


E-mail from RW re Plot 69a. Plot holder was sent a NOTICE TO QUIT due to uncultivated plot.  The plot holder had recently returned to his plot and began working it.  He explained that he had been seriously ill in hospital for some time and had not been able to notify KHLGA committee of this. Committee had to decide what should happen now.RW asked if we should suspend his notice to quit. Committee agreed to suspend the NOTICE TO QUIT and allow him three months and review this.



Site inspection 10/04/2016

MANDATORY NOTICES with advice or comments: PLOTS: 9A. 11A2. 14A.18. 19. 20A. 8B. 9B. 11B2.26B. 27B. 33B. 44B. 46B. 28A. 63B. 91A. 89A. 81. 79A.

17 ADVISORY NOTICES and 4 ‘ON HOLD’ owing to ill healththat we have advised of. 4 OTHERSwere fixed on the day.


Plants and herbs are well on the way for Open Day and have already sold £41 worth of hardy plants.

TUESDAY VOLUNTEER GROUP REPORT: Tuesday Group continues to maintain all the community areas and has cleared more of the top path and boundary areas adjacent to the wall.  The brook is being kept clear and several land drains have been found and cleared out. They are being mapped as and when we find them.  We are still to rebuild the top four raised beds.


DP we are going to start on the roof of the cage and store room on Sunday at 10am.


Thanks were given to the people who laid the new carpet tiles in the Clubhouse.  Committee agreed to send a card in thanks for the gift of the tiles and thanked KD for securing them for us.

SHOP REPORT:BANK STATEMENT 31/12/2015                                                                                   £2,593.27        

                            SALES FROM 1/1/16 – 03/04/2016                                                                             £    329.75

                            CASH IN HAND 05/0/2016                                                                                            £       89.40     


Committee member asked where the shop money shows on the accounts. Shop takings are paid into a separate account. These go into the Number 1 account.

JWis keeping a copy of the monies paid for the use of machinery.

OPEN DAY PLANNING: Sunday 24th April at 11 am.It is essential we put publicity around site as we need as much help and support from plot holders as we can get.
PLANNING DAY FOR OUR FUTURE: Monday 25th April at 7.30pm.

Items to be considered, prioritised and presented to members as a 1-5 year plan:.


Replace water system, Improve Site Drainage, Maintain Culvert, New Tap upstands in poorly served areas, Water Collection on Plots, Composting on Plots, Health & Safety Risk Assessments, Training in Machine Use, Gates/Boundary Fences / Walls, Knotweed Removal, Straighten & Level Paths, Clear obstructions from Paths, Plot Numbering, Remove Scrap metal & Broken glass from all  plots, General Building Maintenance , Roof Clubhouse, Roof Machine room,  Clear Vacant Plots, Volunteer days, Small Tree Maintenance, Resurface Car Park , Resurface Entrance Drive, Notice Boards (Repair : Replace)



We received two invoices for work to the site tractor. After queries about work not carried out satisfactorily on the second visit a credit note has been issued for the second invoice the committee agreed to pay the first invoice.


At the last meeting it was agreed to buy new corrugated ironsheets to edge the culvert. This has not been bought yet.As we are renewing some of the roofs can we use the old corrugated sheets off the roof.Committee felt this might be possible. DP said there are some corrugated iron sheets on the apiary. Committee to look at what we have.


We need to have three signs on site to advise plot holders of meetings.


PLOT LETTINGS: RW will send out invites to people on waiting list.  PLOTS 10b. 12a. 12bare available.

We have received a number of complaints about waterlogged plots and drainage generally from members ,a number of suggestions were made as to how to resolve the problems and it was decided to refer this to the planning meeting on the 25th of April mentioned above.

Volunteers day went very well, JW has looked at pricing for new wheelbarrows. Not sure which to get yet. We do not want inner tube type tyres they have to be puncture proof.The Committee decided it was a false economy to buy cheap wheelbarrows and agreed to buy four new wheelbarrows of the 120 litre type already on site with solid tyres if available and to also buy solid replacement tyres for the existing  barrows. SK will look into this with Chillingtons the maker of the existing barrows. £300 has been given as a budget. New plot holders need keys. JWhad supplied two keys this week and there are only one left. KD will look into this and get more cut. Office door is not locking well. Door has dropped. This will be repaired.



June 2016

MINUTES OF MEETING ON: Monday 13th June 2016
PRESENT: Korehan Dora. Trevor Barnes. John Wetherell. Richard Mildenhall, Reg Wickings.
Pam Dowling. Saeed Kanuga. David Pipe. Martin Spatcher. (Rita Wetherell). (Julia Webb)
APOLOGIES: David Allart.
CHAIR’S REPORT: The Chairman opened the meeting thanking everyone for the massive
support on Open Day. It was a resounding success.
Grievance between plot holders. A letter was sent to the Committee by one of the parties
concerned. As the incident happened just before Open Day it was decided to leave this until
after the event. The Chairman met with the plot holders concerned to raise the issues.
Some reconciliation was made and felt they were resolved.
At this meeting the Committee felt we have met the conditions of the BALGAF’s Grievance
Procedure on behalf of both parties. Letters are to be sent to both parties.
After further discussion the Committee will go through previous recommendations and find
the Codes of Conduct for plot holders.
There were many problems around other grievances including matters arising around Open
Day which will be discussed at a later date.
JW who attended the meeting as a guest was given the opportunity to express her feelings
and thoughts that led to her writing to the Committee of her complaint.
Committee members listened and took on board her comments.
The Chairman asked if there is anything else he can do to make things right. He apologised
on behalf of the Committee for all that has happened.
TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer gave this report:
Account 1 £11,458.85
Account 2 £ 4,730.62
Shop Account £ 4,160.84
Cash & Cheques £ 643.00
SECRETARY’S REPORT: Request from Alexander School to visit on Thursday 30th June
10-11.30 and 1.30-3.00. Also Thursday 29
th September. We will need 5/6 Volunteers. Drinks
and biscuits.
e-mails from Treasurer (1) Community engagement. (2) Permission letter for Plot Holders.
These e-mails arrived too late to be discussed at this meeting.
Letter from Plot holder who was very annoyed that children were running around the site
on Open Day. His plants had been crushed and soil trodden down. PD agreed as this had


happened on her plot. Suggested we look into how to we supervise the children. One
suggestion is that we have a group of Stewards walking around on the day.
Another suggestion was to have organised children’s activities.
Plot holder SC unhappy about the state of other plots around her. She approached two
members of the Committee as well as sending her previous communications regarding the
same issue in email about the ongoing issue of these plots. The matter raised by SC is being
dealt with by the committee and the plot concerned.
The Chairman will be sending these communications to other Committee members dating
back to 2014.
One of these plots concerned gets a weed notice almost every month. Not enough is being
done. It needs to be sorted.
Collection of glass, metal, tyres etc is completely unacceptable on any plots.
Chairman volunteered to have a word with the plot holder.
The Committee to look at where and when rubbish removal is considered as mandatory or
advisory. However, this can only be changed at either an EGM or AGM.
Martin explained how notes are taken and what criteria is used when they inspect the site
monthly for Weed Notices and Non Cultivation.
The Chairman applauded MS for the detailed work he does in recording the present
conditions on plots and passing over the information to the Treasurer who keeps these
records up to date on a monthly basis. The Chairman insisted that all Committee members
should have access to this valuable document. This would be immensely useful if they are
questioned by a plot holder why certain actions have been taken.
It was agreed that every member of the Committee should have a copy of the results.
A new tenant was given the opportunity of obtaining Plot 85a however he declined. The
plot needed too much work and effort for him to put right. He would prefer one or two
raised beds.
According to Terms and Conditions the Association should cut grass on vacant plots until
they are let. (MS stated rightly that cutting the long grass on the plot concerned was not
done by members of the Committee purely because it was too wet).
When new plot holders look at the condition of a plot they hope to have it becomes
obvious that they are either put off or will find it too much to cope with.
The Chairman said that Kent House Road Allotments will not let a plot out in an untidy
manor. They will wait until it is ready to be let. They use their tractor to clear the mess left
behind and let the plot.


By law we in the KHLGA are entitled to charge the plot holder who decided to vacate and
leaving a mess behind.
The Chairman gave information also that Kent House Road Allotments actually pay
Volunteers £60 per year as an incentive.
The Chairman stated that there is alot of rubbish being brought into KHLGA by plot holders.
This is creating a great deal of resentment from other plot holders. He suggested that the
Committee send memo out to plot holders what is considered as rubbish and advise them
that this is any eyesore.
The Committee to wait for response and approach to implement ways of getting rid of
accumulated rubbish.
He also suggested perhaps as an amnesty the Committee may consider providing a skip for
rubbish clearance.
OPEN DAY – FEEDBACK: This was a resounding success. Chairman thanked all who helped
and supported.
The Committee made a donation of £428 being half the gate money. The Charity receiving
this is PAPYRUS who work in the Prevention of Young Suicide.
As said earlier there was a problem with children running over the plots.
Everything came together and raised a lot of money. However, we need to increase the
number of Volunteers. We need to build a lot of good will on our Open Days.
One big issue was the organisation of tables. We do have a varied amount but will need to
a proper check on how they are distributed. MS suggested that there are trestles and
scaffold boards that we could use in future for the plant tent which would ease the existing
The Chairman stated that we really need to do more to lure in Volunteers.
A suggestion was to have a BBQ, Meet the Neighbours, to explain to plot holders why we
need their help. The Treasurer said that some of the people on the waiting list would like to
SITE MANAGER’S REPORT: Four Notice To Quit letters to be sent out. Committee agreed.
The group felt that by June plots should be tidy and cultivated. The group agreed the
following plots 11A2, 20A, 28A, 34B have
NOTICE TO QUIT unless there are circumstances
we are not aware of. The Committee agreed.
Other notices to be sent out to:
4A. 6. 7B. 8. 11A1. 11B1. 12A. 14B. 15B. 17B. 18. 19. 22. 25A. 26A. 26B. 32B. 33B. 42. 43A.
43B. 44B. 55A. 60B. 61B. 62B2. 63B. 65B. 69A. 70. 72A. 72B. 77A. 79. 81. 88.
PLOT LETTINGS: Two raised bed let. 85a vacant.


TUESDAY VOLUNTEERS GROUP: Continuing ongoing work. They are clearing a strip of
overgrown boundary fence. But as soon as this is cleared it appears plot holders are putting
their own rubbish there.
Scaffolding may be put up on house in Fairlawn Park. This means that scaffolding will be on
our side of the wall near next to Plot 16. We will wait for further information.
Two areas on site that have some ivy that has to be taken down. This will be looked at.
However, where clearing around the site plot holders continue to dump rubbish.
It was agreed to put up some FLY TIPPING notices around the site.
Since Open Day we have sold another £88 worth of more plants.
SHOP REPORT: JW gave this report:
Total in bank: £1,674.00
Machine Hire £ 166.16
FORWARD PLANNING: Roofs on the toilets, machinery room etc have now been repaired
thanks to David Pipe and other volunteers.
The road is next and volunteers will be needed in July. Having this work carried out by our
own volunteers saves the Association an enormous amount of money and we are grateful
for their help.
JW suggested we put the soil on the plot at the side of the gate having first laid weed
depressant material.
ANY OTHER BUSINESS: RM, pointed out an issue on Plot 66b boundary wire fence. At least
a cubic yard of rubble has been dumped in between a passage way at the side of the plot.
Some of this has encroached on her plot.
How to remedy this. It was agreed that the Committee members will inspect further and
take action to clear.
Plot holder reported about a tree on Plot 62B. It is a conifer and it is big. Rules state you
can only have fruit trees over a certain trunk size. Plot holder has been advised that this has
to be either shaped or taken down with help of Committee.
Two sheds on Plot 44. One has to be taken away. Plot holder will be advised
RM showed picture of wall covered in ivy. The committee agreed to cut the protruding ivy.
Ivy growing over fence of old peoples home. We need to be remove it. RW will go and talk
with Caretaker.
Certain trees going to be cut\trimmed by the tree surgeons. The Committee agreed to a
cost of £400.


Plot holders must be advised about the time for using machinery due to a complaint that a
plot holder was using a strimmer at 9.30pm. This is unacceptable.
Committee agreed and voted that 6pm is a fair time. Therefore, use during the week will be
8am-6pm weekdays. 10am – 4pm on Sundays.
Trees at top end of site – RW said to photograph the trees and contact Chris Ryder, Bromley
Council\Landscape group.
The Chairman asked if there was the need to get approval from Bromley Council to facilitate
the tree pruning or cutting.
RM said there are no tree preservations on this site. This confirmed by letter from Bromley
Conversation between the Treasurer and Chairman about Committee members paying for
the use of machinery of KHLGA was discussed. The Chairman said that this should be free.
As it has been for many, many years. After discussion it was agreed to include members of
the Tuesday Volunteer group.
There was a proviso that this favour was not to be used on any other plot other than the
Committee members or Volunteers Group.
DP advised the Committee that a member of KHLGA would like more involvement through
the KHLGA website. He wrote for permission to do this. The Committee will write to him
and ask him to a meeting to discuss this.
The meeting closed at 11.00pm.
DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 11th July.



July 2016


MINUTES OF MEETING ON: Monday 18.07. 2016
PRESENT:  Korehan Dora. John Wetherell. Richard Mildenhall,  Reg Wickings.  Pam Dowling. Saeed Kanuga. Martin Spatcher. David Allart.
VISITORS: Rita Wetherell. June Allart. Dominique Stead. Kholeena Stewart. Khoria Stewart. A. Benmansour. Julia Webb.
APOLOGIES: Trevor Barnes. David Pipe.


Chairman Greeted all present together with the Plot holders who had come to make their appeal.




DS PLOT 11a2 – Notice to quit. DS explained that she has had great difficulty due to clay soil and constant flooding over Easter plus not being able to access our shop. She explained her family situation and how very much she wanted to carry on, but having an 18 month old it added to her difficulties in keeping her plot tidy.  DS said she really didn’t want to give up and asked to go back on the waiting until her baby is older.

The Committee agreed to this and thanked DS.


KS PLOT 20A – KS explained how she had planned to use her plot as a haven for young people, disadvantaged people, vulnerable people and people with medical conditions and as an educational facility.  She acknowledged that she has had many various notices about her plot but due to ill health had not looked after it in a proper manner.


The Committee thanked KS and her mother, KS for their valuable comments.


Reg Wickings said he would pass on various other places where the environment would best be suited to the plans they have.


After lengthy discussion the committee voted by a majority for the appeal which was turned down and the Notice to Quit stands.


 NEIGHBOUR DISPUTES – A letter had been received from a plot holder feeling very upset with a situation that occurred on his plot and after giving a long verbal and written explanation asked the Committee for help to sort this out.


The Committee invited the neighbouring plot holder to respond to the letter.


In response the neighbouring plot holder didn’t recognise the situation that was said to have occurred and was also very upset with the accusation and felt that her neighbour was being unreasonable.

Also stated that she wanted a Public Apology for previous incidents on site.


The Chairman responded to JW that her previous complaint was totally different to this new dispute and although apologised before for the delay in writing her a letter it was not forgotten.


Chairman to write to both plot holders (AB and JB) as well as the decision for the NTW to KS.

Secretary would be writing to KS about the decision taken regarding her appeal.

MATTERS ARISING: Committee members asked that names be put out in full and not initials.  Minutes were accepted.
CHAIR’S REPORT: Korehan thanked the Committee members for their response to his e-mails and highlighted the below headings:


DRIVE WAY: Nick White willing to build a brick box for electricity supply. The quoted price is approximately £100. Any extra cost will be dealt with. John Wetherell said we have some sand and cement on site. The Electricity company EDF will need to inspect the box to ensure it has been done properly.

Additional info for Plot Holders:

The Electricity Board Enclosure on the right hand side of the entrance to KHLGA had been accidentally damaged by Jewson Lorry who was seen as the guilty party. However we have taken measures to repair this enclosure as soon as we could and let Electricity board turn on the Power Supply.

All communications and liason is done by Saeed Kanuga.


JAPANESE KNOTWEED: This is along the main drive way and has been enclosed. Needs to be killed. Houses on either side have been advised by letter that it is an offence not to treat knotweed. Martin Spatcher advised that he continually puts weed killer on the Knotweed. Martin also will be putting an enclosure around the Knotweed so it is not cut.


DUMPING GRASS ETC NOTICES: Some Plot holders have complained about the notices around the site re: Dumping grass cuttings and weeds at the sides of the perimeter of the site. These notices are not pointing at anybody in particular, just asking plot holders not to do this when volunteers are working hard to keep the site neat and tidy.


GATE PADLOCKS: Both gates need to have the padlocks welded on to the chain.

Korehan will liase with John Black


FOOTBALL: There have been complaints about children playing football on the site. We ask all parents to have consideration for other plot holders. Notices will be put up with ‘NO FOOTBALL’


BEE KEEPERS: Gill Dunn asked to use the Club House on 24th September. The Committee agreed.


TABLET: The Committee agreed that it would help the Site Managers’ Team to have a Tablet to record their site inspections.


PLOT 32A – The Committee are still unhappy about the amount of debris on this Plot and will speak again to the plot holder.


MACHINERY: Plot holders feel that the times to use machinery is not reasonable. However, this has come from the fact that some plot holders were using machinery until late especially on Sunday evenings.


TRACTOR BATTERY: Richard Mildenhall asked if we can buy a new battery for the tractor. Committee agreed.

Richard to give the spec and address for the purchase of the battery. Reg will buy and collect.


SITE MOBILE: Mobile phone for office. The Committee discussed whether we should have one for emergencies and committee work. The Committee agreed with this. However, we need to look into Contracts or Pay As You Go.

Trevor Barnes will Pay As You Go that the committee had bought for such situations to be asked back and the sim card to be topped up.


                                           Account 1                  £11,458.88

                                            Account 2                  £  4,363.49

                                           Shop Account            £   4,413.45

                                           Cash & Cheques        £       659.45

                                           Total                            £ 20,895.27

SITE MANAGER’S REPORT: Various notices have been sent to: 8b. 10b. 11a1. 11a2. 11b2. 12a. 12b. 14b.17b.18. 19. 20a.22. 28b. 32b. 34b. 42. 44b. 55a. 56. 60b. 62b2. 63b. 64a. 66a. 67b. 68b. 69a. 72b.79a. 81. 88. 89a. 91a.


As much as the Committee are duty bound to send notices to Plot holders who are not adhering to the Rules and Regulations of the Association they are also considerate if there are circumstances where a plot holder may be having difficulties.  They agreed that they will listen to any problems that a Plot holder may be experiencing, but equally the Plot holder has a duty to respond to the Notices or make contact with a member of the Committee. PLEASE LETS MAKE AN EFFORT TO ADHERE TO THIS before its too late.

SHOP REPORT: John Wetherell gave this report:

Total in Bank               £1,916.10p

Machine Hire              £      91.83p

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Reg Wickings said we need another stronger strimmer that is adequate to cut down the high grass on vacant plots.  After discussion the Committee agreed and Reg will look into costs, however did mention that it would be around £700. This will be only for site work.


We have been given a small petrol strimmer.


The Meeting concluded with Gas Lantern which was brought in to replace the Electricity that was cut off.

Chairman thanked everyone for their patience in concluding the meeting.


We need to have a star key. A special bit or screwdriver for use on the Stihl strimmers



August 2016


MINUTES OF MEETING ON: Monday 8th August 2016
PRESENT: Korehan Dora. John Wetherell. Reg Wickings.  Pam Dowling. Saeed Kanuga. Martin Spatcher. David Pipe. Trevor Barnes.
VISITORS: Rita Wetherell.  
APOLOGIES: David Allart. Richard Mildenhall.
CHAIR’S REPORT: Korehan asked us for a minute’s silence in respect of Tony Burgess one of our plot holders who has passed away. Our condolences will be sent to Gerry and Francoise Burgess for their loss.


Korehan stressed to the Committee how hard he has been working to come to an amicable solution to sort out recent problems between two plot holders having followed the Grievance Procedure of KHLGA. One asked for public apology which has already been done.  


Korehan will send a letters to the plot holders and hopes this will be the end of the problems.                                                                                                  

TREASURER’S REPORT: Account 1                   £11,453.36

                                           Account 2                   £  4,264.39

                                           Shop Account            £   4,480.15         

                                           Cash & Cheques        £       777.36

                                           Total                             £20,976.25

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Thanks to Reg and Saeed for their response through KHLGA newsletter for paving slabs. These are to build a base for a shed on the Drumbeat plot 89a.


Julie Traquair and Pam Dowling have donated a small tiller to KHGLA for the use of plot holders.

SITE MANAGER’S REPORT: Plots 8b, 11a1, 14b, 32b, 44b have been given Notice to Quit.


Weed notices were issued to: Plots 6. 8a. 10a. 12a. 14a. 15a. 18. 12b. 23. 40b. 42. 48b. 28a. 22. 71. 70. 69a. 69b. 63a. 55a. 63b. 90a. 88. 85b. 81.79a. 77a.  


There was further discussion on the best way for the Site Managers’ to record their findings. Whether it should be a small hand held computer, text file. At this point Martin said he was happy using his paper and pen. So the search and discussions go on.

PLOT LETTINGS: Vacant plots have been strimmed. Even as this has been done the plots look daunting.


In the past any vacant plots were kept in a good state by the Committee or other volunteers until new owners were given them.  The Committee discussed if we should re-introduce this. It would mean that we buy a new machine that will plough, dig and turn soil and cut the grass with different attachable heads. Another suggestion was to ask our neighbouring Kent House Allotment site if they would be prepared to do this work for us.


Saeed raised the question of should new plot holders have an induction. This would be to liaise with new plot holders before and after they accept a plot. This would include advising about the Rules and Regulations of tending a plot, time and commitment. Also to encourage other plot holders to be mentors.


Saeed and Richard would be happy to take this job on and will make up a New Members Pack and write up the induction process.


 Long term sickness is a very sensitive issue. When plot holders cannot manage their plots through ongoing ill health the Committee consider how best to help. It is difficult to assess how that person is feeling but it is also a situation that has to be dealt with.  Would the plot holder be willing to give up their plot and agree to go back on the waiting list? Would they agree to give up a plot if they have more than one? This discussion was left open for the time being.

SHOP REPORT: John Wetherell gave this report:

Total in Bank:   £1,958.20

Machine Hire:  £  177.83

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: John queried why there was a discrepancy in the money in the hire box.  It was explained by Reg.


Martin Spatcher said he was intrigued how Pam Dowling put a note on the KHLGA web page. I explained I just saw the heading ‘Newsletter’ and thought I would send out two messages. Reg then explained that whatever is put on this goes through to him to be ‘vetted’. 


Tim Lund, a plot holder, would like to develop a Facebook Page for KHLGA. The Chairman suggested we write to Tim and get together to establish the creation of the Facebook page. We should give Tim the opportunity to do this. There will be more discussion and Korehan will liaise with Tim and the Committee.


Korehan recalled the Open Day Planning meeting discussions about tables. We do not have the old trestles. The trestles the plot holder raised as a point in the planning meeting have all been disposed of.


John suggested we buy 10 x 6ft tables with metal legs and will look into the cost and where we can buy them.

DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING: 7.30pm Monday 12th September 2016



September 2016

MINUTES OF MEETING: Tuesday 20th September 2016

PRESENT: Korehan Dora. David Pipe. Richard Mildenhall. Reg Wickings. Saeed Kanuga. Martin Spatcher. (Tim Lund)

APOLOGIES: David Allart. John Wetherell. Trevor Barnes. Pam Dowling.



CHAIR’S REPORT: The Chairman opened the meeting by discussing the September open day and expressed that overall it went well, whilst not as busy as the May open day/s nevertheless it was good. Many thanks for all the volunteers that helped run the event from start to finish; a special thanks to the usual crowd that helped set up prior to the actual day as well the new faces that ran the catering in the club house. A note was made that perhaps we should reconsider a ‘Coordinator’ for the next open day to further help/assist the smooth running of the operation, especially with the aspect/possibility of new volunteers and helpers on board, perhaps is there as guidance.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The treasurer gave this report:

Account 1                          £ 12,575.81

Account 2                          £    2,739.84

Shop Account                    £     4,682.05

Cash & Cheques               £        600.55

Total                                      £   20,598.25



Secretary absent minutes taken by Saeed Kanuga


Attending Guest:  Tim Lund

Tim attended the evening to introduce & explain KHGL FACEBOOK GROUP.

  1. The idea of the Facebook group is mainly to exchange /discuss horticultural subjects.
  2. Give advice/help/photography of plots and prized specimens of whatever your growing/wildlife or whatever is of interest within the garden community.
  3. Tim will be acting as the moderator and will ensure any inappropriate posts are removed.
  4. This will be closed group ‘KHLG group’. Only members of KHLG can join, you will need a Facebook account.
  5. No committee related business.
  6. Committee related affairs to remain through the existing /normal channels.
  7. Tim wants to encourage more members of the association to join and have some fun sharing ideas/a platform for advice & tips on horticulture/ showing off your prized shrub or vegetable/discuss and be part of the garden community/ events etc…

Points discussed:

  1. Martin made a suggestion that we perhaps should make a change (AGM) that we ‘No Longer include plots without numbers in the NTQ assessment and notices’. Martin also came up with an idea to make the monthly meetings more efficient in the form of a ‘Virtual Committee’. This may help in reducing time spent/and often over running the meetings by committee members to communicate by email:

WEEK 2 & 3 Committee members email each other with ideas, problems & comments. Also reply the same.

WEEK 4 Secretary emails an “agenda” bringing together and summarising all the above.

Committee members reply with general agreement or not, and with a monthly report (if applicable)

WEEK 1 Secretary, treasurer & chair hold a brief meeting to finalise the above into formal minutes. Committee members may either attend or email their approval. Nothing should be in the minutes that were not “discussed” in week 4 agenda.

  1. Committee members discussed the tenancy agreement requirement for tenants ,annually to contribute 10 hours of their time to general site work and the poor attendance on the second Sunday work days , some ideas/questions were exchanged that we perhaps keep a logbook of attendance, a decision needs to be considered with regard to rules agreed with regarding KHLG members contributing time throughout the year or face charge/fee. Or scrap it altogether??  
  2. Korehan to discuss with Dave Allart to either take responsibility for the top section between his plot and the top pathway which includes Peter’s old shed or it will be allocated to PLOT no.3
  3. Committee discussed the possibility of revising/adding/editing the procedure for plot letting with regard to the rule book; this would include health/safety. The main aim is to look at the procedure/introduction of plot letting to new comers; this would include informing/highlighting what’s expected and their ability to carry out working their plot to within the guidelines. We’re looking at ways to improve the ‘handover’ of plots and ensuring new comers are equipped with enough knowledge /understanding of the gardens facilities and help & advice. A three month probation period is also being considered.
  4. First aid box needs to be replenished and monitored to ensure it has a supply of the necessities. Recently, it was noticed to be missing some essentials to deal with a minor injury/cut.
  5. Many thanks to John for the shop report.
  6. Richard introduced rough draft/ideas towards the ‘induction process’ with regard to new lettings. This would entail and highlight rules of the gardens, help/advise/hiring of kit /volunteering/shop facilities and numerous other aspects. The main focus would be to welcome new members and accentuate what KHLG is about as a community. Unfortunately, we ran out of time towards the end of the evening to look/spend time on this subject but will carry this over in the near future.
  7. Pam Dowling mentioned that a complaint about the condition of a plot had found its way onto the contacts page of the KHLGA website. There is an approval process and RW said he had probably approved it for publishing without thinking too much about the content. This item has now been removed as the original had already been seen by the committee. In future any complaints will be passed to the committee but not approved for publishing on the website.
  8. AOB None recorded
  9. Next Meeting 10/10/2016 at 7:30



October 2016

KHLGA Minutes 10th October 2016

MINUTES OF MEETING ON: Monday 10th October 2016
PRESENT:  Korehan Dora. John Wetherell. Richard Mildenhall,  Reg Wickings.  Pam Dowling. Martin Spatcher. Trevor Barnes. David Allart.
VISITORS: Rita Wetherell. June Allart.
APOLOGIES: Saeed Kanuga. David Pipe.
ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES: Minutes were accepted and signed.
MATTERS ARISING: David Allart confirmed that the shed on Plot 2 is his mothers’ June Allarts.’  They intend to retain it, together with the adjacent overgrown patch.
CORRESPONDENCE:  Letter from Vic Barnes, Plot 59b. Vic is giving up this plot and requested that Trevor Barnes Plot 32a swap with this. This was agreed by the committee.  who The plot holder who has been working three raised beds has asked to swap to Plot 32a. This was agreed was agreed by the Committee.


Two plot holders have replied to Weed Notices and have taken on board what has been asked.


 Six months ago a plot holder queried that the conifers an adjacent plot were too big. The plot holder came to the plot and has made some a difference to the trees by cutting back some of the branches. Martin Spatcher has given the plot holder advice on how to cut the crown.


An e-mail, from a plot holder, has been received about a feeling of being bullied. Korehan Dora asked if there was anything he can do to help. The Committee discussed this at length. There were reasons why we could not resolve this immediately. A member of the Committee will to talk to the plot holder.    

SITE MANAGER: Korehan cut apple and cherry trees. Off cuts will be burned on 5th November. 


Various areas of the site are in need of new fencing. Further investigation is required.


Pamela Dowling asked of the possibility of having extra stand pipes at the bottom end of the site. At present there are only three stand pipes. This makes it very difficult to use a hose without crossing over other people’s plots. Martin Spatcher said he would talk to the person who knows the layout of the pipes and see how and where a new pipe lines can be laid.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Reg Wickings gave this report:

Account 1                        £12,575.81

Account 2                        £  2,661.85

Shop Account                 £  4,682.83 

Cash & Cheques             £     631.50

Total                                 £20,551.99                                

PLOT LETTINGS: Plots have been let to: Sophie Carrington 44b. Saeed Kanuba 32b. Tracey Clinch 9a.

Weed notice to: Plot 12a.  Vacant Plots: 12b. 11a1. 8b. 33b. 34b. 26a. Plot 20 is ready for letting.


What are we doing to make plots more appealing to possible new plot holders. After long discussion it was agreed to use weed killer. When weed free a member of the Committee to rotavate the ground.       

TUESDAY GROUP: Continually maintaining various areas of the site. Orchard area has been tidied up.
SHOP REPORT: John Wetherell gave this report:

Total in Bank               £2115.70

Machine Hire              £     97.82    


ANY OTHER BUSINESS:  Reg Wickings explained about Google docs. This would enable

Committee members to discuss topics prior to the meeting.


Volunteers Day has always been on the second Sunday of the month. The number of Plot holders has been decreasing over a period of time. After discussion Reg Wickings reminded us that in the Rules and Regulations it is stated that ‘plot holders are required to give ten hours per year’ to benefit the KHLGA site. These hours can be on site or in other supportive ways. Trevor Barnes suggested we rename this as ‘Work Party’.


Rent days Sunday 27th November and 4th December.


Update on holes in drive way. Korehan Dora has spoken with Saeed Kanuga. At the moment he is very busy. It was suggested we ask for a work plan.


Martin Spatcher informed us that next year is our 100th birthday. It was suggested we ask Julia Webb about the work she has done in the past and if she would be willing to share the history with us. Tim Lund also has some information and again we could ask him if he would share this with us. Also to ask other plot holders, local residents to contribute any information they may have or know about on the KHLGA Facebook page.


Pam Dowling reported back on the success of the bi-annual visit to the site by the children of Alexandra School.  This visit the children were asked to find ‘the black tomatoes, the biggest pumpkin, the sheep and the chickens’. Needless to say their bright young eyes found them all. The only concern was the lack of plot holders/volunteers to help.


 Reg Wickings said he would send out notices inviting plot holders to Bonfire Night on Saturday 5th November and ask them to bring their own food and drink. The evening will start at 6.30pm.


Richard Mildenhall reported that he had had no replies from Bromley Council about certain trees on the site. He also asked when we would have more manure and wood chips. Korehan Dora said it’s only available when it arrives. Then it is first come first served. The last deliveries were gone within two/three days.


Korehan Dora asked if John Black has given up his plot. This will be clarified after rent day.


Plot holders who have grapes should pay a levy for the use of the press.

DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 14th November 2016

KHLGA Minutes 14th November 2016

MINUTES OF MEETING ON: Monday 14th November 2016
PRESENT:  Korehan Dora. John Wetherell. Richard Mildenhall.  Reg Wickings.  Pam Dowling. Martin Spatcher.  David Pipe. Saeed Kanuga.
VISITORS: Julia Webb. Rita Wetherell.
ABSENT: Trevor Barnes, David Alart
ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES: Minutes of the last meeting were accepted and signed.
CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: Chair said he had done everything he could to put right about the anonymous note left in the Club House to a plot holder. 
MATTERS ARISING: Anonymous letter – The plot holder felt that she has not had full satisfaction to the anonymous letter. The Chair again explained that he and the Committee had done all they could to bring this incident to an end but without a signature there is nothing more they can do. The plot holder feels very unhappy when on site because of not knowing who this person is.


The Chair reaffirmed that if there should be any reoccurrence of this behaviour the person or persons would be immediately expelled from the site. This behaviour is totally unacceptable.


There was much further discussion with the plot holder but the Committee felt this was confidential and not for circulation.


ROTOVATOR:  Richard has looked into the BCS Rotavator/Lawn cutter. £2,826 including VAT. Usable on pathways.  Very versatile. Servicing. +5 year guarantee.  More research needed.


CHRISTMAS LUNCH: Buffet style Sunday 11th December – 12 noon onwards. Plot holders who are interested in attending this venue have been asked to bring food of their choice, soft drinks and wine for the table.

Hot soup, Mince pies and some Wine will be provided by the Association.


FOXES: A plot holder had asked that we do not feed the foxes. This was discussed over e-mail and the Committee agreed that this should be done. Small notices were placed around the site asking plot holders not to feed them. This matter will be brought up at the AGM.


e-mail from plot holder – this was discussed at length.

AGM closed confidential session.

During Committee meetings Plot Holders are encouraged to join as visitors but Committee will bring a motion during next year’s AGM that there will be session’s of confidentiality when visitors would be asked to leave the room.


CORRESPONDENCE : Drumbeat sent a letter thanking the Committee and others on site for the support they have given to the students. Last month Drumbeat moved to the plot next to them as a swap. They requested if the Committee would allow them to continue with the small plot they have been working. After discussion the Committee agreed. 

TREASURER’S REPORT: Reg Wickings gave this report:

Account 1                        £12,100.81                       

Account 2                        £  2,284.72                       

Shop Account                 £  4,911.03                  

Cash & Cheques             £     712.38           

Total                                 £20,008.74                                                              

SITE MANAGER’S REPORT: We have visits from BALGAF and Bromley Council. We have carried out an inspection around the site of plots using water butts, sheds and composters. Many sheds are in poor condition. There are plots who have water butts but they are not connected. There are too many plots who do not have composting bins. E-mail plot holders to mend sheds, fix guttering for water butts and to make sure they have composting facilities either in bins or open composters.


‘Tops’ has vacated his plots. There will be a bonfire to get rid of lots of wood etc.  The Committee are deciding how to make one side of the plot safer and will look into this.

PLOT LETTINGS: 26a vacant plot. Tuesday group have done a lot of work on this plot preparing it for a new owner.


VACANT PLOTS: 8b. 9a. 11a1. 11a2. 12a. 12b. 20a. 26a. 33b. 34b. 70. 71. Work will start on clearing of weeds but under strict control due to using weed killer.

TUESDAY GROUP: Compost area looks good. There has been a big clear up in this area. They had another bonfire and all burnable tree branches, boughs etc have been cleared. It is now free of debris.
SHOP REPORT: John Wetherell gave this report:

Total in Bank               £2,311.35

Machine Hire              £    106.82 


John feels we should show our appreciation to the horse owner for his ‘gift’ of manure. The Committee agreed. Perhaps a bottle of wine.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Report back on Bonfire Night. A good time was had by all.


Pollarding of boundary trees – people needed to look at certain trees and report back to committee.


Paint electricity box in the entrance to Allotment Site to make it more visible for vehicles entering in the site.


Drive way not yet done. Saeed said he will be looking at this as soon as he can. Hopefully it will be completed by April.


Reg said the Club House has been let to a Senior group for Christmas Lunch on 10th December 2016.


David Pipe asked to use Club House for the Bee Keepers AGM. The Committee agreed.


Martin Spatcher asked if the Committee could decide before AGM to allow colour range for sheds. He presented a colour chart from Cuprinol. At present plot holders can only have green or brown.


John Wetherell advised the Committee that the automatic security light at the gate is not working. David Pipe explained that this was to do with the trees. This will be looked into.


Shed roofing felt – John Wetherell said that plot holders had asked if shed roofing felt could be sold in the shop. John went on to explain how it would have to be cut so that there is no waste and how we would sell it.


KHLGA have been donated a Flymo lawn mower by Bill who is vacating his plot and small rotavator by Pam and Julie. Some repairs are needed but will be used when ready. Strimmers are now hanging on wall. Maintenance on lawn mowers and strimmers took place on Sunday.


Club House guttering needs attention.


Volunteers day will now be called Work Day. Committee members are expected to attend Work Days.


We should add Events to the Agenda. This will enable to forward plan.


Site fencing needs to be kept up-to-date. Bee Keepers need fence mended.


Next year is our 100th birthday. How to celebrate. Confirm date.


Suggestion of a Permanent bonfire site on Top’s vacated site. Would this mean the loss of a plot? How do we look after this area during the year when  bonfires are not allowed.  Further discussion needed as it’s location is a bit of a disadvantage due to it being far away from club house electricity.


Dates for Open Days next year.


Rent day needs to be put on website.


Heather Mallinder sent a mail asking if would be doing anything around New Year for the Fireworks left over from the 5th Nov?

Martin suggested we use them after the Christmas Lunch.


Pam offered to help Reg on rent day.


23rd May 2017 is the Bee Keepers 100th birthday.

DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING 12th December 2017 Monday  2016



December 2016

KHLGA Minutes 12th December 2016

MINUTES OF MEETING ON: Monday 12th December 2016
PRESENT:  Korehan Dora. John Wetherell. Richard Mildenhall.  Reg Wickings.  Pam Dowling. Martin Spatcher.  David Pipe. Saeed Kanuga. Trevor Barnes.
VISITORS: Rita Wetherell.
APOLOGIES: David Allart.
MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Minutes were read, agreed and signed.
MATTERS ARISING: POLLARDING AND MAINTENANCE OF BOUNDARY TREES – quotes have been received and the total cost will be £1,390. This was agreed by the Committee. The wood chips will be left for site use.   

ROTOVATOR – Richard has looked into this further. The company will give a lesson on how to use the Rotovator on 17th January 2017 on site. Committee discussed the need for the Rotovator and particularly for clearing and preparing vacant plots. It was agreed that the cost of £3,500 was acceptable and the vote was unanimous. This piece of equipment has extra attachments that can be bought separately.   

 PAINTING ELECTRIC BOX – Richard will guide this work which includes removing the top of the box, scraping off moss and cleaning. There is sufficient paint on site for completing the task.   

SECURITY LIGHTING – David Pipe said he will look into this with help from another member of the committee. They will look at the positioning and length of time the lights stay on.

SITE PERIMETER FENCING – Richard has spoken to Bromley Council who can help with this fencing but they would need to have photographs of location, quantity needed and type of fencing. The Tuesday group will help with this.   

USE OF WEED KILLER – The intention is to allow new plot holders a good chance of starting their work without the plot being covered in Couch Grass and other unwanted weeds. ‘Round Up’ is the named product. After further discussion Pam and Saeed will investigate how the product works and if there will be any adverse effects on the soil. Another discussion was whether we should charge a deposit for this clearance in the event of the new plot holder letting the plot go to seed.

BONFIRE – due to complaints there will be no further fires on Plot 71.

SHED FELT ROOFING now on sale at £4.95p per 8’ length. There are also felt tacks available at £1.25 per 150.

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: Korehan asked for time to talk through a final mail to the plot holder who had received the bullying letter. This letter was accepted by a majority of the committee.


Korehan thanked everyone for all the help given at the Christmas Lunch. It was a great success and  suggested that we should do it again.


Korehan asked Richard how the elderly peoples party went on Saturday. Richard said the people appeared very happy and enjoying the party. Richard also said that he learnt a few things i.e. reflectors on posts and edges of wall for clearer vision for drivers. Perhaps we consider a member of KHLGA to make sure people hiring the Club House clear/tidy up afterwards. Consider making a charge to make sure this happens. John Wetherell suggested KHLGA charge a fee to have someone to be there to open and lock-up and also suggested that we do not hire the Clubhouse after dark to non-members.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Drumbeat had left Christmas cards for KHLGA.
TREASURER’S REPORT: Reg Wickings gave this report:

Account 1                        £ 12,129.82                      

Account 2                        £    3,425.96                        

Shop Account                 £     5,026.28                  

Cash                                 £     1,361.51

Cheques                           £     1,204.49

Total                                 £   23,148.06                                                             

SITE MANAGER’S REPORT: No feed back from letters about sheds. Heather and Chris have donated a             re-chargable strimmer.


E-mail from Tim Lund suggesting we praise people that are doing things above and beyond. Martin will have discussions about this with Heather and Trevor in the New Year. 


VACANT PLOTS: No change.

SHOP REPORT: John Wetherell gave this report:

Total in Bank               £2,552.85

Machine Hire              £      26.82   

EVENTS:  Spring Open Day Sunday 21st May 2017 – Sydenham Singers have offered to sing.

Autumn Open Day Sunday 3rd September 2017.

KHLGA 100th birthday celebrations 2017.

23rd May 2017 Bee Keepers 100 years celebration.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Saeed raised concern of a household where there is what appears to be Asbestos leaning against part of our perimeter fencing. This will need to be investigated. KHLGA will send a letter requesting the house holder to remove the Asbestos from our perimeter fence. If there is a problem with this the KHLGA will contact Bromley Council.

KNOTWEED – Neighbouring house has asked for written documentation regarding Knotweed. David Pipe was the person who spoke to the previous house owner and will now go and speak to the new house owner.

OFFICE ROOF – This is leaking. In the spring this will be repaired.

CHICKENS – Plot holder has been advised about the Avian Bird Flu.


Korehan asked Reg for e-mail addresses of all plot holders.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 9th January 2017        7.30pm