Minutes 2022

Kent House Leisure Gardens Ltd
Board Meeting
Held online: 10 th January 2022

Present: Korehan Dora (KD), Reg Wickings (RW), Martin Spatcher
(MS), John Sissions (JS), Saeed Kanuga (SK), Antoni Pogozelski (AP)
Heather Mallinder (HM).
Apologies: None

1. Chairs Opening Remarks
KD greeted the Board and thanked them for attending the meeting.
He wished everyone a very Happy New Year.
He advised members that several plot holders had succumbed to the
new Covid variant Omicron and were currently self-isolating. He
expressed the hope that it was less severe than the last variant and
on behalf of the Board sent best wishes to all for a speedy recovery.
2. Minutes of Meeting 13 th December 2021
The Minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record of the
Matters Arising
There were no matters arising.

Action Points Outstanding
a) Repair to fence adjacent to plot 72
Agreed: Work remains outstanding to be completed in the next
couple of weeks. – SK
b) Gating of green waste area
Agreed: Work complete apart from a couple of minor tweaks.
c) KHLG Ltd. com Website and Email address update.
Agreed: To invite Simon Heart onto the Board. -RW
Board to look at existing website and make suggestions for
improvements. Volunteers are needed to take responsibility for
managing / updating specific pages. – All
Management of Email account and maintenance – KD /RW
d) Charity Calendar update
The submission of photos from plot holders is still disappointing
given there are some excellent photographers on site.
Agreed: To promote the calendar one more time, in the event of a
lack of response the Board have more than enough photos between
them and can always step in. – HM /RW to set up a folder
e) First aide training for plot holders
Agreed: Contact St John’s Ambulance for first aide training –HM
f) Purchase of Card Machine
Several machines have been identified within a reasonable price
Agreed: The Board to read the proposal and make a decision.

g) Crisis Management process
There is a pressing need for a contingency plan should the Treasurer
become incapacitated for any reason. The vital information needed
to maintain the function of the Sites processes must be accessible.
Agreed: To co-ordinate a meeting ASAP. – HM
h) Site Wine.
The wine is developing well. Looks like it’s going to be a good year.
Perhaps we could make it an annual event -KD

3) Secretary’s Report
There is a need to review the Job Description of the role and allocate
tasks to Board members.
Agreed: Meeting to be arranged for the review. KD / RW / HM

4) Letters/ Communications
a) Plot 88 has been measured and divided into three. Rents have
been allocated. MS / RW
b) RHS are no longer covering site insurance. Need to contact new
insurance agency – RW
c) Castle Water Co. and EDF Electric. RW to change direct debit to
KHLG Ltd account.
d) Email from plot holder with one year’s credit querying rent
demand. RW to respond.

5) Treasurer’s Report
The expenditure in the name of KD is for payment of site
expenditure, with receipts for every item.
Account balances as of January 2022
No.1 A/C £ 4,662.80
No.2 A/C £ 1,914.47
KHLG Ltd A/C £ 5,950.56
Savings A/C £ 0.90
Cash 1:2:3 £ 499.75
Total £13,028.48

6. Shop Report
There are 6 jars of honey left and the Beekeepers were owed £21.
KD has paid the outstanding debt. He has not banked the cash yet as
most of the paper money has been exchanged for coins.

7. Site Manager’s Report
MS submitted a written report for January.
Plumbing: The site water has now been turned off until March.
After extensive investigation it appears that unfortunately there is no
feasible way of locating a new tap for plot 90 and Drumbeat. They
will have to continue to use the long hoses.
Plot Inspections are suspended until March.
Plot 88 has been divided into Plots A, B & C. Plot 14A is now ready for
the plot holder to work.

The Green Waste area is ready to receive pallets from the yard. It will
need a tractor and trailer to move them.
Agreed: SK to speak to Richard and move them next weekend in
liaison with MS.
External rewiring update
Progress has been made. Ross will be back on site soon. – JS

8. Lettings Manager’s Report
There are 5 vacant plots. 88A, 88B, 68A (vineyard) 11B, 33A.
There are 70 on the waiting list.
SK proposes to send out the updates to those on the waiting list this
month instead of March.
MS requested that when letting plots 88A and 88B the plot holders
to be advised that any shed mut be erected on the path, not up
against the fence.
It was queried whether the three-month trial period was contained
in the new tenancy agreement.
Agreed: RW to check.
RW advised that all tenancy agreements and any new ones mut be
submitted to Companies House.

9. Health & Safety Issues
None raised by AP
The Corona virus is still present in the community with the
particularly virulent variant Omicron in circulation and several plot

holders have tested positive. We ask that plot holders continue to
exercise care when interacting in enclosed spaces please. If you
have been in contact with Covid please advise the Board
immediately. HANDS – FACE – SPACE still applies. If not for you – for
those that are vulnerable amongst us.

SK – Advised that the pound was now clear of rubbish.
SK – The boundary wall at Fairlawn Path is beginning to lean
dangerously. We need to establish who is responsible.
Agreed: To contact LB Lewisham to find out the position. – HM
KD – The rent demands have gone out.

On behalf of the Board of KHLG Ltd to all plot holders
We wish you a Happy New Year

Meeting Ended at 20. 26 hrs.