Draft Minutes of the KHLGA Management Committee held on

9 April 2018 at 19:30 at the KHLGA Clubhouse



David Pipe,  Heather Mallinder,  John Wetherell, Korehan Dora (Chairman),

Les Bateson,  Martin Spatcher,  Reg Wickings (Treasurer),  Saeed Kanuga,

Vince Turner (Secretary),  

Apologies: John Sissons,  Nick Whiteley

Plotholder present: Rita Wetherell


Korehan welcomed the new members to the committee.  He expressed his thanks for the work of outgoing members, Dave Allart, Trevor Barnes and Richard Mildenhall.  

It was agreed to use a signing in book for this and future meetings.  


  • Minutes of the previous Meeting on 12 March 2018


It was agreed that the minutes were a true record.  


  • Matters arising from the minutes


Action Point:  Saeed agreed to take on the task of removing the asbestos between the KHLGA wire fence and the boundary with 113 /115 Kent House Rd where a new fence has been built.  


  • Correspondence and (Outgoing) Secretary’s Report


Reg reported the following:

A tenant (A) who on leaving his plot agreed and did sell his shed to another tenant (B) for £50.  When the new owner tenant (B) tried to arrange for the shed to be moved, he was told by another plot holder he was not allowed to move it as there was a new policy to leave sheds on the plot until letting and offer them to the new tenant.  The new tenant (C) did want the shed and paid £50 to the association for it. The Treasurer, not aware of the previous arrangement, paid this into the accounts.

It was agreed to pass the payment received from tenant C to tenant B.

Action Point:  Reg to pay tenant B £50


  • AGM Committee Motions and agenda


Korehan thanked members of the committee for their support and contributions prior to and during the AGM and Anne Schuman for agreeing to write up the AGM minutes.  

A tenant had stated at the AGM that some members were averse to going in the clubhouse.  Various reasons were given as to why this was the case. Some new tenants were apparently not aware that their gate key opened the clubhouse.  

Action Point:  Vince agreed to look into the matter and give suggestions to improve the situation at the next meeting.  

A tenant had reported at the AGM a longstanding problem of theft and damage to her plot.  This was understandably distressing for the tenant concerned.

Action Point:  Les agreed to speak with the tenant to see what the committee could do to support her and help remedy the situation.  


  • Treasurer’s Report


Reg presented the balances in the accounts totalling some £17448

Action Point 1: Reg to present a budget for this year’s expenditure.  

Reg had received new bills from Castle Water showing a credit balance of some £3206 representing nearly two years of water supply costs, which, so far, Castle Water had been reluctant to refund.  

Action Point 2:  Reg agreed to write to Direct Debit guarantee and OFWAT to complain, with a view to persuading Castle Water to refund the overpayment.  


  • Site Manager’s Report and Notices


Martin reported that due to the inclement weather no notices were served last month.  However, inspections would be made this month prior to the next meeting in three weeks’ time.  

It was agreed that Heather and Les assist Martin on the inspections.  

Action Point 1:  A report by Martin, Heather and Les of their site inspection will be presented at the next meeting.  

A task list of tasks needed to be done was on display in the clubhouse.  

A particular problem was the wire fence adjacent to Plot 72b, which needed strengthening.  

Action Point 2: Saeed agreed to look at the fencing concerned and to strengthen it.  


  • Lettings


There were the following vacant plots: 12b, 34b, 69a, 69b, 71 (needs strimming before letting).  

It was agreed that Saeed would be Lettings Manager and that together with Vince he would manage correspondence on the Waiting List.  

Vince agreed to assist Saeed with the lettings.  

Action Point:  Vince to set up an email for correspondence with people on the waiting list and for lettings, which Saeed and he could jointly use.  


  • Work Group/Volunteers report


Martin informed the meeting that he was unable to supervise the work day next Sunday, 15 April.  

It was agreed that a non-committee member could supervise work days and that a rota should be drawn up.  

Action Point 1:  Martin would ask a suitably experienced tenant to supervise next Sunday’s work day.  

Action Point 2:  The matter of a rota for Work Days be put as an item on next month’s agenda.  


  • Shop Report


John reported that the level of sales were similar this year to last year.  The bank balance attributable to shop amounted to some £990.

Les and Korehan were already on the shop rota and Heather agreed to assist John.  

It was agreed that Heather, Korehan and Les assist John in the running of the shop.  


  • Open Day Event Sunday 20 May


A special meeting of the committee had been arranged on 22 April as a planning meeting for this event.  

It was agreed that Saeed would be the co-ordinator for the event and be available on the day before and on the day to supervise the smooth running of the event and to make necessary decisions about the allocation of resources.  

It was agreed that Les would would ask Rosemary whether she would be willing to co-ordinate the setting up of the marquees prior to the event.  

Action point: Les to ask Rosemary if she were willing to co-ordinate the setting up of the marquees and to establish if extra poles need to be purchased to replace damaged ones.  


  • Health & Safety on Site


Replacement of fire extinguishers and electrically (‘PAT’) testing of appliances was urgently needed.  Reg had obtained a quote of around £800 for the work including Fixed Wiring inspections which had been presented at the last meeting.  

It was agreed that Korehan approach another company to get a lower quotation.  

Action:  Korehan to obtain a further quotation for the next meeting.  


  • Any other business


(a) Rota for Hire of Equipment.  It was suggested that a rota was needed for managing the hire of equipment on a Sunday.  Korehan said that he was prepared to do this when he was on the shop rota.

Action:  The matter of a rota for supervising the hire of equipment will be put on the agenda for the next meeting.  

(b) Repair of Clubhouse Roof.  David presented a diagram of towers and supports which could be hired and schedule of costs amounting to £2800 to do the work of replacing the roof with sheet metal using a volunteer workforce.  Saeed raised concerns about the safety and David assured the meeting that a risk assessment had been made and that harnesses could be used, if necessary.

It was agreed that rather than paying an outside contractor, David be tasked with completing the job with volunteer assistance.  

Action: David to supervise the completion of the re-roofing of the clubhouse in May or June, but avoiding disruption to the 20 May Open Day preparations.  

There being no other business the meeting closed at 21:40



Minutes KHLGA Management Committee 12/3/2018

Present: David Pipe,Trevor Barnes,Richard Mildenhall,Reg Wickings,Korehan Dora,Vincent Turner,Nick Whiteley,Martin Spatcher.

Apologies: Saeed Kanuga, David Allart

Minutes of the previous Meeting:

Matters arising:

The Chair:

Thanks to members and plot holders for helping clearing up flooding in clubhouse. The feed from the water supply froze and taps had been opened for hot water and one was left open. When the pipe thawed, the water started running, unfortunately the waste outlet pipe for the sinks was still frozen, the sink filled and flooded some of the club house floor. Thanks also to Chris for fixing the plumbing leaks around the toilet workshop area and lagging of exposed pipes.

Correspondence and Secretary’s Report:

Saied Ebrahimi not  happy with response to complaint about asbestos dumped on his plot which he had reported to the police. RW said he would contact Bromley Council  about removing the asbestos as Saeed was told to do this by the police Told by Pollution Protection collection is not a service offered by Bromley. They will take deliveries at Waldo RD otherwise they refer to free service noted below.  The asbestos was not on Saied’s his plot but between the boundary fences and as such not easily accessible. This boundary is with 113 /115 Kent House Rd where a new fence has been built. The “asbestos” is propped up against the new fence and seems to have put there after the fence was built, so in my view it the householder’s responsibility to remove it using the free service offered to London Borough householders by the corporation of London. I will write to the householders.

AGM Committee Motions and agenda

Annual rent rise of 2% in 2019

Pam Dowling would like to give a talk about Drumbeat and their work on plots 809b and 90b

Motion received No charging for machine rental: Note for AGM agenda 50% of rental proceeds goes towards petrol and spares: Last year rental income was £715 and surplus was £323.

Auditors need to be formally appointed. Heather Mallinder will need to be replaced as auditor if she stands and gets elected for the committee

Treasurer’s Report:

Account Balances

1 account 2account shop cash cheques Total
£14341.2 £4845.16 £1229 £519 £71.18 £21006.11

RW explained problems with erratic water rates billing and high estimated costs being asked and taken as direct debits by Castle Water despite meter readings being provided to them at the beginning of the year, has now been billed for year to September 2018.  (Note Credit of £3200 showing on latest bill)

KD asked that cash holding be reduced and some be banked.

Site Management Report:

Water pipes and upstands being checked and water to be turned on by the 1st of April. A new trench to be dug to get a new supply to part of the site. Trench digging tools to be purchased. Two new lawnmowers to be purchased before the grass begins to grow.

The shop rota should show two the name of two helpers for each work day

List of Notices:  Site inspections will start again in April

Lettings:  None

Vacancies 71 (still needs strimming before letting) 69a,34b,69b,12b

Work group /Volunteers report

Only one volunteer on workday who helped in the Polytunnel.

Clubhouse Roof: DA to get further quote for a contractor. Supremo a contractor had submitted a quote for lump sum but have been asked for a breakdown. David Pipe to finalise figures for materials only costing. Nick W will submit official quote within one week and would offer a favourable rate. RW has confirmed with Colin Sweet of AON who are brokers for the RHS that we are covered by our employers liability insurance for any maintenance to existing buildings

Shop Report:  12th March 2018

Shop sales to 12/3
-purchases=Cash in hand
Shop Account Balance on deposit Machine hire
No  Activity
Machine Hire
Cash in hand 12/3
£187.80 –  £123.32 =£64.58 838.01   £23.21

Events: Next year’s AGM 31st March 2019  Sunday 22nd April – Open day Planning meeting 11:00

Health and Safety on Site:


AOB.                                          Next meeting 9th April 2018


Minutes KHLGA Management Committee 12/2/2018

Present: KD,SK,RW,TB,VT,DA

Apologies: RM,DP,NW

Minutes of the previous Meeting:

The chair reported that on recent feedback he has received, that minutes published of late have been too brief and with little substance. The committee felt that this is sometimes unavoidable due to the number/subject matters (lack of) raised and discussed at certain monthly meetings. Nevertheless, the point raised has been taken on board and we’ll try and give more elaborate details of given subject matters raised and discussed in the future.

With regard to the monthly minutes, the committee agreed that more notes of ‘Actions’ are to be clearly recorded and included in the minutes. Whilst this is a common practice for meetings in general, it is an area that should be improved. It’s worthwhile to add that the committee has not had an official minute taker for a number of months now and relies upon notes taken by some members during the course of the meeting and then collated by RW for a final draft. We will endeavour for further improvements in this task, but cannot produce a “verbatim” account of the meeting without a skilled minute secretary

Matters arising:

Replacement of fire extinguishers and electrically testing of appliances. RW did approach a company he knew of but they no longer provide this service and actually were not very helpful. RW has now been touch with UK Safety Management to arrange for PAT and Fixed Wiring inspections and is waiting for a response. This item has been carried over for next month.

The Chair:

Chairman discussed the recent Sunday work day (11th Feb) and commented that we still need more tenants to assist on these days and not rely on the usual group that assist. However, it was noted that there was a few new faces that had attended and we’re very grateful for that. One tenant had arrived to help out at one o’clock and was prepared to help not knowing that it had pretty much ended for the day. He was not aware of the timings (his first time as a Sunday volunteer) It appears our email reminder to plot holders this month had not stated a specific start time, we apologise for that.

Chairman had a recent communication by email about items being removed from sheds on vacant plots.The chair has been asked to follow this up with the complainant who did not wish for the moment to have the email circulated to committee members or be identified and report back on the detail to committee members before the next meeting

It was decided that in future , vacant sheds will be fitted will new padlocks and be kept locked , contents will be photographed and any usable tools or other items documented and removed to the “cage” to be offered to new tenants or be sold on Open Day.

Sheds left on plots are normally offered to new plot holder at £20(RW had thought this was £50 and will refund the difference to anybody charged the higher rate) and greenhouse at £50. Vacating plot holders will be asked to also clear any rubbish left behind in sheds/green houses, if at all possible. Details of any gifts, sales or permissions to remove items such as tools/sheds/greenhouses or other items from the plot should be in writing and signed by the vacating plot holder and passed to a committee member

Correspondence and Secretary’s Report:

Treasurer’s Report:

Account Balances

One Account Two Account Shop Cash/Cheques Total
£13,948.54 £3,903.77 £1,264.45 £978.24 £20,095.00

With the exception of two rent accounts where the tenants are making payments in instalments, all rents for 2018 have now been received.

The final accounts and balance sheet for 2016/2017 are being prepared and will be audited and presented to the AGM

Site Management Report: MS has produced a starter pack for new tenants which will be circulated to members and be made available on the KHLGA website. Chris is ready to lay new pipes as soon as trenches are dug. The greenhouse heater is kaput; RM has loaned one for the time being.

List of Notices:  None: Inspections start in April

Lettings:  36b, 37b,11a,10a

Vacancies 71,12b (need strimming before letting) 69a,34b,69b

The tenant of 12b has given up the plot as she is not able to work it as her time has been taken up with caring for a relative with a serious illness. The committee agreed that given the circumstances she should be put back on the waiting list

Work group /Volunteers report

Plot 69a was cleared of rubbish and strimmed and is ready for letting, Brambles and other litter were cleared from the top path and Polytunnel pots were cleaned for the Open Day planting.

Shop Report:

Shop Report: 12/2/2017

Shop sales to 12/2
-purchases=Cash in hand
Shop Account 21/1 – Payment = Balance on deposit 12/2 Machine hire
No  Activity
Machine Hire
Cash in hand 11/12
£132.15 –  £55
£1264.45 – £137.50 =£1126.95   £23.21

Events:  Open days: Spring 20th of May: Autumn 2nd of September: AGM 8th of April at 11am

Health and Safety on Site: Fire safety risk assessment to be arranged by RW


The chairman presented a written estimate from ‘Supreme O Roofing Ltd’ (as part of the recent planning meeting) re the club house roof work. It was felt that the estimate was not detailed enough and would require specifics such as the gauge of guttering to be used, repairs or replacement gutter barge boards etc..The company will be approached again for clarification before any further considerations towards the costs given

SK suggested the idea of informing all Tenants in advance of the AGM with regard to the details/costs/options for the club house restoration (as this would enable and provide a true and more accurate representation of all plot holders opinions/views) rather than leaving it to announce and vote at the AGM,

He feels that we need a more democratic approach to this.

He feels that we need a qualified and experienced builder/company to handle the club house work rather than leave it to a group of inexperienced volunteers to tackle. Therefore I think this should be highlighted when we present options and costs. In the end, if the majority of tenants decide that volunteers should carry out the work then so be it, that way we’d have presented and given them the option whilst highlighting the possible pitfalls against the advantages of a professional finish.


  1. Dave Allartto look for a third estimate for the club house roof and restoration work plus costs of scaffolding.
  2. 2Saeedto forward Korehan details of materials/supplies/guttering dimensions from Southern sheeting. This would enable Korehan to clarify the spec from Supreme O Roofing.
  3. 3Regto look for an alternative company with regard to replacing fire extinguishers & electrical testing. This should cover the needs to the club house and other out buildings.

Plot Notices – None/April start for inspections


Saeed raised the idea that the club house walls and displays needs a fresh look with informative posters/notes covering a wide range of subject matter such as horticulture, wildlife, flora, bees/bee keeping, Fungi, maps, tips/ideas from growing vegetables to good housekeeping of plots.

A community notice board may be beneficial for all tenants to use to inform, messaging, items for sale, lost & found, seed exchange, competitions, local news, help or advice required, photo’s of prized crops…a bit of fun in general. No objections were raised to the idea and we will start the revamp during the coming weeks.

Next meeting 12th March 2018



Minutes KHLGA Management Committee 8/1/2018

Present: Richard Mildenhall, Reg Wickings, Korehan Dora, Saeed Kanuga, Trevor Barnes, David Pipe , Nick Whiteley

Plot holders: John and Rita Wetherell

Apologies: David Allart and Martin Spatcher

Minutes of the previous Meeting:

Matters arising: Replacement of Fire extinguishers and electrical testing of fixed appliances to be arranged . Allocation of Tasks to committee members to be noted in future minutes. Planning Meeting date 15/1/2018 Topics: Yard gate and fencing, clubhouse roof and other repairs, equipment expenditure, tree maintenance, perimeter fencing

The Chair: Wished everybody a happy new year and hoped that in the coming year we could improve communal facilities, hold social events for plot holders and generally work to improve the sense of community and wellbeing.

Correspondence and Secretary’s Report: The neighbour at 93 was written to about trees damaging a fence and has agreed to carry out necessary tree works when weather permits.

Treasurer’s Report:

Account Balances

1 account 2account shop cash cheques Total
£14,341.24 £4,845.16 £1,229.30 £519.23 £71.18 £21,006.11


Cash Balance Transfers Cheques Outstanding Total
£1,366.91 £2,228.23 £1,807.11 £542.00 £5,402.25

The last day for rent payment was the 31/12/2017 a small number of rents are still outstanding but RW has been assured by the plot holders concerned that they will be paid by the end of January   .

Site Management Report:

A neighbour has complained about ivy growing on and over the Fairlawn Park boundary wall, this to be removed on the next work day on the 14/1/2018. RW has arranged with a locksmith to get padlocks refurbished as soon as possible. The replacement padlock cores are to the original pattern and all existing keys will be able to be used.

List of Notices:

Lettings:  Lettings session to be arranged for the 14/1/2018

Vacancies: 71: 69a (both still need strimming before letting) 34b:36b:37b.10a, 66b

Shop Report:

Purchases for year £ 2679

Events: Dates for Open days: Spring 20th of May: Autumn 2nd of September: AGM 8th of April at 11am

Planning: Meeting on 14/1/2018

AOB.     Agreed to purchase a tree seat for the central lawn area to celebrate our 100th anniversary.

Postal Code: We have no official postcode and this has caused problems with postal deliveries. DP has been talking to Bromley Council about this and is likely that we will be either allocated a postcode or have our address officially recognised by Royal Mai,l who have asked that we affix a notice with our full address and local postcode to the front gate.

Next meeting 12th February 2018

Minutes KHLGA Management Committee 11/12/2017

Martin Spatcher, Richard Mildenhall, Reg Wickings, Korehan Dora, Saeed Kanuga, Trevor Barnes, David Pipe , David Allart and Vince Turner

Plot holders: John and Rita Wetherell, June Allart

Apologies: Nick Whiteley

Minutes of the previous Meeting:

Matters arising:   Smart electricity meter installed and working. A cheaper tariff rate negotiated with reduced daily charge and lower unit charge for electricity used

The Chair: KD welcomed new committee member Vince Turner and thanked him and his partner Michelle for their work in organising the Christmas Buffet. He thought the event went well. VT mentioned that in the future longer notice should be given and invitations should include a RSVP to establish numbers attending. The chair said he will explore the feasibility and costs of setting up a communal outside cooking area for the use of plotholders. The area would contain a permanent BBQ and brick built oven, would be in a central point, provide seating and he hoped would promote social activity

Correspondence and Secretary’s Report:

Treasurer’s Report:

Account Balances        
Account 1 Account 2 Shop Account Cash Cheques Total
£14903.99 £2202.02 £1157.80 £1292.90 1664.17 21220.88

Rent / Rates    Rents collected so far this year £5016.58, outstanding rents £931.65, vacant plots £434. Reminder was sent 11/12. Final day for payment is the last day of 2017. The last day for rents to be paid is 40 days after the rent due date of the 21st of November. In the past the 40 days were counted from the last site collection day giving a date 15 or so days into the New Year. Our financial year is the 1st of January to the 31st of December. The change brings us into line with the financial year and our constitution.

Site Management Report:

List of Notices:  Reminders sent to those with outstanding notices saying work outstanding should be completed by April 2018.

Lettings:  Waiting list has been updated. A Lettings Day to be arranged for 2nd Sunday in 2018. RM and SK agreed to help showing plots

Vacancies 71: 69a (both still need strimming before letting) 34b:36b:37b

Work group /Volunteers report: Members of the Tuesday work group thanked for their contribution in helping in the clearing and cleaning of the Yard and for establishing an entry pathway leading to the middle of the green waste area.

In order to prevent further dumping in this area the enclosure of the Yard with a gate and fence was agreed. There was much discussion about the type of construction, what materials should be used and the costs and no final decision was made.

RM has found a different supplier for woodchip, so payment for petrol agreed at the last meeting is not required

Outstanding site works: Trench for tap to 90b and 89b. Repairs to leak on iron pipework near top fence and replacement of T Junctions for five taps. A plan showing which sections of iron water pipe have already been replaced is needed for the planning meeting so we can budget for replacing the remaining iron pipework. Work is needed to rebuild or re-site the water meter chamber next to the top gate . RW to contact Thames Water about the installation of smart meters as this may resolve the problem of access for reading. Removal of ivy from top boundary wall.

Concern expressed about the number of freezers and refrigerators in the clubhouse and how they were being used and abused. There were also appliances in the shop and the brown shed. Agreed that the number of appliances should be reduced after checking contents and cleaning.

Shop Report: 11/12/2017

Year’s shop sales to 11/12 Machine hire income Machine hire expenditure Balance Cash in hand 11/12
£2937.10 £0 £21.01   Fuel £23.21

Events: Christmas Buffet : Well attended , Buffet idea seems to work well as plenty and varied food provided by participants.

BEE Keepers BBQ: Clubhouse : 7/1/2018

Health and Safety on Site: Advice had been sought about the regulations relating to the storage of petrol: it seems what we are currently doing is OK as we are a good way away from the nearest “abode”. Fire extinguishers need to be replaced and additional units may be needed in areas like the machine store and the kitchen. PAT testing is required as is the testing of electrical circuits and fixed cooking equipment.

Planning: Special planning meeting to be arranged to prepare a plan and budget for presentation and approval of the AGM for works in 2018 and in the future. The costings for the clubhouse roof need to be finalised and included in the budget.

AOB.   DP asked what had happened with the suggestion to commemorate our 100 anniversary by buying and installing a tree seat for the small tree central lawn area.   It has been discussed before but no decision had been made. MS to identify suitable seats, provide costings and make recommendation.

KD suggested that a way of celebrating our 100 anniversary, might be to make a video in the same format as the 2006  “Kent House Leisure Gardens Story” currently on Youtube. To be further discussed at the planning meeting


JW requested help with the shop audit. VT and MS to assist on 3/1/18.

Next meeting 8th of January 2017




Minutes  KHLGA Management Committee 13/11/2017

Present: , Martin Spatcher, Richard Mildenhall, Reg Wickings, Korehan Dora, David Pipe ,Nick Whiteley and David Allart

Plot holders: John and Rita Wetherell , June Allart

Apologies: Saeed Kanuga

Minutes of the previous Meeting: Agreed

Matters arising:  Chairman contacted several rubbish clearance companies. Nobody seemed to be able to give a clear costing although a cost of £500 plus labour was mentioned.  The Chairman decided to go ahead and hire a skip at a cost of £360 and the rubbish was subsequently cleared from Yard area by volunteers. Work was carried out on the entrance way, filling potholes and levelling and consolidating the surface where possible.

NW gave an estimate of £6500 to supply and install a new roof to the clubhouse.

The Chair: KD accepted an offer of tables and chairs from a contact in a London hotel , arranged for transport and had the furniture delivered to site

Confidentiality: The chairman said he was concerned that some matters discussed at committee meetings, mainly those dealing with complaints against or from tenants should be confidential and that in future when such matters were discussed plot holders attending as observers would be asked to leave the meeting.

Correspondence and Secretary’s Report:

Committee membership: RW proposed Vince Turner be co-opted as a committee member.  Proposal accepted.

Treasurer’s Report:

Account Balances        
Account 1 Account 2 Savings Account Cash Cheques Total
£13996 £723.95 £5007.95 £170.57   19898.47

Rent / Rates

The billing for water has now been taken over by a company called Castle Water and we have finally been billed for water rates in the sum of £4353.81 for 444 days from 14/10/2016 to the 31/12/2017.

Readings were taken when the water was turned off for the winter and these were given to castle Water and included in the bill. The bill takes account of undercharging for the Fairlawn meter which had not been read for many years and the cost of a number of leakages in previous years which have occurred on our side of the meter and were therefore our responsibility.

It was agreed at the last committee that because some of the costs can be attributed to leaks that this should be reflected in this year’s water rate element of the rent charged to plot holders.

I therefore suggest for this year only that the water rates bill be split 50%:50% between the site and the rent accounts. The water rates which have been kept artificially low for the last two years because of erratic billing by Thames Water will this year and in future return to a more realistic level accurately reflecting our use of water

Rents are due on the 21st of November and should be paid with 40 days, rent demands will be sent out in the 2nd week of November. The rent collection days are 26th of November and the 3rd of December.

Agreed that Drumbeat the tenant of plots 89b and 90b, as a charity, should be given the concessionary rent rate

Smart meters too be installed by EDF on the 21st November (now 28th) between 8 and 12. RW and MS to meet them

Site Management Report:

List of Notices:  No notices issued in November, the last notices issued in September will carry over to next April

Reminder Letters to be sent to 4a, 18, 8b, 11b2, 46b, 48b, 63b, 65b highlighting issues which needed immediate attention.

Lettings:  7b

Vacancies 71: 69a,34b (all need strimming before letting)  36b:37b (in good condition and available for plot swaps)

Work group /Volunteers report

Poly tunnel recovering is now completed. Thanks to Rosemary and Les for creating a path through the Green Waste area

The shredder still needs to be fixed. All strimmers and a rotavator are working, The Easy Start mower is not running well . It has been turned on its side for cleaning and oil has flooded the air filter.it will be serviced. It was suggested that we get rid of excess mowers where are all in various states of disrepair and buy at least one decent replacement.  The chainsaw should not be hired out to plotholders.

Shop Report:

Shop Report:

Year’s sales to 13th of November Machine hire income

16/10 to 13/11

Machine hire expenditure

3/10 to 13/11

Balance Cash in hand 13/11
£2,808.20 +71.10 sales to Polytunnel £150.76 £6.54 ( paid to treasurer £100) £44.22

Agreed:  Savings Account be renamed the Shop Account that the present balance of cash held in this account  be reduced to £1100 to reflect this year’s trading ,the balance being transferred to the One Account. Payments from and transfers between accounts will still be made by the treasurer

Events: Bonfire night; Successful event despite the weather earlier in the day which delayed the building of the bonfire until an hour or so before the event. Plot holders brought fireworks and a good selection of food. Snacks and mulled wine were provided.

Christmas Dinner; Decided that this would not be a formal ticketed sit down dinner . Instead the event would be open to all and those attending would be asked to contribute food and drink to a buffet table . The site will provide some “finger food” and mulled wine will be served. It is hoped some entertainment will be provided by those attending. Vince and Michelle Turner will host the event

Planning:  To be discussed at January meeting

AOB.      Trees lining entrance drive pushing over the fence, tenant to be contacted. Trees by Fairlawn gate need removing.  DP to supply RM with a flexible hose to fit onto and enable cleaning of Ride on Mower. Agreed to pay woodchip delivery man petrol money. Compost bin has been taken from the raised bed area.

Next meeting 11th of December 2017


Minutes of KHLGA Management Committee 9/10/2017

Present: Saeed Kanuga, Martin Spatcher, Richard Mildenhall, Reg Wickings, Korehan Dora, David Pipe ,Nick Whiteley and David Allart

Plot holders: John and Rita Wetherell, Altan and Hassan Djavit

Apologies: Trevor Barnes

 Minutes of the previous Meeting:

Scrap metal will be collected, date to be arranged by RM.(now collected)

Cost of 10 yard skip for rest of rubbish is approx. £360, Concern expressed about Health and Safety risks of using volunteers to fill the skip. Use of a commercial company to clear and cart away to be costed.

In response to the email about Tick and Foxes : A note had been received from a plotholder saying that foxes catch small rodents and therefore drive down the Tick population

 Matters arising:  Dealt with as individual items

 Correspondence: The Chairman had received a further email from JG and will take responsibility for dealing with the issues raised.

 The Chair: 

Thanked everybody that turned up on the Work day. KD introduced the Djavit brothers who had asked to address the committee. :

 AD Notice had been received about fig trees branches on his plot overhanging a path. AD explained that the line of the path had been altered and now encroached on his plot. Notice was withdrawn.   HD Fence panels in the rubbish area had been piled up behind his fence and caused it to lean. (panels have now been moved)  


Secretary’s Report:

 Open Day selection of Charities for distribution of gate receipts ;

A number of charities were considered and the following were chosen  :

ALD: A small charity based in south London top promote awareness, research and prevention of AdrenoLeukoDystrophy. £190 donation agreed

SIGNAL: Local charity supporting families with Autistic children.  £190 donation agreed

 Treasurer’s Report:

Account Balances        
Account 1 Account 2 Savings Account Cash Cheques Total
£14,502.00 £1,189.28 £4,677.05 £275.17 £50.00 £20,693.50

 Rent Days

Rents are due on the 21st of November and should be paid with 40 days, rent demands will be sent out in the first week of November. The rent collection days are 26th of November and the 3rd of December.

Water Rates

The water rate charge which has been very low for the last few years will now return to a more realistic  level.

The water billing in the past has been very erratic and the water readings for the Fairlawn Park gate had not been read by Thames Water for some years, there have also been problems with leaks which have now been fixed.  In future the water rate charge will be estimated based on the average charge over a number of years. Committee members were concerned that some plot holders may have problems meeting the new charge and suggested that we either meet some of the 2017/18 charges from our own reserves or spread the increase over a number of years.  The treasurer will contact Castle Water who have now taken over billing from Thames Water to see what is still outstanding and then make a recommendation to the next meeting on the charge for 2017/2018

Site Management ,Work group /Volunteers report 

Work day: The work day was well attended and a new cover was fitted to the Polytunnel, further work on this, refitting the entrance doors will be done this week. Other site work was carried out

A query had been raised about another Polytunnel on the site which had recently had recently had it’s cover replaced, It was explained that this Polytunnel had been there before the no Polytunnel rule was introduced and was therefore allowed to stay.

A plot holder had asked if she could grow veg in the boundary strip adjacent to her plot , DA had explained that a previous committee had decided only flowers can be grown in this area. The use of boundary strips was allowed but the user had no tenancy rights.

Martin will replace the two boards taken from vacant plot 71.

A tenant has suggested fitting door closers to the toilet doors as they are sometimes left open during the winter and pipes freeze.

Bonfires are now allowed on plots from the beginning of October

Repairs are being carried out to several machines. Petrol leak from shredder, Clutch adjustment needed to rotavator and a strimmer trigger needs replacing.

List of Notices:  No notices issued in October but follow up letters will be sent to those who have done no work since their last notice pointing out that they will be carried over to the next growing season.

The committee discussed the option that tenancies will not be renewed, if no work has been done and will review this in November.

The committee decided that in future that a 3 month probationary period be strictly enforced and that a formal tenancy will not be offered until a review is carried out at the end of the probationary period. We would need to give association membership during this probationary period to ensure insurance cover.


Vacancies 71: 69a (both need strimming before letting) 34b Tenant has been ill for the last two months and says he is unable to work the plot at the moment. He asked and we agreed to put him back at the bottom of the waiting list.

 Shop Report:

Year’s sales to 9th of October 2017 Machine hire income

26/9 to 9/10

Machine hire expenditure

13/9 to 28/9

Balance Cash in hand 9/10/2017
£2,604.90 £175.26 £71.50 £103.76


Halloween 28th( (Now cancelled, Bonfire and fireworks to be on the 4th of November). Christmas Dinner on the 10th of December.

 Health and Safety on Site: .

Electrical checks to be carried out on portable electrical appliances. The fire extinguishers in the clubhouse need to be replaced . Fire extinguishers also need to be provided in the machine room and workshop

 Planning: NW a committee member has offered to quote for replacing the clubhouse roof.

 AOB The management of the winery was discussed and it was agreed that the plotholders paying the winery levy should meet to discuss its management and the allocation of the work space.

DA advised that the committee had agreed some time ago that the vines planted against the boundary wall behind the Polytunnel belong to the site and should not be picked by individual plotholders.

 Next meeting 13th of November 2017



Minutes  KHLGA Management Committee 19/9/2017

Present: Saeed Kanuga, Richard Mildenhall, Reg Wickings, Korehan Dora, David Pipe and Nick Whiteley

Plot holders: John and Rita Wetherell

Apologies: Martin Spatcher, David Allart,Trevor Barnes

Minutes of the previous Meeting:

Matters arising: Plots 34a and 42:   SK reported that the work specified by the committee to bring both plots to standard has now been almost completed, remaining wood and glass has been collected together for removal. Provided this is done, no further committee action is considered necessary. The plot holder to be advised not to build any more structures or bring building or construction materials on to site without first consulting one of the site managers.

Hand dryers for toilets have been replaced “free of charge” leaving us with two spares which it was suggested could be used in the clubroom kitchen area.  Motion sensor switches are still to be installed in the toilets.

We are still waiting for delivery of the hedging attachment for STHIL multi tool. SK has been chasing and there seems to a general problem with the supply of this particular item and no other stockist seems to have them

Boundary Trees: RM has made some progress in getting action on the removal of the remaining dead tree in the corner of the site and this should be carried out in the next few weeks

The Chair:  KD thanked everybody concerned with the setting up and running the Open Day. He felt that in future coordinators were necessary to oversee the setup and running of any future events. This could be more than one person, one for setting up/taking down the site and another for the actual event, organising volunteers, pricing structure, etc.  Investment was needed in new BBQ’s. The marquee covers are in poor condition and we need to replace one or two.

Correspondence and Secretary’s Report:

EMail: JG had said that a neighbouring tenant had been told that he (JG) had complained about weeds on an adjoining plot. MS was not present but it is understood that he did not name anybody in particular when he had approached and discussed the matter with son of the owner of the weedy plot. In future it was thought that that the condition of plots on the day of inspection was the only matter to be considered and discussed when inspections were carried out unless a formal complaint had been made to the management committee.

Note: MS was not present at the meeting but he did leave a note saying “I am not happy about this email” it will be left to him to raise this matter at the next meeting.

Open Day report, receipts and selection of Charities for donations from gate proceeds

Open day receipts were £1387.28.

Gate Produce Tea WW Jumble Pancakes Burgers Raffle Kids Tent Seeds Total
£369.00 £281.50 £214.56 -£17.94 £179.09 £44.00 £280.00 £53.00 -£50.43 £34.50 £1,387.28

The committee felt that the event was successful despite problems caused by lack of volunteers: we were not able to set up the Wine and Water stall, the cost is for two cases of wine which have been stored for a future event . The Kids tent was considered very successful in terms of the activities carried out. The cost of £50.43 was for small prizes and “props” some of which will be available for future events. Bales of hay used as seats and scarecrow props, will be sold on to plot holders.

Some damage was caused by the wind to two marquees which had been left up to dry out. In future marquees will be taken down and the covers stored and dried out when weather improves. Damaged metal poles have been replaced from the spares in store. Some covers are old, leaky and generally in poor condition and should be replaced before the next event.

Plotholders to be invited to nominate small local charities to benefit from the gate receipts for this and future open days.

Treasurer’s Report:

Account 1 Account 2 Savings Account Cash Cheques Total
14362.9 1189.28 4515.7 329.67   20397.55

Site Management Report:

There  were some problems with the programme used to send out notices by email in August and some were not delivered. In future all notices will be sent by ordinary mail

List of Notices 

4a 11a 18 8b 11b 2 12b 36b 40b 46b 48b 26a 22 63b 65b 88

Lettings:  3a

Vacancies 71: 69a (both need strimming before letting)

Work group /Volunteers report 

One STHL strimmer is still awaiting a spare part which has been ordered for FR Jones.

The red rotavator is not working and may be beyond repair. After checking replacement to be considered.

A new skin for the Polytunnel has been purchased and needs to be installed before the Winter sets in.

An inventory of equipment of equipment and maintenance record has been compiled Mowers are being sorted into “working” and “not worth repairing” and a decision made on whether any replacements are necessary.

The hiring of a skip to clear the area to the right of the entrance was again discussed. Concern was expressed that clearing the area posed a high degree of Health and Safety risk to volunteers and in the circumstances we should consider using specialist contractors to clear the site. Quotes to be obtained. It was decided that once cleared this area would be fenced off to control dumping.


The next plot inspections will be carried out in April 2018.

Shop Report: 

Year’s sales to Date Machine hire income Machine hire expenditure Balance Cash in hand
£2,495.00 £207.65 £47.24 £83.39


Health and Safety on Site: The daughter of a plot holder has been bitten by a tick whilst helping to clear a plot.  As a result of this bite has been.  diagnosed as suffering from Lymes Disease. Lymes Disease is a serious debilitating disease with flue-like symptoms and needs to be treated with antibiotics the sooner the better.

Posters with information about ticks and dealing with their bites will be posted on notice boards and a small plastic “Tick Remover” will be added to the First Aid case. Further information can be obtained from WWW.lymediseaseaction.org.uk . Tick removers can obtained from LDA or a vet or pet store.

Ticks can be carried by foxes whilst it is difficult and probably impossible to completely remove foxes from the site, they should not be encouraged, “petted” or fed by plot holders. Sheds and greenhouse should be kept shut. Fox holes should be reported to site managers. It was agreed by committee that removal or destruction of foxes is not really an option and is seen by some, at best, as an expensive confidence trick and at worst, an act of cruelty. If you remove one fox another will take over the territory within weeks .Fox populations are self-regulating. They cannot over-populate, but will always breed back to replace numbers lost since the previous breeding season

Planning: The costing for the replacement of the clubhouse roof by a contractor was over £10.000. DP had costed materials at around £3000 and thought that we could do the job ourselves.

AOB.The proposal by DP for the Bee Keepers to install “bait hives” in the Orchard was accepted. This would help them to better manage swarms which would/could be attracted to the hives

Next meeting 9th October 2017


Minutes KHLGA Management Committee 14/8/2017

Present: Saeed Kanuga, Richard Mildenhall, Reg Wickings, Korehan Dora, David Allart, Martin Spatcher, Trevor Barnes ,David Pipe and Nick Whiteley

Plot Holders Present: June Allart


Minutes of the previous Meeting: SK proposed amendment to July Minutes:

‘Lawn tractor’  The minute of the decision and voting at the meeting in my opinion does not reflect an accurate picture or transparent representation of the actual event. RW said it was not possible to include a verbatim minute for each or any discussion or decision at the management committee.  The amendment was withdrawn.

 Matters arising:  Plot 42: Discussion about the progress made in clearing rubbish and how much time was left to complete the tasks. SK and RM had annotated photos detailing what needed to be done. The committee inspected the plot and it was agreed that the 10th of September was the deadline for completion.

NTQ Plot 88 The committee inspected plot 88 and a majority agreed that 75% cultivation had been achieved. There were a number of paths within the plot and it was agreed that they be included in the calculation. The comment was made that although the grass paths had been mown they still needed edging. The NTQ was withdrawn.

 Green Waste Area The committee inspected the Green Waste area and discussed what action to take to bring its use under control. Various suggestions were made: Gating the area: Hiring a mini digger to turn over the waste and establish a path through it: Hiring a large skip and removing the waste: erecting bays for composting waste. No final decision was made. The various options to be developed and costed.

The hiring of a skip to clear rubbish from the “Yard” was approved

New hand dryers and motion switches had been purchased for toilets DP to install

 The Chair:  KD reported that Cathy Best had attended the Open day meeting and complained about receiving plot notices which she felt were impersonal and for her and her partner undermined their good feelings about the site and created a situation where they felt that they were just working to avoid getting further notices. KD said we were open to and would have further discussion about how we went about it which she could be involved in, but we needed to have a clear, consistent and systematic way of inspection and recording the condition of plots and the issuing of notices which the present system provided.

 Correspondence and Secretary’s Report:

Treasurer’s Report:

Account 1 13502.36
Account 2 1530.65
Savings Account 4334
Cash 325.1
Total 19692.11

Insurance cover RW asked to query if new ride on mower was covered by existing insurance and whether or not we needed an inventory. RW said he thought we were covered but would get confirmation from insurers.

 Site Management Report: List of Notices 2    4a  18    8b   11b2  11b1     12b    36b   37b    40b   46b    48b  68b   60b   63b    67b   91a

Concern expressed about the plot holder of 4a who had not been seen for some time and was not responding to telephone calls or mails. RW said he would visit the address we had for him.

 Lettings:  55a

 Vacancies 71: 69a: 3a

 Work group /Volunteers report 

MS has produced a list of work that can be carried out by individuals who cannot make Sunday work days. To be posted on the notice board. The next work group will be on the 2nd of September.

MS report: The Masport and Honda mowers have been re-bladed: Both small strimmers have been repaired: ploy tunnel is ready to be re-skinned and will be done after  Open Day.

 Shop Report:

Year’s sales to Date                   £2205.85

Machine hire income to date        £140.89

Machine hire expenditure to date   £47.24

Cash in Hand                                  £93.65

 Events: September Open Day: A very positive Open Day planning group meeting was held on the 13th ,The meeting was well attended and with some new faces with some new ideas. The meeting decided to go ahead with the open day and decisions were made about content and jobs allocated   A follow up meeting arranged for the 20th August at 11am.

Health and Safety on Site:  RW had issued an advisory note on Health and Safety (H&S) to tenants and suggested that we needed to take further action. We should appoint a committee member to be the “responsible person” for H&S on the site, at the moment the default would be the chair. There were concerns about the state of machines and safety equipment and in the way hiring was being done. The possibility of non-committee members being allowed to hire out machines was discussed and not considered to be a good idea at least until the safety issues were sorted out. Plot holders need to be advised of the dangers of using machinery and should be wearing suitable clothing and footwear. An inventory of plant was needed with details of inspection and servicing.MS will action this.  It had been some time since electrical appliances were inspected and this needs to be arranged.

 Planning: Contractor visit to cost clubhouse roof replacement arranged by DP


 Next meeting 11 September 2017


Minutes KHLGA Management Committee 10/7/2017

Present: Saeed Kanuga, Richard Mildenhall, Reg Wickings, Korehan Dora, David Allart, Martin Spatcher, Trevor Barnes ,David Pipe and Nick Whiteley

Plot Holders present: Rita and John Wetherell, June Allart

Apologies: None

Minutes of the previous Meeting:

Amendment to June minutes suggested by from SC

” The Committee received a letter from SC and 9 other plotholders requesting clarification of rules on plot maintenance and implementation of them, voicing their concerns about was happening re derelict plots on the site and how the committee was proposing to speed up letting of plots, requesting  implementation of the rules on plot 42/43a. and for the committee to consider implementing minimum standards of cultivation (as per BALGF letter). ”

Agreed to add this as an amendment to the June Minutes before they are posted on line.

Minutes then agreed as a true record

Matters arising:

Notice for GM: SK and RM had met with GM and have given him a list of things that need to done in the next two months. It was agreed that a plot notice be issued for items 1, 6 and 10.

Lawn Tractor: It was agreed after discussion , several votes and a final a vote 6 for, 2 against and 1 abstention. The majority agreeing that we should purchase the Mountfield  lawn tractor at a cost of £1899.00 as a replacement for the Lawnflite which will now be adapted to pull trailers.

Speed Signs and resurfacing drive way .RR said one speed sign had been installed by the electrical intake box at the entrance to the site. Other signs to be installed this week. SK said he could  give no firm date for the resurfacing of the driveway but it would be done before the September Open Day on the 3rd of September.

The Chair: 

KD read out a letter from the Tuesday Group detailing the work they had done over the last 3 years. In future they intend to limit their activities to maintaining the memorial garden, the picnic area, the orchard and the communal flower beds , but will not undertaking any other voluntary work. They were also concerned that the Yard and Green Waste area were being misused after they had spent time cleaning up and tidying both areas.

They are taking this action because their role and the work they do have been questioned by some and this has saddened them and lowered their enthusiasm. A copy of their letter will be posted on the main notice board. KD acknowledged the good work done by the group and said he was also saddened by their decision. He would meet with the group to assure them of the committees support.

RW was asked to write to tenants about the misuse of these Yard and Green Waste areas. . A new and bolder signage to be made for the corner compost area to clearly state what can and cannot be disposed in this area.

RM to arrange for Metal waste to be collected from the yard in next two weeks. No more waste or rubbish to be dumped in the yard except for the metals. Skip to hired and rest of area cleared by September Open Day.


Plot holders to arrange to clear their sites of any rubbish and take it off site in the future.

The committee to explore ways of bringing both areas back under control.

Correspondence and Secretary’s Report:

Letter from Jane Wright: Committee acknowledged receipt of letter about pruning trees

NTQ  Appeal MM: Committee visited  plot 88  and agreed that as it was not 75% cultivated that that the NTQ should be enforced.

RW expressed Concern that RG who is no longer a tenant appears to have left his plot because of possible verbal abuse from a fellow plot holder. No further action can be taken  as RG refused to name the plot holder.

Treasurer’s Report:

Balances £

Account 1 13,502.36
Account 2 2,696.33
Savings Account 5,189.65
Cash 451.69
Cheques 105.30
Total 21,945.33

The treasurer gave details of spending for June 2017. £2000 had been transferred from the savings account to the site account 2 to cover the costs of direct debits and the possible purchase of a lawn tractor. Further transfers might be needed to cover the cost of water rates which are paid by direct debit from the 2 account..

Site Management Report:

List of Notices

4a        6          7a        7b        8a        11a      11b2    14a      18        22        23        24a      24b

36b      37b      38        42        43a      43b      44b      45b      46b      55b      56        58a      62b2

63b      67b      72b      85        88

Next inspection is due on the 9th of August, unless otherwise agreed any work specified should be completed by then.

Lettings:  69b

Plots to let and available for Plot Swops.

55a Strimmed at weekend and ready to let.

69a Needs strimming:

3a Small garden plot with large apple tree :

71 Previously used as a lawned garden, neglected  and at  the moment used to temporarily store branches waiting to be shredded . Will need strimming .

Work group Volunteers report 

DA reported a successful work day on Sunday, with some new volunteers turning up. Work to trees and hedges and lots of strimming and mowing was carried out. Lunch provided by JA.

Several people had responded to the email about work days and had booked future work days in their diaries.

RW said he would invite waiting list applicants to future work days. This would be a good way of introducing them to the site and for them to meet current plot holders.

It was also suggested that a list of work needing to be done would be posted in the clubhouse so that plot holders who could not make the Sunday work days might carry out some works in their own time during the week. Anybody interested should leave a note in the office letter box and they will be contacted by a committee member who will try to arrange access to mowers or other equipment during the week

Shop Report:

Year sales to date         £2084.95

Total banked so far       £1989.90

Waiting to bank              £  33.55

Supplies to polytunnel   £  61.50


Machine Hire Statement 10/7/2017

Cash income to date   £ 306.50

Expenditure                 £   77.51

Cash to treasurer        £  200.00

Cash in hand               £   28.99

Events: 3rd September Open Day;

Meeting to be held on the 6th of August at 11 am to discuss arrangements for the Open Day.

Plot holder (Nadia) suggested that a feedback back forms should be provided to visitors/open days about plots at KHLG. It was agreed that forms will be provided for the September open day. This would encourage plot holders and reflect appraisals amongst comments received.
Health and Safety on Site: Health and Safety guide to be distributed

Planning: Budget for 2018 needs to be prepared and distributed in January and should identify any large amounts needing to be spent on equipment or maintenance of site buildings


.Motion switches for lighting and new hand dryers to be purchased by RW for installation in the toilets by DP

KD suggested that we advertise the Job of Secretary. RW agreed and suggested that a separate job of minute secretary also be advertised.

A simplified version of the new job description for the Secretary recently discussed by committee to be circulated.

Further investigation of the manhole by the Fairlawn gate which houses water pipes and a water meter, revealed that tree roots are encroaching through the brick work which soon collapse.

Removal of the tree along with reducing the size of the manhole and re- siting pipe work will be necessary. NW to lead on this.

It was suggested that a circular wooden bench to fit around the small tree on the main lawn area be purchased and fitted to celebrate the centenary of KHLGA.

Plot holders are  reminded that there is no waste collection for the site and that waste including drink cans and food should  be not be left in the kitchen bins but be taken home for disposal and the kitchen area tidied after use.

A mower was left out on Sunday. If the machinery room is closed, mowers and other equipment can be left under cover in the wooden site greenhouse.


Next meeting 14th of August 2017



Minutes  KHLGA Management Committee 19/6/2017

Present: Saeed Kanuga, Richard Mildenhall, Reg Wickings, Korehan Dora, David Allart, Martin Spatcher, Trevor Barnes ,David Pipe and Nick Whiteley

Plot Holders present: Sophie Carrington, John Griffiths, Greg Micallif & family, Rita Wetherell, June Allart

Apologies: None

Minutes of the previous Meeting: Accepted as a true record of the May meeting.

Matters arising

Discussion about tree pollarding: RM said pollarding was not intended part of the work undertaken on the boundary trees. RM explained what had happened on the day the tree work was done and the reasons why work was only carried out on branches on our side of the fence. He had met with the contractor and it was agreed that a letter be written to the contractor asking him to return and carry out further work to complete the job

Compensation for Shed: The plot holder JB has agreed to accept £50 as compensation for her burnt shed.

Lawn Mower: it had been agreed to replace the ride on lawnmower. DA argued against the suggested replacement Lawnflite model.  A budget figure of £1800 was agreed Committee Members were asked to quickly identify a more suitable replacement

The Chair:  KD commented on the success of the Open day and gave his thanks to everybody involved in setting up and running the event and suggested we consider having a BBQ for all open day and other volunteers involved in site maintenance works.

He also made a plea for unity as there were several issues, reaching agreement on standards appeared to be one which has the potential to cause divisions both in committee and with plot holders in general. He wanted the site to be enjoyed by all and for differences to be resolved by open discussion rather than in groups or factions opposing one and another. He suggested further social events might be one way of bringing people closer together.

Correspondence and Secretary’s Report:

Email from Donal Redmond:  Holy Trinity Church Lennard Road

Asking if plot holders could consider donating surplus produce to their Living Project which provides food and a meal on Fridays for local people fallen on hard times. They need vegetables and ftuit for the Friday meal.  Donal can be contacted at email: fadamach39@yahoo.com

Letter from Sophie Carrington

” The Committee received a letter from SC and 9 other plotholders requesting clarification of rules on plot maintenance and implementation of them, voicing their concerns about was happening re derelict plots on the site and how the committee was proposing to speed up letting of plots, requesting  implementation of the rules on plot 42/43a. and for the committee to consider implementing minimum standards of cultivation (as per BALGF letter). ”

SC addresses the committee concerning her letter of complaint. Arguing that timescales of plot notices not being clear enough and debating with committee members about naming the plots which have received plot notices. SC asked why serial non-compliance from her neighbouring plot holder can happen so often. It seemed to be when a notice was issued just enough was being done to avoid further action but over a long period of time and despite many complaints from neighbours there had been no significant improvement in the state of the plot

RW explained that regular inspections were being carried out by a team of three, two committee members and an ex committee member. These inspections were documented and used to issue plot notices. It was expected that any work identified in these inspections would be carried before the next monthly inspection otherwise a further notice would be issued and agreed that no firm date or time period was actually specified but argued that most tenants seemed to  understand that the work should be carried before the next inspection. In the case where no action is taken a third and final notice would be issued and in some cases this would be accompanied by a Notice to Quit (NTQ).

A succession of three notices of any one of the first four items listed in the table below and listed at the bottom of the plot notice is needed before a notice to quit can be issued. Any break in this succession means that the count starts again. There have been occasions whereby the site inspection team has acknowledged that there has been some improvement in the state of a plot since the last inspection so has not issued a further notice thus breaking the succession needed for the issuing of a NTQ.

  Mandatory : Three of any one of these notices in succession will lead to a NTQ being issued with the third notice.
1 Rubbish and waste has accumulated and must be removed
2 Paths need cutting and edging / grass needs mowing
3 Overhanging trees and shrubs to be cut back from the paths/ Access is hazardous
4 Non-Cultivation:  75% of the plot needs to be cultivated/ Garden is unkempt
5 Black plastic/fabric ground cover is not counted as cultivation during the growing season unless plants are grown through it.
6 Remove  annual and or perennial weeds
7 Remove  weed trees
8 Your plot needs to be clearly numbered
9 Grasses need to be kept under control and not allowed to seed
10 Tidy your plot ;  Keep sheds and greenhouses in good order

There were discussions around these issues at the May committee and as it was reported to this year’s AGM to replace Item1 of the so called four Mandatory items which required plots to be numbered, with item 9 which deals with removing rubbish from the plot. It will now be easier to enforce the removal of rubbish from a plot.

RW commented that tenants whose plots are normally in reasonable order have complained how upset they are at receiving persistent weed notices and find themselves tending their plots in order NOT to receive the next weed notice.

It was agreed that:

A definite time scale for compliance with a plot notice be included in the plot notice.

An edited version (names but not plot numbers removed) of the database, used to record the issue of plot was handed to SC and will in future be posted on the clubhouse notice board

Detailed information and advice on Plot Notices will be posted on the main site notice board and sent to all plot holders.

SC also asked why plots are being left unused and derelict

Plots identified as derelict had been removed from letting because repeated lettings on these plots had failed with plot holders having to give up or being given an NTQ. The committee recommendation to buy a multipurpose rotovator in order to do the work necessary to bring these plots back into use was rejected by this year’s AGM and the committee was reluctant to use weed killers containing Glyphosate to clear plots and weed killers containing Gyphosate were finally banned at the same AGM.

RW said he was happy to be able to report that all but two of the vacant and or derelict plots some of which are acknowledged to have been empty for some long time had now been let to waiting list applicants. The annual waiting list review sent to all waiting list applicants asking whether or not applicants were still wanting a plot, had a paragraph about derelict plots saying that we would only consider letting them to people who could prove that they had enough horticultural experience to quickly bring the plots back into use.

SC   Quoted BALGF request from 2009 requesting a concerted effort to improve standards which she feels does not seem to be being applied at KHLGA

MS said that he thought the current system of notices did in fact improve and objectify standards.

GM who was present during the discussion some of which was about his plots asked to be to address the meeting. He said he has taken on board the issue of rubbish removal following advice given to by MS and after listening to the earlier discussion was now aware that despite his efforts to tidy up the site, further work was needed. He was committed to carrying out this work and would appreciate further guidance from the committee as he did not want to lose all or part of either plot.

Email from John Best asking about a schedule for plot inspections and suggesting that it would be useful to see the following information on the plot notice board:

a monthly schedule of dates, showing when plot inspections are taking place
a yearly schedule of dates for committee meetings
a list of the committee roles, with member names, and their plot numbers (photos also very useful especially when looking for someone for tool hire for instance)
a rota showing which days of the week, together with am & pm slots that the committee is available for tool hire
In this digital age it would be useful to have an updated website too!

Due to lack of time this was mentioned but not discussed at length. MS pointed out that there is already a calendar /schedule showing meeting dates and the plot inspection dates have been added to it. There is a notice on the machine room door with an insert which says which committee members with plot numbers are on site and available to let machines. We could add mobile contact numbers and photos. Apart from Sunday mornings between 10 and 1 ,when we try and ensure committee members are available to let out machines it not so far been possible to produce a rota showing the availability of committee members during other times

Treasurer’s Report:

Account Balances June 2017

Account 1 13,531.69
Account 2 2,924.33
Savings Account 4,925.79
Cash 362.46
Total £21,744.27

Site Management Report:

Lettings:  8b, 12b, 11a, 12a, 20a, 33b, 34b, 70

Vacant plots 3a, 71

Fifty one Plot Notices and two  NTQ issued

Work group /Volunteers report No report

Shop Report:  No report JW not present

Events: Nothing to report

Health and Safety on Site: Revised Health & Safety guidance will be circulated to members

Planning/budget: SK had looked at the cost of replacing the gutters and facia boards on the clubhouse and said materials will cost around £300. MS suggested replacement with plastic boards. Work on entrance way still outstanding. NW had acquired a larger cover for the water services manhole next to the Fairlawn Gate and will fit it after rebuilding part of the enclosure.


Next meeting Monday 10th of July


MINUTES OF MEETING: Monday 15th May 2017

PRESENT: Korehan Dora. Richard Mildenhall. Reg Wickings. Saeed Kanuga. Martin Spatcher. Nick Whiteley. Trevor Barnes. David Allart.  David Pipe

APOLOGIES: Richard Mildenhall

OBSERVERS: June Allart. John Wetherell. Rita Wetherell



  1. Larger key box (CODE 1066) for depositing found keys and with gate keys inside has been fixed to the office door. Emergency contact numbers for committee members will be inside box.
  2. 5mph speed signs and should be in place for the Open DAY.
  3. Asbestos and waste from a neighbouring garden that had encroached and damaged parts of our fencing has now been shifted away from the perimeter line by the householder. This will now allow us to make repairs and regain our fencing.
  4. The trench for the new laid water pipe needs to be reseeded.
  5. Attendance at Sunday work days still poor.
  6. N W to carry out repairs to and install and new cover for the water meter housing by the top gate.
  7. J W no longer wants to take responsibility for money from the machine room as amount collected did not tally with record book.
  8. Reg still to circulate H/S leaflets and documentation for committee members to review.
  9. The cost of equipment replacement and other necessary works to be estimated for this year.
  10. No further progress on the on plans to celebrate 100 year (centenary) of the KHLGA site.
  11. Gate light DP said this was no longer a problem
  12. Laminated notice containing details of who is on site and available to let machines has been fixed to the machine room door.
  13. Replacement shed for Plot holder JB: JB not satisfied with condition of shed provided and has now purchased a new shed at a cost of £140
  14. Reg has sent out Waiting List review questionnaire to the people on waiting list asking if they are still interested in obtaining a plot, this will enable him to update our records. Furthermore, we will ask the waiting list applicants if they have any interest in:
    using raised beds on an annual basis until they become eligible for a full plot ,
    the vacant vineyard
    and have the necessary experience and commitment to take on a neglected plot


VIZ Jackets and Walkie talkie provided for committee members to wear and use on Open Day to improve communication.

Chairman concerned about conflict between individuals and groups on site and urged members to work in harmony

TREASURER’S REPORT: The treasurer gave this report:

Account Balances May 2017

Account 1 10329
Account 2 1711.15
Savings account 6323.94
Cash 70
Total 18849.90



Complaint from neighbour about rubbish from the site being put in her bins. She was able to identify that it was from the allotment from an address label. The person concerned has been informed but this does seem to be an ongoing problem. Plot holders should not use her bins and should take rubbish home.

Lettings: 11a ,12a (neglected plots) and 2 raised beds have been let  to waiting list applicants responding to the waiting list review. There has been further interest expressed in neglected plots and it is likely that that a further 2 of these plots and the remaining two raised beds can be let. A viewing will be arranged for Sunday June 5th to let remaining plots

VB complaint about B : Chairman had already discussed the complaint with B and B has accepted he was in the wrong and was willing to apologise. This was not acceptable to VB who insisted that disciplinary action should be taken against B.

After VB left the meeting It was suggested that our only sanction in this sort of case would be to treat complaints if proved  in the same way as plot notices , for minor complaints three and a NTQ to be issued

Clubhouse letting on the 26th of August agreed

JB attended the meeting to discuss the offer of a replacement for her dismantled shed which had been burnt in error. She said that she considered the proffered second-hand replacement to be in poor condition and that she had now bought a new shed for £140 and was looking for a contribution from the association. £50 was suggested but no agreement was reached.

RW reported a discussion with JG. JG had received a plot notice about the condition of his shed .JG argued that although he had paid the then site manager £50 for the shed he had been told at the time that the shed remained the property of the association and he felt that he was not responsible for its repair or replacement.

Discussion about the issuing weed notices which centered on the condition of two particular plots which some committee members thought should have had notices for rubbish removal and tidying but none had been issued for May. There had been complaints from neighbouring plot holders about the condition of the plots and photos were produced showing the present condtion.MS who is one member of a three member imspection team said that the team had not issued a notice because they thought that there had been some improvement of the condition of the plot. RW thought it would be wrong to issue a notice retrospectively and it was agreed that MS would approach the tenant. He also thought that the present system was working, there have been very positive responses to the notices, proper records are being kept of the notices sent, this is important if we do decide to issue a NTQ, and because of this we have been successful in serving and enforcing them. We agreed at the AGM that notices will carry over to the next season.

Shop Report: J W reported total shop sales this year of £1198.55. The  committee agreed that cost of petrol used in collection to be added to the price organic compost. JW reported machine room cash in hand of £77.50 and said he can no longer wanted to be responsible for looking after the machine room cash box.

Ride on mower replacement : After discussion about the short comings of the existing Lawnflite ride on mower the committee unanimously agreed that it needed to be replaced  and budget was agreed of £1800.

DA thought we should consider alternatives to the proposed replacement, the Lawnflite 603RT ( £1503.65 ) because it had an unprotected main drive shaft which had caused  problems with the existing mower when the drive shaft had been damaged and bent.  There were also a number of issues relating to poor servicing which had been arranged through FR Jones the suggested supplier of the replacement mower.  The Committee agreed to consider alternatives to the supplier and the replacement make and model.

RW also raised the issue of the commitment made and agreed at the AGM to produce an annual budget showing all major items of expenditure.  SK to cost various items and produce a draft budget for the rest of this year.

Poor attendance at 2nd Sunday work days was discussed. No lunch was provided at the last two workdays. DA volunteered to  run the next workday and promised 10 volunteers and JA would provide lunch

DA asked about the work carried out to the boundary trees,  those on the Kent House Lane boundary which he said he thought were supposed to be pollarded had not been done properly, work only having been carried on the allotment side of each tree , in his view the trees were unbalanced and potentially dangerous. RM was not in attendance but would be asked to comment as he had obtained the original quote and approved the work.


From JG

AGM Decisions and Key box. Will include information on use of key box and AGM action points in next mailing to tenants.

Foxes: No action has been taken to limit the nuisance caused by foxes.

Tuesday Group representation on committee. Martin represents the group and this was thought to be adequate. Members can attend management committee meetings and speak as observers if they wish to raise any issues.

Site inspections: Matter discussed see above note.

Overgrown/Neglected Plots: Action is now being taken to let these plots: 3 have been let so far.

Entry Fees Open day: Suggestion that entrance fees be scrapped. Decided to donate total gate receipts from this year’s open day to charity .

From JB

Schedule for inspections and time and dates of committee member availability for letting of machinery : Next site inspection 7th of June:  Discuss at next meeting

Next Meeting   19th of June 2017


MINUTES OF MEETING: Monday 10th April 2017

PRESENT: Korehan Dora. Richard Mildenhall. Reg Wickings. Saeed Kanuga. Martin Spatcher. Nick Whiteley. Trevor Barnes. David Allart. June Allart. John Wetherell. Rita Wetherell.




CHAIR’S REPORT: The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming Nick Whiteley as the new member of the committee and looks forward to Nick’s contribution as part of the management team.

Korehan discussed the idea and soon to purchase a set of ‘walkie talkies’ to assist and enable committee members to be contacted whilst on site for the purpose of machinery hire on Sundays, this would allow the allocated member to get on with other tasks (example, work on their plot) whilst plot holders would be able to get assistance to hire mowers & strimmers by calling via the talkie. Furthermore, these tools could prove very useful during our open days for locating committee members/officers. A further aid for committee members will be a new KHLGA site mobile phone to be situated in the office; this will also be supplied by Korehan shortly.

Korehan wanted to thank Pam Dowling and John Wetherell for all their work on the committee in the past, although John has agreed to continue managing the everyday running and book keeping for the club shop and report sales/expenditure at the monthly meetings.

Korehan also expressed thanks to Chris for all the plumbing work carried out recently, he has given his time and volunteered to help us. As a small gesture of appreciation Chris will be gifted with a box of fine IPA ales.

The chair discussed our recent AGM meeting; firstly by thanking both Reg Wickings and Anne Schumann for all their help & support in ensuring it ran well, this was of great assistance as it was the chair’s first AGM.

The chair expressed disappointment at some disunity shown regarding certain matters from the committee, and would ask all members to work together in a positive way in the future.

Regarding the recent motion carried (no two family members on the committee) Korehan asked David Allart if a choice/decision had been made, would he want to stay on the committee? David confirmed that he would stay on and the chair accepted.

On the matter of attendance for the monthly meetings, records will be kept & monitored as of April 2017 for all members. All members are encouraged to commit themselves to meetings and obligations as committee members and make contributions towards the managing of the site.

Overall, it was felt that some important points had been raised and discussed during the AGM, whilst there is some disappointment regarding the rejection of the purchase of machinery, nevertheless some important motions had been carried forward and agreed upon by a good majority.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The treasurer gave this report:

Account Balances APRIL

Account 1 11,324.88
Account 2 3,083.71
Shop Account 5,578.64
Cash 366.30
Total 20,353.53




Points discussed:

  1. Reg reported that he will now purchase a large ‘key box’ (re lost keys) and be allocated by the office. This will also include a notice of at least three phone numbers of committee members that can be contacted in emergencies.
  2. 5mph speed signs have been purchased and will soon be positioned at the site entrance/driveway plus another placed at an appropriate position along the approach to car park. An ‘herbicide’ sign to be placed along the driveway above knotweed enclosures that will be treated with weed killer under strict control of a committee member.
  3. Asbestos and waste from a neighbouring garden that had encroached and damaged parts of our fencing has now been shifted away from the perimeter line by the householder. This will now allow us to make repairs and regain our fencing.
  4. The trench for the new laid water pipe has now been largely refilled and the finishing task of filling in the top & bottom T-junction points will now be completed by Martin’s supervision.
  5. Sunday 9th April (work day) there was not enough volunteers at hand, however some work was able to be carried out. Pogo (plot holder) assisted with mowers/strimmers on the day.
  6. Nick Whiteley to carry out repairs and provide a new cover for the water meter housing by the top gate, this will benefit better access and security.
  7. Members were reminded to record money taken in the book located in the machine room, this is essential for accurate records accounting by John Wetherell.
  8. Reg raised the topic of health & safety in relation to machine hire. An example being footwear by plot holders whilst operating machinery, this would also include safety head protection, eye protection and guidelines to correct and safe use of hired tools. Reg will circulate H/S leaflets and documentation for committee members to review.
  9. Reg and committee members to work on a 5 year plan list re work/s to be carried out and provide an estimate of expenditure required. One example would be towards gradual (annual) repairs for new water pipes laid. Other expenditures such as gutter repairs or replacement to the club house.
  10. The 100 year (centenary) of the KHLGA site is this year, we believe this to be a good estimate and as such we need to research more details/information about the site in view to celebrate at the September open day. One idea for presentation put forward by Korehan was large print displays in the club house as an example.
  11. Tree/shrub branches by the main gate will require pruning as it is setting off the light at the gate by branch movement in a breeze.
  12. Martin proposed an idea and provided an example of a large lamented card with a sleeve to display at the machine room to inform plot holders of a given committee member at hand for machine hire on a given day. This idea was agreed upon and will likely be implemented.
  13. Plot holder (Jean) will soon be given a replacement shed, the transportation from one site to her will be organised shortly.
  14. Reg will soon be contacting the people on waiting list and see if they are still interested for a plot, this will help update our records. Furthermore, we will ask the waiting list and existing members if they have any interest in hire of the three vacant raised beds on offer.


Any other business:

David Allart expressed displeasure about the nomination process of June Allart for joining the committee. David felt that there should have been a degree of confidentiality about the nomination and that he was not happy that a motion had been put forward at the AGM against family members to be excluded in joining the committee. As such he said he would be taking the matter to BALGAF. David was clearly unhappy and left the meeting before it was called to an end by the chair.



MINUTES OF MEETING ON: Monday 13th March 2017
PRESENT:  Korehan Dora. John Wetherell. Richard Mildenhall, Reg Wickings.  Pam Dowling. Saeed Kanuga. David Pipe. David Allart
VISITORS: Rita Wetherell. June Allart
MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Accepted and signed.

RoundUp Weed Killer (Glyphosate) – Agreed that a motion proposing the banning of the use of Roundup for weed killing on the site be put to the AGM.

Tractor and Rotavator attachment : Dissatisfaction was expressed by several committee members about the lack of progress on this despite unanimous agreement with the idea of purchase at the last committee meeting.   It was proposed and accepted that we ask the supplier for PRO FORMA invoice to establish the exact costs. The matter is likely to raised at the AGM and the reasons for the committee decision can be explained.

ASBESTOS –Letter sent householder

SITE PHONE –Korehan agreed to source and buy a suitable site phone.

RM to purchase and install four  5 mph signs.

RW A combination KEYSAFE to be purchased and  mounted on wall of office in case of an emergency where gates keys have been lost or mislaid on site. Access arrangements to be publicised but probably contact number on office door.


The chairman reported John Wetherell would not be standing again for committee membership and that this was his last meeting.

The chairman expressed his thanks to JW for his valuable contribution to the work of the committee over the years and especially for his re-organisation and efficient running of the shop and proposed that John remain as the manager of the shop team, which proposal was accepted unanimously.

The chairman also wished to thank Pam Dowling who has resigned as Secretary for her very good work on the committee. Pam has said she will help with the AGM and other things but cannot any longer attend evening meetings.

It was agreed to circulate the edited “job description” for the Secretary to members by post and email and invite any plot holder who is interested to attend a committee meeting and discuss the role with the committee.

WATER LEAKS – Progress has been made with finding and stopping water leaks and some pipe fittings have already been replaced. A  section of pipe linking the top and middle sections of the site to the top meter by the Fairlawn Park entrance  will also be replaced

COMPLAINT – MS had met with tenants explained that a mistake had been made and work had been carried out on the plot because it was mistaken for a vacant plot, work was stopped immediately the error was discovered, the matter now appears to be resolved.

2nd SUNDAY WORK DAY –  A large pile of rubbish was moved from the area next to the site Greenhouses to the area by the front gate, which has recently been cleared of scrap metal.  Glass, tree branches, earth and other items were removed from the green waste dump.  Concern expressed that this area was still being misused , more visible sites which could be better monitored to be considered. It was also suggested that we consider some form of enclosure but this was not thought practical. In the interim it was agreed to send a note to all tenants asking them to contact committee members for on advice on the disposal of anything other than green waste.  Grass cutting and strimming carried out.



PLOT SWOPs- A complaint had been received about recent plot swops involving committee members or their associates and asking why vacant plots were not being offered to waiting list applicants.

The long established practice of plot swopping is managed by the site manager for lettings and is not linked to the waiting list but does end up with a vacant plot which can be let from the waiting list.

There have been swops involving committee members or their relatives. Committee members are generally the first to become aware of plots becoming available and although procedures have been followed in lettings there could be seen to be an element of unfairness about this.

In future  the following procedure should be  adopted:

That a register be kept of tenants interested in swopping plots.

That vacant plots are marked in some way and details of vacancies posted in the clubhouse for an agreed period say 14 days before they become available to letting to waiting list applicants.

Library- The proceeds from the renting and selling of books have again been stolen from the pig “honesty” box. In future moneys to be deposited in the office letterbox.  


Water Rates: Credit note of  £1264 received from Thames Water which covers the last direct debit but mentions a reissued invoice which has not yet been received. These charges relate to the top meter (Fairlawn Park entrance) which appears not to have been read by Thames Water for many years and also is leaking at some point in the system.

Account Balances

Account 1              £11,324.88

Account 2              £  3,288.12

Shop Account       £  5,453.32 ( accumulated income from Shop held in a savings account)

Cash                       £     493.60

Total                      £20559.92

SECRETARY’S REPORT: RW reported on correspondence with new neighbour about access from the entrance way which was agreed provided plot holders easy access was guaranteed.
SITE MANAGEMENT TEAM  REPORT : Work Day went off well. Vacant plots listed. Rubbish moved
LETTINGS REPORT: No lettings. RM and SK to produce a note on lettings procedure for the meeting.
 WEEKLY WORK GROUP: Will be starting seeds for Open Day.
SHOP REPORT: John gave this report.

Shop Sales Total on Deposit          £5, 453.32

Shop Purchases                             £     563.03  Goods supplied to Polytunnel  £18.95

Cash in Hand                                  £      12.80

(Machine Hire is £6.00 and CIH from 13/2/17 is £6.80)

EVENTS:   AGM 2nd April 2017:    23rd April 2017 Open Day Planning:     Open Day Sunday May 21st 2017:     100th Centenary TBA 1917:     Sunday 3rd September Open Day.

Considering the increase in the Water bill we should encourage all plot holders to have water barrels where possible.

There has been a complaint from one of our plot holders that his bean poles have been raised and pulled out of the ground.

TIME & DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday  10th April 2017


MINUTES OF MEETING ON: Monday 13th February 2017
PRESENT:  Korehan Dora. Trevor Barnes. John Wetherell. Richard Mildenhall, Reg Wickings.  Pam Dowling. Saeed Kanuga. David Pipe.
APOLOGIES: David Allart.
VISITORS: Rita Wetherell.
MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Accepted and signed.

RoundUp Weed Killer (Glyphosate) – Research/findings from numerous bodies including (World Health Organisation – Probably Carcinogenic) has shown that the active ingredient of Glyphosate in RoundUp weed killer is a cause for concern. Laboratory tests on animals have shown ‘convincing’ signs of cancer, other findings suggest it can cause non-Hodgkin’s Lymphona and Lung Cancer, the soil Association (report 2016) indicates some detrimental effects on earth worms, micro-organisms, healthy soil and soil fungus (Aspergillus Nidulans).


The Glyphosate debate is continuing and a number of studies/research suggests no danger to humans or the environment, although independent as well as industry driven findings appear to contradict each other. The overall opinions of the experts suggest that whilst studies have been carried out there is still need for more research. In the meantime many EU countries have banned or restricted the use of Glyphosate.


Rotavator: There have been queries from a few plot holders as to why we should buy this piece of equipment. The Committee discussed this in depth again. The condition of plots waiting to be let, particularly at the top end of the site, are in such a poor state that this is the only way to clear them. It is a mammoth task. This machinery will be able to be used on other areas of the site i.e. grass cutting etc.

Throughout KHLGA history it appears we have always bought second hand machinery and made do with repairs.


During these discussions alternative ways of solving the dilemma were suggested:

  1. to hire a contractor to come and do the work – at what cost
  2. to look into hiring a rotovator from Premier and do the work ourselves – at what cost
  3. get different prices for hiring and buying


John Wetherell stated we can have the machine but you still need to have people available to do the work.


At a show of hands a majority of the attending Committee felt it would be better to buy a new Rotovator to cover all the areas that need constant maintenance on site.

Take to AGM. Explain to Plot Holders why we need this piece of machinery.


KNOTWEED –  David Pipe has sent a letter to the householder giving them all the information.


ASBESTOS – Richard to send letter and photo’s to Reg who will send to householder.


SITE PHONE – After discussion as to the type of phone required Richard will go and buy this.

CHAIR’S REPORT: Korehan thanked all of the people who came on Sunday for Work Day.


Korehan asked for a meeting on Monday 6th March 2017 to discuss the preparations for the AGM. These discussions will include MOTIONS. RULES & REGULATIONS. TENANCY AGREEMENTS. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. NOMINATION PAPERS and how we send these to ALL plot holders.


WATER PROBLEMS – Korehan asked if we should set up a Sub-Committee to deal with this problem. We need to look into this immediately. Reg said he has bought a Listening stick. This will be used this to try and locate leaks around the site. Martin believes the leaks are in the top half of the site but could be many more. Chris, David and Martin will go around the site and will isolate certain taps to trace the leaks. When leaks are located they will make of note of area.


COMPLAINT – Korehan read an e-mail from Rochelle who has a plot at the top end of site. The complaint was that her plot has been cut back without permission plus other pieces of equipment have disappeared. This was a misunderstanding as the person who did this was under the impression it was a vacant plot. As soon as it was realised he stopped immediately. Martin will deal with this.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Over £3,000 Water Rates. Reg is going to query one of the bills. We will have to look into how we charge for water rates. There may be a possibility of rebate if a leak can be proved.


Account 1              £11,747.25

Account 2              £  3,382.26

Shop Account       £  5,354.57

Cash                       £     480.80

Cheques                £     158.52

Total                      £21,122.42

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Jill Dunn – Practical Action asked to use the Club House for their Annual Tea Party on Saturday 17th June 2017 from 3.00 – 6.00pm. The Committee agreed to this at a cost of £50.

An Old peoples’ group requested the use of the Club House for continual use as a meeting centre. They have used the Club House previously. After a great deal of discussion the Committee made the decision that our premises and our Insurance Policy do not meet the needs of this group and declined their request.

SITE MANAGEMENT TEAM REPORT : Work Day went off well. Vacant plots listed.
LETTINGS REPORT: No lettings. One swap of plots.
TUESDAY GROUP: Tuesday group will be starting seeds for Open Day.
SHOP REPORT: John gave this report.

Shop Sales Total on Deposit          £5, 534.67

Machine Hire                                    £         6.80

EVENTS: AGM 2nd April 2017. 23rd April 2017 Open Day Planning.  Open Day Sunday May 21st 2017.

100th Centenary??? 1917.  Sunday 3rd September Open Day.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Martin looked through last year’s AGM and noted that there two areas that still need to be completed. (a) 5 mph sign (b) telephone number on office door.

It was suggested that a KEYSAFE be mounted on wall in case of an emergency where gates keys have been lost or mislaid on site. This is being looked into.

Considering the increase in the Water bill we should encourage all plot holders to have water barrels where possible.

There has been a complaint from one of our plot holders that his bean poles have been raised and pulled out of the ground.

TIME & DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday  13th March 2017




PRESENT:  Korehan Dora. Richard Mildenhall. Saeed Kanuga. Pam Dowling. Martin Spatcher.  David Allart.
APOLOGIES: Trevor Barnes. Reg Wickings. David Pipe.
VISITORS: June Allart. Rita Wetherell. Julia Webb.
ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES: Minutes were read and signed.
MATTERS ARISING: We need to bring closure to the odds and ends of work on Matters Arising.

WEED KILLER – Saeed said that research is not conclusive as to the safety of RoundUp. Ultimately there is not enough research but RoundUp is considered a safe herbicide. The Committee needs to decide what we use to clear the six vacant plots. The alternative is to Rotovate the plots, cover with weed suppressant.

KNOTWEED: We know that the previous house owners were approached by David Pipe about this. We will ask Reg if there is any written correspondence. David Allart was sure letters were sent in the past to the property concerned.

ELECTRIC BOX: Richard will do when weather is better.

PERIMETER FENCE: A letter to the house owner backing on to perimeter fence where there is what apparently looks like sheets of Asbestos leaning heavily on our fence. Richard will deal with this.  David Allart added that there had been a number of letters already sent to the household. Bromley Council said we just have to keep sending them. Failing any response we will rebuild the fence and push the rubbish back that is leaning on our fence. Richard Mildenhall will deal with this.

ROTOVATOR: David Allart advised the Committee that we are not permitted to spend this amount of money without the members agreeing. This would mean bringing this to an AGM. Committee will look at our Rules & Regulations before taking further action. However, this may not be the case as we have spent various amounts of money for the Allotment without the consent of the AGM. We will investigate, but, for the time being we are not holding back on the plans but will ask Reg if this is the case and if so we as the Committee will decide the next step forward.

Irrespective of the above it is planned that we will be having a demonstration on 17th January of the particular machine on site.

CHAIR’S REPORT: Korehan opened the meeting greeting everybody into the New Year. He wished for a harmonious 2017 to everyone working hand in hand to make sure KHLGA a better place than 2016.  There was a lot achieved in the past year and he thanked all who made it happen.


To the Committee he asked each Committee member, starting this year, to work as a unified team, to play their part in the running of KHLGA and to show to all plot holders that we are here to help and advice.   We need to work together and   make an appearance on the site particularly on the 2nd Sunday of every month which is ‘work day’ for the benefit all users of the Allotment.


He reminded the members that being on the Committee has some commitments attached to it. He wants to see more Committee members on ‘work day’.


Korehan asked if anyone was aware that the Bee Keepers use the Club House on the first Sunday of the New Year as this date was not brought up or minuted in the December meeting. Most said they were not aware or thought about it. For this reason he suggested that we need to formalise this in the future.  Although he is aware that this gathering takes place in the Clubhouse he stressed that plot holders should be informed.


MISSING SHED: Korehan was approached by the owner of the missing shed that had been dismantled by her friend because it was not safe. The plot holder stated that she was intending to repair it but it had disappeared. Korehan asked if anyone had any idea as to where this shed may have gone.

It had been taken apart by the plot holder and was removed, without permission and burned.

A letter of apology will be sent to the plot holder and a replacement shed will be donated by KHLGA.




A plot holder asked Korehan as Caroline, one of our plot holders is not well, if we could help her build raised beds. Korehan and John Wetherell volunteered to help her out. Korehan will talk to Caroline first.


FUND RAISING COURSE: Tony Chase approached by e-mail the Committee asking if anyone would be interested in attending this on 26th January 2017. After a lot of discussion Korehan said he would talk to one of our plot holder’s who works in this field.


Korehan e-mail correspondence from Tim Lund – Tim suggested that as older people reach retirement age perhaps we should consider they continue paying the full rent cost. After some discussion the Committee felt we should continue to drop the site rent unless retiring people request to pay full rent.


SEED SWAP: This used to happen at Open Day events usually in spring. We will bring this to the AGM to ask members if they would like to reinstate this.

TREASURER’S REPORT: No report as Reg is not well.
SECRETARY’S REPORT: Our Water bill has recently arrived and the cost was £1,300 but could be more. Martin confirmed, after checking where the pipe divides into two one side is ok the other is not so there is a definite leak but we don’t know where.  He estimates we are losing approximately a litre every two/three minutes. We have always estimated the quantity of water used. We need a water loss detector ASAP.
SITE MANAGEMENT REPORT: Perimeter fencing.  Asbestos noticed at another plot but causing no problems at this point.


There was concern as to whether to Clubhouse roof was leaking. After it was investigated it was confirmed the damp patches are old.


One of our plot holders lost her keys on site and because of this she had to spend the night on her plot. This was very distressing and she was not able to phone anyone. After some discussion it was agreed that in future all lost property will be kept in the office, a notice put up in Club House, on outside Notice Board and a telephone number of a Committee member who will give access to the lost property.


KHLGA will purchase a new SITE MOBILE that will be used for site queries.   Existing site mobile is out of date.

TUESDAY GROUP: Been clearing along perimeter fence.
SHOP REPORT: John gave this report: As at 9th January 2017                                Shop Years Sales                    £2,598.45p

Machine Cash in Hand:         £        6.82p


AGM – Sunday 2nd April.

May Open Day – Sunday 21st May

Open Day Planning – Sunday 23rd April.



What would you like to do?

How would you like the celebrations to be?

Ideas please.


Our history is that the site was originally a Brick Factory. Was called Beckenham Gardens. The government commandeered the land to grow vegetables for the war effort.  DO YOU HAVE ANY HISTORICAL FACTS TO SHARE? Please let us know.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Korehan felt that the work undertaken by our Tuesday group is far in exceed of what is expected. Not only do they do this on Tuesdays but also add more time on our monthly ‘Work Day’ which takes place on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Their work is very much appreciated.




How can we ask ALL plot holders to do their share of site work is a challenge we need to look at very closely as a majority of plot holders, although have signed and agreed to contribute certain voluntary hours to KHLGA, do not do so.

We need to see more faces.



KHLGA Minutes 12th December 2016

MINUTES OF MEETING ON: Monday 12th December 2016
PRESENT:  Korehan Dora. John Wetherell. Richard Mildenhall.  Reg Wickings.  Pam Dowling. Martin Spatcher.  David Pipe. Saeed Kanuga. Trevor Barnes.
VISITORS: Rita Wetherell.
APOLOGIES: David Allart.
MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Minutes were read, agreed and signed.
MATTERS ARISING: POLLARDING AND MAINTENANCE OF BOUNDARY TREES – quotes have been received and the total cost will be £1,390. This was agreed by the Committee. The wood chips will be left for site use.

ROTOVATOR – Richard has looked into this further. The company will give a lesson on how to use the Rotovator on 17th January 2017 on site. Committee discussed the need for the Rotovator and particularly for clearing and preparing vacant plots. It was agreed that the cost of £3,500 was acceptable and the vote was unanimous. This piece of equipment has extra attachments that can be bought separately.   

 PAINTING ELECTRIC BOX – Richard will guide this work which includes removing the top of the box, scraping off moss and cleaning. There is sufficient paint on site for completing the task.   

SECURITY LIGHTING – David Pipe said he will look into this with help from another member of the committee. They will look at the positioning and length of time the lights stay on.

SITE PERIMETER FENCING – Richard has spoken to Bromley Council who can help with this fencing but they would need to have photographs of location, quantity needed and type of fencing. The Tuesday group will help with this.

USE OF WEED KILLER – The intention is to allow new plot holders a good chance of starting their work without the plot being covered in Couch Grass and other unwanted weeds. ‘Round Up’ is the named product. After further discussion Pam and Saeed will investigate how the product works and if there will be any adverse effects on the soil. Another discussion was whether we should charge a deposit for this clearance in the event of the new plot holder letting the plot go to seed.

BONFIRE – due to complaints there will be no further fires on Plot 71.

SHED FELT ROOFING now on sale at £4.95p per 8’ length. There are also felt tacks available at £1.25 per 150.

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: Korehan asked for time to talk through a final mail to the plot holder who had received the bullying letter. This letter was accepted by a majority of the committee.


Korehan thanked everyone for all the help given at the Christmas Lunch. It was a great success and  suggested that we should do it again.


Korehan asked Richard how the elderly peoples party went on Saturday. Richard said the people appeared very happy and enjoying the party. Richard also said that he learnt a few things i.e. reflectors on posts and edges of wall for clearer vision for drivers. Perhaps we consider a member of KHLGA to make sure people hiring the Club House clear/tidy up afterwards. Consider making a charge to make sure this happens. John Wetherell suggested KHLGA charge a fee to have someone to be there to open and lock-up and also suggested that we do not hire the Clubhouse after dark to non-members.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Drumbeat had left Christmas cards for KHLGA.
TREASURER’S REPORT: Reg Wickings gave this report:

Account 1                        £ 12,129.82

Account 2                        £    3,425.96

Shop Account                 £     5,026.28

Cash                                 £     1,361.51

Cheques                           £     1,204.49

Total                                 £   23,148.06

SITE MANAGER’S REPORT: No feed back from letters about sheds. Heather and Chris have donated a             re-chargable strimmer.


E-mail from Tim Lund suggesting we praise people that are doing things above and beyond. Martin will have discussions about this with Heather and Trevor in the New Year.


VACANT PLOTS: No change.

SHOP REPORT: John Wetherell gave this report:

Total in Bank               £2,552.85

Machine Hire              £      26.82

EVENTS:  Spring Open Day Sunday 21st May 2017 – Sydenham Singers have offered to sing.

Autumn Open Day Sunday 3rd September 2017.

KHLGA 100th birthday celebrations 2017.

23rd May 2017 Bee Keepers 100 years celebration.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Saeed raised concern of a household where there is what appears to be Asbestos leaning against part of our perimeter fencing. This will need to be investigated. KHLGA will send a letter requesting the house holder to remove the Asbestos from our perimeter fence. If there is a problem with this the KHLGA will contact Bromley Council.

KNOTWEED – Neighbouring house has asked for written documentation regarding Knotweed. David Pipe was the person who spoke to the previous house owner and will now go and speak to the new house owner.

OFFICE ROOF – This is leaking. In the spring this will be repaired.

CHICKENS – Plot holder has been advised about the Avian Bird Flu.


Korehan asked Reg for e-mail addresses of all plot holders.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 9th January 2017        7.30pm

KHLGA Minutes 14th November 2016

MINUTES OF MEETING ON: Monday 14th November 2016
PRESENT:  Korehan Dora. John Wetherell. Richard Mildenhall.  Reg Wickings.  Pam Dowling. Martin Spatcher.  David Pipe. Saeed Kanuga.
VISITORS: Julia Webb. Rita Wetherell.
ABSENT: Trevor Barnes, David Alart
ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES: Minutes of the last meeting were accepted and signed.
CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: Chair said he had done everything he could to put right about the anonymous note left in the Club House to a plot holder.
MATTERS ARISING: Anonymous letter – The plot holder felt that she has not had full satisfaction to the anonymous letter. The Chair again explained that he and the Committee had done all they could to bring this incident to an end but without a signature there is nothing more they can do. The plot holder feels very unhappy when on site because of not knowing who this person is.


The Chair reaffirmed that if there should be any reoccurrence of this behaviour the person or persons would be immediately expelled from the site. This behaviour is totally unacceptable.


There was much further discussion with the plot holder but the Committee felt this was confidential and not for circulation.


ROTOVATOR:  Richard has looked into the BCS Rotavator/Lawn cutter. £2,826 including VAT. Usable on pathways.  Very versatile. Servicing. +5 year guarantee.  More research needed.


CHRISTMAS LUNCH: Buffet style Sunday 11th December – 12 noon onwards. Plot holders who are interested in attending this venue have been asked to bring food of their choice, soft drinks and wine for the table.

Hot soup, Mince pies and some Wine will be provided by the Association.


FOXES: A plot holder had asked that we do not feed the foxes. This was discussed over e-mail and the Committee agreed that this should be done. Small notices were placed around the site asking plot holders not to feed them. This matter will be brought up at the AGM.


e-mail from plot holder – this was discussed at length.

AGM closed confidential session.

During Committee meetings Plot Holders are encouraged to join as visitors but Committee will bring a motion during next year’s AGM that there will be session’s of confidentiality when visitors would be asked to leave the room.


CORRESPONDENCE : Drumbeat sent a letter thanking the Committee and others on site for the support they have given to the students. Last month Drumbeat moved to the plot next to them as a swap. They requested if the Committee would allow them to continue with the small plot they have been working. After discussion the Committee agreed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Reg Wickings gave this report:

Account 1                        £12,100.81

Account 2                        £  2,284.72

Shop Account                 £  4,911.03

Cash & Cheques             £     712.38

Total                                 £20,008.74

SITE MANAGER’S REPORT: We have visits from BALGAF and Bromley Council. We have carried out an inspection around the site of plots using water butts, sheds and composters. Many sheds are in poor condition. There are plots who have water butts but they are not connected. There are too many plots who do not have composting bins. E-mail plot holders to mend sheds, fix guttering for water butts and to make sure they have composting facilities either in bins or open composters.


‘Tops’ has vacated his plots. There will be a bonfire to get rid of lots of wood etc.  The Committee are deciding how to make one side of the plot safer and will look into this.

PLOT LETTINGS: 26a vacant plot. Tuesday group have done a lot of work on this plot preparing it for a new owner.


VACANT PLOTS: 8b. 9a. 11a1. 11a2. 12a. 12b. 20a. 26a. 33b. 34b. 70. 71. Work will start on clearing of weeds but under strict control due to using weed killer.

TUESDAY GROUP: Compost area looks good. There has been a big clear up in this area. They had another bonfire and all burnable tree branches, boughs etc have been cleared. It is now free of debris.
SHOP REPORT: John Wetherell gave this report:

Total in Bank               £2,311.35

Machine Hire              £    106.82


John feels we should show our appreciation to the horse owner for his ‘gift’ of manure. The Committee agreed. Perhaps a bottle of wine.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Report back on Bonfire Night. A good time was had by all.


Pollarding of boundary trees – people needed to look at certain trees and report back to committee.


Paint electricity box in the entrance to Allotment Site to make it more visible for vehicles entering in the site.


Drive way not yet done. Saeed said he will be looking at this as soon as he can. Hopefully it will be completed by April.


Reg said the Club House has been let to a Senior group for Christmas Lunch on 10th December 2016.


David Pipe asked to use Club House for the Bee Keepers AGM. The Committee agreed.


Martin Spatcher asked if the Committee could decide before AGM to allow colour range for sheds. He presented a colour chart from Cuprinol. At present plot holders can only have green or brown.


John Wetherell advised the Committee that the automatic security light at the gate is not working. David Pipe explained that this was to do with the trees. This will be looked into.


Shed roofing felt – John Wetherell said that plot holders had asked if shed roofing felt could be sold in the shop. John went on to explain how it would have to be cut so that there is no waste and how we would sell it.


KHLGA have been donated a Flymo lawn mower by Bill who is vacating his plot and small rotavator by Pam and Julie. Some repairs are needed but will be used when ready. Strimmers are now hanging on wall. Maintenance on lawn mowers and strimmers took place on Sunday.


Club House guttering needs attention.


Volunteers day will now be called Work Day. Committee members are expected to attend Work Days.


We should add Events to the Agenda. This will enable to forward plan.


Site fencing needs to be kept up-to-date. Bee Keepers need fence mended.


Next year is our 100th birthday. How to celebrate. Confirm date.


Suggestion of a Permanent bonfire site on Top’s vacated site. Would this mean the loss of a plot? How do we look after this area during the year when  bonfires are not allowed.  Further discussion needed as it’s location is a bit of a disadvantage due to it being far away from club house electricity.


Dates for Open Days next year.


Rent day needs to be put on website.


Heather Mallinder sent a mail asking if would be doing anything around New Year for the Fireworks left over from the 5th Nov?

Martin suggested we use them after the Christmas Lunch.


Pam offered to help Reg on rent day.


23rd May 2017 is the Bee Keepers 100th birthday.

DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING 12th December 2017 Monday  2016



KHLGA Minutes 10th October 2016

MINUTES OF MEETING ON: Monday 10th October 2016
PRESENT:  Korehan Dora. John Wetherell. Richard Mildenhall,  Reg Wickings.  Pam Dowling. Martin Spatcher. Trevor Barnes. David Allart.
VISITORS: Rita Wetherell. June Allart.
APOLOGIES: Saeed Kanuga. David Pipe.
ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES: Minutes were accepted and signed.
MATTERS ARISING: David Allart confirmed that the shed on Plot 2 is his mothers’ June Allarts.’  They intend to retain it, together with the adjacent overgrown patch.
CORRESPONDENCE:  Letter from Vic Barnes, Plot 59b. Vic is giving up this plot and requested that Trevor Barnes Plot 32a swap with this. This was agreed by the committee.  who The plot holder who has been working three raised beds has asked to swap to Plot 32a. This was agreed was agreed by the Committee.


Two plot holders have replied to Weed Notices and have taken on board what has been asked.


Six months ago a plot holder queried that the conifers an adjacent plot were too big. The plot holder came to the plot and has made some a difference to the trees by cutting back some of the branches. Martin Spatcher has given the plot holder advice on how to cut the crown.


An e-mail, from a plot holder, has been received about a feeling of being bullied. Korehan Dora asked if there was anything he can do to help. The Committee discussed this at length. There were reasons why we could not resolve this immediately. A member of the Committee will to talk to the plot holder.

SITE MANAGER: Korehan cut apple and cherry trees. Off cuts will be burned on 5th November.


Various areas of the site are in need of new fencing. Further investigation is required.


Pamela Dowling asked of the possibility of having extra stand pipes at the bottom end of the site. At present there are only three stand pipes. This makes it very difficult to use a hose without crossing over other people’s plots. Martin Spatcher said he would talk to the person who knows the layout of the pipes and see how and where a new pipe lines can be laid.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Reg Wickings gave this report:

Account 1                        £12,575.81

Account 2                        £  2,661.85

Shop Account                 £  4,682.83

Cash & Cheques             £     631.50

Total                                 £20,551.99

PLOT LETTINGS: Plots have been let to: Sophie Carrington 44b. Saeed Kanuba 32b. Tracey Clinch 9a.

Weed notice to: Plot 12a.  Vacant Plots: 12b. 11a1. 8b. 33b. 34b. 26a. Plot 20 is ready for letting.


What are we doing to make plots more appealing to possible new plot holders. After long discussion it was agreed to use weed killer. When weed free a member of the Committee to rotavate the ground.

TUESDAY GROUP: Continually maintaining various areas of the site. Orchard area has been tidied up.
SHOP REPORT: John Wetherell gave this report:

Total in Bank               £2115.70

Machine Hire              £     97.82


ANY OTHER BUSINESS:  Reg Wickings explained about Google docs. This would enable

Committee members to discuss topics prior to the meeting.


Volunteers Day has always been on the second Sunday of the month. The number of Plot holders has been decreasing over a period of time. After discussion Reg Wickings reminded us that in the Rules and Regulations it is stated that ‘plot holders are required to give ten hours per year’ to benefit the KHLGA site. These hours can be on site or in other supportive ways. Trevor Barnes suggested we rename this as ‘Work Party’.


Rent days Sunday 27th November and 4th December.


Update on holes in drive way. Korehan Dora has spoken with Saeed Kanuga. At the moment he is very busy. It was suggested we ask for a work plan.


Martin Spatcher informed us that next year is our 100th birthday. It was suggested we ask Julia Webb about the work she has done in the past and if she would be willing to share the history with us. Tim Lund also has some information and again we could ask him if he would share this with us. Also to ask other plot holders, local residents to contribute any information they may have or know about on the KHLGA Facebook page.


Pam Dowling reported back on the success of the bi-annual visit to the site by the children of Alexandra School.  This visit the children were asked to find ‘the black tomatoes, the biggest pumpkin, the sheep and the chickens’. Needless to say their bright young eyes found them all. The only concern was the lack of plot holders/volunteers to help.


 Reg Wickings said he would send out notices inviting plot holders to Bonfire Night on Saturday 5th November and ask them to bring their own food and drink. The evening will start at 6.30pm.


Richard Mildenhall reported that he had had no replies from Bromley Council about certain trees on the site. He also asked when we would have more manure and wood chips. Korehan Dora said it’s only available when it arrives. Then it is first come first served. The last deliveries were gone within two/three days.


Korehan Dora asked if John Black has given up his plot. This will be clarified after rent day.


Plot holders who have grapes should pay a levy for the use of the press.

DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 14th November 2016




MINUTES OF MEETING: Tuesday 20th September 2016

PRESENT: Korehan Dora. David Pipe. Richard Mildenhall. Reg Wickings. Saeed Kanuga. Martin Spatcher. (Tim Lund)

APOLOGIES: David Allart. John Wetherell. Trevor Barnes. Pam Dowling.



CHAIR’S REPORT: The Chairman opened the meeting by discussing the September open day and expressed that overall it went well, whilst not as busy as the May open day/s nevertheless it was good. Many thanks for all the volunteers that helped run the event from start to finish; a special thanks to the usual crowd that helped set up prior to the actual day as well the new faces that ran the catering in the club house. A note was made that perhaps we should reconsider a ‘Coordinator’ for the next open day to further help/assist the smooth running of the operation, especially with the aspect/possibility of new volunteers and helpers on board, perhaps is there as guidance.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The treasurer gave this report:

Account 1                          £ 12,575.81

Account 2                          £    2,739.84

Shop Account                    £     4,682.05

Cash & Cheques               £        600.55

Total                                      £   20,598.25



Secretary absent minutes taken by Saeed Kanuga


Attending Guest:  Tim Lund

Tim attended the evening to introduce & explain KHGL FACEBOOK GROUP.

  1. The idea of the Facebook group is mainly to exchange /discuss horticultural subjects.
  2. Give advice/help/photography of plots and prized specimens of whatever your growing/wildlife or whatever is of interest within the garden community.
  3. Tim will be acting as the moderator and will ensure any inappropriate posts are removed.
  4. This will be closed group ‘KHLG group’. Only members of KHLG can join, you will need a Facebook account.
  5. No committee related business.
  6. Committee related affairs to remain through the existing /normal channels.
  7. Tim wants to encourage more members of the association to join and have some fun sharing ideas/a platform for advice & tips on horticulture/ showing off your prized shrub or vegetable/discuss and be part of the garden community/ events etc…

Points discussed:

  1. Martin made a suggestion that we perhaps should make a change (AGM) that we ‘No Longer include plots without numbers in the NTQ assessment and notices’. Martin also came up with an idea to make the monthly meetings more efficient in the form of a ‘Virtual Committee’. This may help in reducing time spent/and often over running the meetings by committee members to communicate by email:

WEEK 2 & 3 Committee members email each other with ideas, problems & comments. Also reply the same.

WEEK 4 Secretary emails an “agenda” bringing together and summarising all the above.

Committee members reply with general agreement or not, and with a monthly report (if applicable)

WEEK 1 Secretary, treasurer & chair hold a brief meeting to finalise the above into formal minutes. Committee members may either attend or email their approval. Nothing should be in the minutes that were not “discussed” in week 4 agenda.

  1. Committee members discussed the tenancy agreement requirement for tenants ,annually to contribute 10 hours of their time to general site work and the poor attendance on the second Sunday work days , some ideas/questions were exchanged that we perhaps keep a logbook of attendance, a decision needs to be considered with regard to rules agreed with regarding KHLG members contributing time throughout the year or face charge/fee. Or scrap it altogether??
  2. Korehan to discuss with Dave Allart to either take responsibility for the top section between his plot and the top pathway which includes Peter’s old shed or it will be allocated to PLOT no.3
  3. Committee discussed the possibility of revising/adding/editing the procedure for plot letting with regard to the rule book; this would include health/safety. The main aim is to look at the procedure/introduction of plot letting to new comers; this would include informing/highlighting what’s expected and their ability to carry out working their plot to within the guidelines. We’re looking at ways to improve the ‘handover’ of plots and ensuring new comers are equipped with enough knowledge /understanding of the gardens facilities and help & advice. A three month probation period is also being considered.
  4. First aid box needs to be replenished and monitored to ensure it has a supply of the necessities. Recently, it was noticed to be missing some essentials to deal with a minor injury/cut.
  5. Many thanks to John for the shop report.
  6. Richard introduced rough draft/ideas towards the ‘induction process’ with regard to new lettings. This would entail and highlight rules of the gardens, help/advise/hiring of kit /volunteering/shop facilities and numerous other aspects. The main focus would be to welcome new members and accentuate what KHLG is about as a community. Unfortunately, we ran out of time towards the end of the evening to look/spend time on this subject but will carry this over in the near future.
  7. Pam Dowling mentioned that a complaint about the condition of a plot had found its way onto the contacts page of the KHLGA website. There is an approval process and RW said he had probably approved it for publishing without thinking too much about the content. This item has now been removed as the original had already been seen by the committee. In future any complaints will be passed to the committee but not approved for publishing on the website.
  8. AOB None recorded
  9. Next Meeting 10/10/2016 at 7:30



Download (PDF, 270KB)


Download (DOCX, 22KB)

Next meeting date changed to the 18th of July

Download (PDF, 332KB)

Download (PDF, 1.86MB)

Next meeting date changed to the 18th of July

KHLGA Committee Meeting 11.04.2016

PRESENT: Trevor Barnes. Korehan Dora. Richard Mildenhall. Saeed Kanuga. David Pipe.Reg Wickings. Martin Spatcher. Pam Dowling. John Wetherell. (Rita Wetherell.)
APOLOGIES: David Allart.
MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: There were several alterations needed. RW has taken these to put right.

We were welcomed by Korehan Dora the new chair of KHLGA.

Chair asked members to keep to the point of the subject under discussion.

Each member be knowledgeable of the minutes provided each month before coming to the meeting.

Plot holders along the central path asked if the trees (Hornbeams) could be trimmed.  After discussion it was agreed to ask tree surgeons for advice.  It may also be necessary to get advice from Bromley Council.

LB has been doing a lot of work on a spare plot.  This has left him with stones, iron and other rubbish. He asked where he could put this.  Committee said it could be put on the area at the side of the main gate.

The Chair said the Emergency General Meeting was a good session. He thanked RM for arranging to have Tony Chase explain to us about the renewing of the Lease which is due to end in five years. During discussion it was suggested we should work towards four years and have planning meetings to help get our house in order and ready for any eventuality.

RW said The site must be tidy and well managed. There are neglected communal areas of our site which need improvement and some paths between plots are in poor condition. The recent informal inspection of the site showed 20 plots where mandatory notices and 17 advisory notices would have been served had the inspections been formally carried out

We do well on providing communal facilities like water ,toilets, meeting space and the hire of machinery

We could do more work with the community groups and opening the site to the community including schools. We must prove we can help the community. We must prove there is a local demand, with the longest waiting list in the borough we can show this.  On the recent BALGF competition inspections we did badly on environmental issues like composting and water collection. We could also consider the use of solar panels to generate electricity for communal areas. There are grants available for equipment etc.

SK suggested we try to encourage more activity from our local community.

Outside of this meeting the Treasurer of BALGF would like to see KHLGA have more representation at the various competitions via BALGF.  In the past KHLGA have won various competitions but last year there were very few individual entrants and the site was only given a Bronze award (3rd place with many others).

DP was repairing gutter on Clubhouse roof.  He reported that the wood is rotten and it may be a bigger job than expected.

KHLGA Website is out of date.  We need to make it more interesting and up to date. After discussion DP accepted to be Website Manager.


Recent accounts :

Account 1                    £  9,827.58p

Account 2                    £  6,376.54p

Shop Account            £  2,928.04p

Cash & Cheques        £     224.02p

Total 11/04/2016                                                                     £19,356.18p

We recently purchased a new Marquee but several of the packages delivered were for the wrong sized Marquee. The suppliers have agreed to resend the missing packages (received 13/4) and we will make arrangements to return the wrongly sized items at their cost.

SK suggested we need a banner/sign to indicate where we are such as the one we use to advertise our Open Day.  RW also said we need a better letter box at the front entrance to the site.

Donation to NSPCC in memory of Margaret Ronald has been made.  The local NSPCC rep sent an email which detailed Margaret’s valuable contribution to the work of the NSPCC and will put this in a formal letter which can then  be displayed on the site Notice boards and sent to her family.

Approval from committee to have Pamela Dowling and Korehan Dora as new signatories on the one and two bank accounts with HSBC.

RW stated that it is our normal practice to send a floral tribute at a cost of £50 or pay this to a charity when a plot holder dies. Where a plot holder had made a significant contribution to the association this was sometimes increased to £100.

Ray Allart’s family have asked if it was possible to put the donation to a headstone fund. The committee agreed provided that the payment was made direct to the provider of the headstone.


The Secretary said she would not be available in the week before OPEN DAY but will be on the Saturday and Sunday.

PD presented a letter from DRUMBEAT accepting Plot 89b for their students which was needed for insurance purposes.  DRUMBEAT is a local 6th Form College for students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

E-mail from RW re Plot 69a. Plot holder was sent a NOTICE TO QUIT due to uncultivated plot.  The plot holder had recently returned to his plot and began working it.  He explained that he had been seriously ill in hospital for some time and had not been able to notify KHLGA committee of this. Committee had to decide what should happen now. RW asked if we should suspend his notice to quit. Committee agreed to suspend the NOTICE TO QUIT and allow him three months and review this.


Site inspection 10/04/2016

MANDATORY NOTICES with advice or comments: PLOTS: 9A. 11A2. 14A.18. 19. 20A. 8B. 9B. 11B2.26B. 27B. 33B. 44B. 46B. 28A. 63B. 91A. 89A. 81. 79A.

17 ADVISORY NOTICES and 4 ‘ON HOLD’ owing to ill health that we have advised of. 4 OTHERS were fixed on the day.

Plants and herbs are well on the way for Open Day and have already sold £41 worth of hardy plants.

TUESDAY VOLUNTEER GROUP REPORT: Tuesday Group continues to maintain all the community areas and has cleared more of the top path and boundary areas adjacent to the wall.  The brook is being kept clear and several land drains have been found and cleared out. They are being mapped as and when we find them.  We are still to rebuild the top four raised beds.

DP we are going to start on the roof of the cage and store room on Sunday at 10am.

Thanks were given to the people who laid the new carpet tiles in the Clubhouse.  Committee agreed to send a card in thanks for the gift of the tiles and thanked KD for securing them for us.


BANK STATEMENT 31/12/2015                £2,593.27

SALES FROM 1/1/16 – 03/04/2016        £    329.75

CASH IN HAND 05/0/2016                      £       89.40

Committee member asked where the shop money shows on the accounts. Shop takings are paid into a separate account. These go into the Number 1 account.

JW is keeping a copy of the monies paid for the use of machinery.

OPEN DAY PLANNING: Sunday 24th April at 11 am. It is essential we put publicity around site as we need as much help and support from plot holders as we can get.
PLANNING DAY FOR OUR FUTURE: Monday 25th April at 7.30pm.

Items to be considered, prioritised and presented to members as a 1-5 year plan:.

Replace water system, Improve Site Drainage, Maintain Culvert, New Tap upstands in poorly served areas, Water Collection on Plots, Composting on Plots, Health & Safety Risk Assessments, Training in Machine Use, Gates/Boundary Fences / Walls, Knotweed Removal, Straighten & Level Paths, Clear obstructions from Paths, Plot Numbering, Remove Scrap metal & Broken glass from all  plots, General Building Maintenance , Roof Clubhouse, Roof Machine room,  Clear Vacant Plots, Volunteer days, Small Tree Maintenance, Resurface Car Park , Resurface Entrance Drive, Notice Boards (Repair : Replace)


We received two invoices for work to the site tractor. After queries about work not carried out satisfactorily on the second visit a credit note has been issued for the second invoice the committee agreed to pay the first invoice.

At the last meeting it was agreed to buy new corrugated iron sheets to edge the culvert. This has not been bought yet. As we are renewing some of the roofs can we use the old corrugated sheets off the roof. Committee felt this might be possible. DP said there are some corrugated iron sheets on the apiary. Committee to look at what we have.

We need to have three signs on site to advise plot holders of meetings.

PLOT LETTINGS: RW will send out invites to people on waiting list.  PLOTS 10b. 12a. 12b are available.

We have received a number of complaints about waterlogged plots and drainage generally from members ,a number of suggestions were made as to how to resolve the problems and it was decided to refer this to the planning meeting on the 25th of April mentioned above.

 Volunteers day went very well, JW has looked at pricing for new wheelbarrows. Not sure which to get yet. We do not want inner tube type tyres they have to be puncture proof. The Committee decided it was a false economy to buy cheap wheelbarrows and agreed to buy four new wheelbarrows of the 120 litre type already on site with solid tyres if available and to also buy solid replacement tyres for the existing  barrows. SK will look into this with Chillingtons the maker of the existing barrows. £300 has been given as a budget.  New plot holders need keys. JW had supplied two keys this week and there are only one left. KD will look into this and get more cut.  Office door is not locking well. Door has dropped. This will be repaired.



KHLGA Committee Meeting Monday 14th March 2016
PRESENT: John Wetherell. Korehan Dora. Martin Spatcher. Richard Mildenhall. Reg Wickings. David Pipe. Trevor Barnes,Saeed Kanuga.
ALSO PRESENT: Pam Dowling. Rita Wetherell.
ABSENT: Heather Millander.
APOLOGIES: The meeting started with a moments silence in memory of Ray Allart. David Allart popped into the meeting to give us details of Ray’s funeral. This will be Friday 8th April at Hither Green Cemetery at 12.00 noon.
MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Subject to alterations minutes were accepted.
MATTERS ARISING: Replacement marquee – Richard is still looking.
CHAIR’S REPORT: We have not yet paid for the tractor repairs but there are some difficulties between us and Mr. Jones. Letter or e-mail to Mr. Jones with regards this problem will be sent by David Pipe.
AM has offered to sell us a petrol lawn mower. This is light weight and would be ideal. The committee agreed and that they would offer to buy it for £50.
Heaters were left on overnight last Wednesday (09/03/2016). Reminder to all that they should check all heaters are unplugged after use.
Minor thefts are occurring in Clubhouse, on site and on plots. BE AWARE.
Reg has suggested that a combination lock be fixed to the office. This was agreed. John Black has offered the supply the lock.
Committee members should be aware how to operate machinery and be able to demonstrate to users. Committee agreed to arrange a training day in the use of machinery and demonstrations with John Black – Sunday 10th April from 10am if he is available.
Jobs to be done on site:
Top gate padlock to be fixed. Combination lock for office required.
Machinery use of demonstrations – dates. Culvert covers. : Committee agreed to buy corrugated iron sheets. Straightening the line of the culvert and removing a small tree would be required
Top gate fence posts are being repaired by David Pipe.
Driveway repair. Hire a Kango and buy necessary gravel etc. Saeed suggested we start at the shop end and work towards the gate. Costing approx £400 – £500 should be sufficient. Work to be carried after Open Day
Shed roofing repairs – as soon as weather improves. Deal with unsafe trees (as and when). Clubhouse gutters, fascia’s, ridge.
Raised beds. Painting/wood repairs to toilet block.
A plot holder has used a lot of rubble, slabs and blocks stored by the main gate to use as a base for their shed. They will replace what they have not cemented in.
Top corner of site adjacent to plots 68-71needs to be tidied. There may be asbestos in this area. Care has to be taken when touching or removing. We may need to get in touch with Council or private company for the removal if it has to be repaired.
SECRETARY’S REPORT: e-mail from Reg to say that he has hired the clubhouse out on the 7th May at a fee of £50 to Positive Action.
E-mail received from BALGF re Green Space Policy from Bromley Council. Go on website and answer questions. Allotments are in a worrying situation if they are not kept in good repair, not well used or not seen as part of the community. The Landscape Group has the contract from Bromley Councils for the maintenance of parks and green spaces and allotments have been added to this contract. Suggestion we ask member of the Landscape Group to come and talk about their work.
TREASURER’S REPORT: Account sheets were given out showing a bank balance of £19,926.44p
SITE REPORT/INSPECTION: 8th March 2016. Martin reported that individual weed notices were not issued this month as there were too many. These WILL be issued after inspection on April 11th.
As a guide: 72 plots were OK. 56 plots need tidying up and grass cut. 6 plots on hold due to ill health that we have discussed with plot holders. 5 have real problems (not touched since last year) Plots 46b. 28a. 64b. 77a.
Taps have now been repaired/replaced by Associate Member Chris Wise. Our thanks to Chris.
Water will be on by Easter barring leaks.
SITE LETTINGS: 4 vacant plots. 69a. 63b. 12a. 12b. 10b.
SHOP REPORT: Turnover to the 31st December £2,593.27p. Since then two lots of banking has done. Total sales £220.30p. John Wetherell handed copy of these accounts and this are with the Treasurer for audit.
AGM Nominations should have been in by 12th March 2016. There is only one place left on the Committee. No ballot is needed because the number of nominations is less than the number of places available.
We must note all amendments/changes made at the AGM concerning our Rules and Regulations.
Tenant on Plot 12b would like to swap with 67a if possible. The Committee agreed.
Motion for AGM: 2% increase in rents by previous agreement.
Motion to rescind the Poly Tunnel rule. Put across plot to avoid shadow. Each request will have to be put before the committee and neighbours need to be negotiated with. Majority of the committee appeared not to be in favour of Poly Tunnels.
Richard Mildenhall would like a copy of the Site Lease. Reg advised that this is available on line.
He also asked if we could have signs for 5mph speed limit and another to indicate that we are dealing with the Knotweed in the drive. Committee agreed.
Richard Mildenhall also had concerns about debris – tyres and tractor wheels, supermarket trolley and a shed that is falling down. Martin Spatcher will be bringing this to the notice of plot holders at the AGM.
Korehan Dora has been cutting off branches with help from David Pipe. Chainsaw has become blunt and getting very hot. Committee agreed to look into this and agreed the purchase of a spare chain.
KD suggested that we have very busy month ahead the driveway was not urgent. The committee agreed we should concentrate on the roof, the culvert and the open day for the moment.
Frog Life talk. David Pipe has put a grid to dates together. The date most appropriate 10th and 23rd April. The committee felt that the event would not take place.
TIME AND DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 11th April at 7.30pm.


Minutes of KHLGA meeting on  Monday 8th February 2016

PRESENT:  John Wetherell. Korehan Dora. Martin Spatcher. Richard Mildenhall. Reg Wickings. David Pipe.

ALSO PRESENT : Saeed Kanuga. Rita Wetherell. Pam Dowling.

APOLOGIES:  Heather Millander.

ABSENT:  David Allart. Trevor Barnes.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: CHANGES – Date of Spring Open Day now 22nd May 2016.


Planning meeting now 24th April 2016.

Wild Life Garden should have read ‘Discussion on Wild Life’. David Pipe is waiting to hear from person interested in giving the talk.

Minutes accepted and signed.

CHAIR’S REPORT: Recorded thanks to all the people who have cleared the culvert. Decision to be made on how to make safe.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Correspondence from Jemma, Plot 8a, requesting if they can have a shed at top of the plot due to water logging. Committee agreed to this request.  Also requested a rent rebate because they believed that what they paid in August was a full year’s rental. Committee agreed.

KHLGA in future will charge tenants a proportion of the annual rent due for their plot according to the date when they sign their agreements. Our paperwork must be amended for the future.

Plot 88, notice to quit withdrawn on appeal. A communication stating what cultivation is expected within the next three months will be sent.

Martin Spatcher has produced detailed guidelines for future inspections and how the interpretation of existing rules has been applied to plot and weed notices. The guidelines will be presented to the April AGM, along with a committee motion proposing any necessary rule changes.

Tony Chase is asking for help with the administration of BALGF as without this their competition and dinner will not take place.

Reg reported that he received information of a dead tree on the site that needs attention.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Reg handed out monthly balance sheets. All but one rent has been collected. He will be sorting out the last one.

Annual accounts will be ready for auditing before the AGM.

AGM on Sunday 3rd April 2016.

Motions for discussion to be discussed at the next committee meeting.

Two Invoices have only just received for the repairs of the tractor carried out last year. David Pipe who ordered the works did not feel that they had been done properly and a query has been raised with the company involved.


SITE LETTINGS: Sunday lettings 14th February. There are ten available. Copy of the paperwork for lettings is in the site office.  Sheds and greenhouses left on plots when they are vacated will become the property of the association to dispose of the management committee see fit. In practice they will be offered to incoming tenants at a nominal charge.

SHOP REPORT:  No change since end of December.  John has money for January 2016 sales approx. £30 waiting to be banked.

EVENTS:  Two Open Days.  John suggested a Banger’s and Mash evening.

TUESDAY GROUP:  Culvert clear.  Vacant Plot 41a – brambles cleared.  Cuttings have been burnt.  Poly Tunnel and greenhouses have been cleaned for Spring.

HEALTH AND SAFETY:  Korehan e-mailing contents of H&S on site.  Written by John Black.

PLANNING:  Water drainage across the site.  Make a plan re which plots get flooded.  Options to be considered are to dig soak always or channels.  Stand pipes around the site will be checked by Chris Wise.  He will report on the condition of the present installation and then a decision will be made either to relay leaking pipes or dig up and repair.

Now that the culvert is clear how to keep it free flowing.  We are looking at using corrugated iron sheets for this purpose.

Chain on top gate is broken.  To be looked at.

Weed Notice – make sure plot holders know what is expected.

Communal compost heap.  Keep eye on this.

Drive way needs to be repaired.  Saeed will look at methods and costing.  Rest of the roofing to be completed.  Guttering on clubhouse needs to be sorted.  Top ridge of clubhouse needs attention.  David Pipe will look at these problems and price up what is required.

Replacement marquee.  Richard will look on e-bay and other websites for 10x4mtrs with galvanised framework.  £500-£600 with free delivery.  Marquees need to be push button fixings not screws.


Insurance Certificate has been renewed.

Letter from Tony Chase requesting a key for the Bromley tree cutters.  We need a contact number and name before we give the key out.

John Wetherell nominated Saeed Kanuga be co-opted to the committee.  Agreed.

TIME AND DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  Monday 14th March at 7.30pm.




Minutes of KHALG 13th January 2016

PRESENT: Korehan Dora. David Allart. Martin Spatcher. Richard Mildenhall. Reg Wickings. David Pipe.

ALSO PRESENT: Pam Dowling. John Black. June Allart. Rita Wetherall.

APOLOGIES: Trevor Barnes. John Wetherall. Heather Mallinder.


MATTERS ARISING: Martin pointed out that he suggested and committee agreed to splitting up the site into four management areas NOT four geographic areas.

Minutes were accepted.

CHAIR’S REPORT: No report.

CORRESPONDENCE & SECRETARY’S REPORT: There’s BALGF meeting on 20th January. Reg Wickings and Richard Mildenhall will attend.

Reg received letter from a plot holder who is unhappy with the work done on clearing the culvert that runs beside but is not part of her plot. The culvert runs across the site and out to Kent house Road and must always be kept clear There had been discussion about this matter at the last meeting and with the plotholder’s husband and it was thought that the matter  had  been resolved.  It recommended that the fence be replaced along the culvert for Health and Safety reasons. The committee had also agreed that there would consultation with any directly affected plot holders before any such work is carried out in the future.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  £19,231.00p in bank. There are about seven or eight rents unpaid . If not paid by 15th January 2016 then the plot will be lost.

Rent refund agreed to a plot holder who is 80 and has been paying full rent for the last 10 years.

SITE MANAGER’S REPORT: Volunteers day Sunday 10th January –  a lot of trees trimmed back/taken down around the site.  Yellow paint indicates trees to be cut later.  Strimming was done around the raised beds and the greenhouses were cleared and cleaned.

SITE MANAGERS/LETTINGS: There are 12 plots to be let. Second Sunday in February to be the day for plots to be offered to new people.

TUESDAY GROUP/VOLUNTEERS: Too wet for much work to be done.

SHOP REPORT: Stock take has been completed.


OPEN DAYS.  Spring Open Day – Sunday 29th May and Autumn Open Day Sunday 4th September.

Suggestion we have a co-ordinator – Richard Mildenhall agreed to do this. And the Committee agreed to having a coordination meeting four weeks prior to each open day.

Sunday 1st May for May Open Day.   Sunday 7th August for September Open Day.

Wild Life talk to be arranged

Meet the Neighbours lunch/social to be organised.

HEALTH & SAFETY: JB and KD  were tasked to provide  documentation for the next meeting about H&S survey and Risk assessment for the site. To include risk assessing the use of various site machinery .

It was agreed that as well as written instructions there should also be a formal induction for plot holders in the proper use of equipment like mowers, strimmers and cultivators. It was noted that the blades of mowers are regularly (badly) damaged because they are used instead of strimmers to  cut long grass  on rough and uneven ground.

Committee members who let out equipment should have a good idea of how the machinery works etc.

Also they should advise plot holders about the clothes and shoes they should be wearing when using machines and be able to refuse the letting if their advice is not taken..


Separate meeting arranged for forward planning for site works and improvements . Monday,1st February 7.30pm. Draft 5 year plan attached


We may link up with Dorset Road to be able to have free deliveries of goods for the shop.

RM asked if rent days be changed.  Our constitution says that year plot rents are due annually on the 21st of November each and rent days are arranged close to that date. RW saw no reason for changing this and this could only be done by resolution at the AGM. It has been our practice to allow 40 days from the last rent day for rent to be paid. The clause in the constitution also says the 40 days should be counted from the 21st of November and in future years we should apply this rule or change it by resolution at the AGM. This means that all rents should by paid by year end and can be included in the accounts for the current year.

Julia may put on a History of the site display in a tent on Open Day.

Agreed that £100 to be paid to NSPCC in memory of Margaret.

E-mail from FB about repairing holes in the drive and other works..  KD suggested we break up old bricks to fill in the large puddles. DA said that we do this properly. The last time it was done we needed 2.5 tons (2500KG)  of MOT 1 (crushed granite or limestone)or scalpings to cover the driveway. 3 bags of 850K at £58.80 per bag =£176.40.    Further research needs to done before a decision is made or order placed.

Raised beds can be built or adjusted to meet the needs of individual people.

Agreed to cost proposals that we consider buying table tennis equipment and /or a pool table for the Club House


Monday 8th February 2016



Minutes of KHLGA committee meeting 14th December 2015

PRESENT: Korehan Dora. John Wetherell. Martin Spatcher. Reg Wickings. Richarde Mildenhall. David Pipe.

ALSO PRESENT: Rita Wetherell. Pam Dowling..

APOLOGIES: David Allart. Heather Mallinder.

ABSENT – Trevor Barnes


Martin proposed we accept the minutes. Agreed.

MATTERS ARISING: Korahan suggestion that a card to be sent to John Griffiths had not been minuted. Knotweed will be treated in  2016.

CHAIR’S REPORT: House owner at 87 Kenthouse Road. Prune oak tree near his back fence. He would be happy to do this. Access needed. Plotholders will need to be aware of this happening.  Member of the Bee people should be available when this is happening.

Plot 10b have handed their keys in no longer needing their plot.

John Wetherell asked if we could make a donation to the NSPCC in memory of Margaret Ronald. A donation of £100 was agreed.

John Wetherell requested two independent people to go in the shop to do a stock take. Martin and Pam volunteered to do this.

Christmas Lunch was a great success. We had a full house. 40 tickets were sold  there was a £13.00 deficit met by a small surplus from previous events. . The Raffle raised £49.00.  The net result was a £50 surplus ,handed to the treasurer

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Plot holder said she was not happy how the culvert had been dealt with particularly her ‘Butterfly garden’. There was a buddleia bush which was lopped off. It will, however, benefit from the pruning. After talking to a committee member the plot holder was reassured.

TREASURER’S REPORT: It was brought up that one of the Apiary rents had been age discounted but not the other. This was a mistake and full rents should have been charged on both plots as the age discount did not apply to groups. A revised rent demand will be issued for the balance.

SITE MANAGER’S REPORT: Martin suggested splitting the site into four areas. With one or more persons covering each area and being responsible either for carrying out work themselves or delegating it to other individuals or groups..

John read from a proposal from Martin stating each area. David brought up about Health and Safety when using equipment. Members should be made aware of the accidents that can happen.

Manager 1         Will be responsible for maintaining “gardening tools” and machinery, also for specifying safe usage and advising on new purchases.   John Black

Members nominated for day to day hiring of equipment must ensure that plotholders have basic skills, suitable footware & clothing and are aware of “safe usage”.

Manager 2         Will be responsible for co-ordinating the maintenance of all buildings; internal decoration, external structure, roofs, gutters etc.  David Pipe

Manager 3         Will be responsible for co-ordinating the maintenance of site infrastructure including; trees, water supplies, drainage, boundary fences, gates, notice           boards, and security (keys & locks).  Richard Mildenhall

Manager 4         Present group will be responsible for plot inspections and lettings, for co-ordinating volunteer Sundays and cleaning rotas.  Martin Spatcher , Trevor Barnes and Heather Mallinder with Martin Spatcher as co-ordinator.

Many of these tasks can, and probably will, be delegated to volunteer members or specialist contractors when applicable.

Site Managers should report any concerns/progress to the monthly committee meeting, either in person or by e-mail to the secretary.

If required, the secretary may delegate maintaining the waiting list, and/or introduction and induction of new plotholders to manager 4.


SITE MANAGER: No lettings. Seven notices to quit have been issued on the grounds of non-cultivation.

Currently 26a, 10b and 89b are available for letting.

TUESDAY GROUP/VOLUNTEERS: We will need a volunteer to grow culinary herbs next year for the Open Day. Margaret Ronald used to do this. RW offered to do this, but would like some help.

SHOP REPORT: As of 15th December the shop has a turnover of £2572.. Shop proceeds are held in a separate deposit account under the Treasurers control. After being audited, the proceeds will be transferred to one of the two site current accounts,

EVENTS:: 3rd January  – Apiary members New Year’s meeting in Clubhouse

HEALTH and SAFETY on site: Special meeting in January.

PLANNING: A schedule of future works of replacement and repair on the site had been prepared earlier in the year. This to be discussed early in the New Year and priorities set for the next few years. We should look to obtaining grants for any of the bigger tasks.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: A plot holder asked for a tree to be cut down on her unfortunately a plum tree was cut down and it was the wrong tree. Korehan has talked to the plot holder and apologised. In future any work to be carried out on or around plots by volunteers will be discussed with affected plot holders before work is commenced.

Heater in winery was turned off. This has affected Richard’s wine fermentation. The committee felt it was the responsibility of the people using the winery to get together and talk through any problems.

FROGLIFE – Stag Beetle larvae found in wood chips. David contacted Alan Shearman, of Froglife.org who has offered to run a two hour workshop for members interested in discovering (more) about wildlife gardening.


David’s offer to make  a board in the office for the site keys was accepted.

Wooden frames for supporting the  new roofing for machine room, tent store and cage have been completed, . We can now , weather permitting , go ahead and complete the roofing. A small group will be put together to do this work.

TIME and DATE of next meeting: 12th January 2016 7.30pm





Minutes of the KHLGA Management Committee Meeting held on 11th November 2015

Present: Reg Wickings, John Wetherell (Chair), Martin Spatcher, David Allart, Richard Mildenhall, Heather Mallinder Korehan Dora

Apologies: David Pipe, Trevor Barnes

In attendance: Rita Wetherell, June Allart,


Minutes of the previous Meeting: KD queried the inclusion of the detail of the items raised by DA under AOB as he thought it should be confidential. RW said that he was not asked to treat the matter as confidential at the time the minute was taken and had therefore included the item in the minutes.

Minutes Agreed

Matters arising:  Knotweed still to be treated. No final decision had been made on a replacement for the site manager. The two written submissions discussed at the last meeting to be discussed in December.

The Chair: 

JW reported that JG had resigned as Secretary with immediate effect and that his email giving his reasons had been circulated. In essence he was not happy with the way matters raised by him at an earlier meeting had been dealt with by the committee. JG’s good work as secretary was acknowledged .

RW to act as Secretary until a replacement can be found.

The chair reported that the Halloween event was successful with a lot of site waste burned on the bonfire.

Correspondence and Secretary’s Report:

No Secretary’s report. Further correspondence had been received concerning some of the 6 Notices to Quit issued and although there is no appeal process as such the inspection group have agreed to meet with those tenants who requested a meeting. These tenancies will not be renewed and consequently no rents demands have been issued for these plots.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer submitted the November report.  Balance of accounts £17157.78.

Site Management Report:  .

A number of plots still remain unnumbered. Further discussion about a charge being added to the rent demand for numbering these plots, RW said as the rent demands had been already been prepared some other way needed to be found to recover any costs involved in plot numbering, as an interim measure and only for the benefit of the inspection group he agreed to print and laminate small notices. The cost would be minimal

A further inspection of uncultivated plots was carried out in November and Notices to Quit have been issued. The annual tenancies will not be renewed.

Full site inspections will begin again in spring.

MS has written a note explaining in some detail the processes involved in plot inspections and the issuing of Plot Notices (weed notices) which after a revision to the short section dealing with illness and other problems will be posted on the notice boards and the website (KHLGA.COM) and attached to any further notices issued to tenants.

David Pipe continues to work on preparing the sections of the wooden framework  for the new roof covering over the workshop, machine store and ‘cage’ and hopes to completed them by mid-December (note : work completed).

Machine room cash box now secured and exact money needed as no change available. Log Book should filled in and any damage noted when returning machines.  Strimmers not mowers should be use to cut grass on uneven or uncultivated surfaces, It is clear from the damage to mower blades that mowers are being misused in this way.

Problems with gate keys to be resolved.

Site Manager/Lettings:  No Lettings.

Tuesday group /Volunteers report 

General tidying up. Picnic area.  Culvert to be cleared. Chris and Martin checked on taps and will repair and continue to monitor for leaks. MS reported £24.65 polytunnel sales. Ash saplings removed and tree works carried out

Shop Report:  John Wetherell provided details of the shop’s activity. Total sales to date £2500.72 Shop will stay open until weather breaks. More manure ordered


Rents Days Sunday November 29th and December 6th  10 to 12

Christmas Lunch agreed for December 13th. 12:30 (Numbers limited to 40).

Raffle prizes to be arranged. RW to purchase new Tea Urn, large pots and 2 kettles

Health and Safety on Site:

Risk Assessment of the site still outstanding.

Planning: Special Committee Meeting to be held to consider short and long term planning early in the new year.


Beekeepers AGM clubhouse hired for 17th of December.

Meeting ended 9.30pm. Next meeting December 14th December



Minutes of the KHLGA Management Committee Meeting held on 12 th October 2015

Present: Reg Wickings, John Wetherell (Chair), Martin Spatcher, David Pipe, David Allart, Richard Mildenhall, Heather Mallinder

In attendance: Rita Wetherell, June Allart,.

Apologies:. John Griffiths, Korehan Dora

Minutes of the previous Meeting: Agreed

Matters arising: BALGF advice received on site foxes. Shed collected from Dorset Road and installed at the bottom end of the ground recently cleared to the right of the main gate. Detail of beekeepers past donations passed to John Wetherell. Details of Beekeeper’s “lean-to addition” received and agreed. Plasters had been included in the first aid kit. Container for fire blanket bought. The tenant of the two raised beds has agreed to give them up. Knotweed still to be treated. The Treasurer and some plot holders and friends attended the BLGF Reception on September 24th.

The Chair:

The Fish and Chip supper held on the 15th was very successful and this would be repeated in the future. Thanks to all volunteers for work done and in particular to John Black for tree work and David Pipe for waterproofing works to office roof covering.

The “de-briefing” to evaluate arrangements for the Open Day mentioned in the last chairman’s took place on September 27th in the Club House. Report will be posted on the main Notice Board.

Correspondence and Secretary’s Report:

No Secretary’s report. Some correspondence received on e-mail about last months plot notices, which will be passed to the plot inspection team.

The role of the site manager was discussed at the last meeting and it was agreed that some changes needed to be made

The following written submissions were made by John Griffiths and Martin Spatcher to open up the discussion about the future role of the site manager

John Griffiths: Some thoughts on Criteria/Job Description for Site Manager.

KHLGA’s Rules state 14) The Site Manager shall supervise the day-to-day management and maintenance, and may deal with the letting of plots on behalf of the Secretary.

Suggest the Site Manager should be:

Accessible, contactable, reliably and regularly on the site..


Experienced/qualified in site management matters.

Consistent in dealing with plot-holders..

Informed about allotment/leisure garden matters.

Able to take a long-term, as well as short-term, view of the site’s needs.

Able to communicate about, and to designate, work necessary on the site.

In contact with other Bromley sites.

Able to communicate to Management Committee, and AGM.


Martin Spatcher: I have long thought that the tasks are too onerous for one person. I feel that the tasks should be shared between 3/4 people, each of whom would report to the monthly meeting in person or by written report.

Many of these tasks can, and probably will, be delegated to volunteer members or specialist contractors when applicable.

Main Tasks:-

  1.  Maintain tools and machinery and specify safe usage.

Advise on new purchases.


  1.  Maintain all buildings, internal decoration and external structure, roofs, gutters etc.

Organise cleaning rotas.


  1.  Maintain site infrastructure – including trees, water supplies, drainage, boundary fences & gates and notice boards.

Organise plot inspections and volunteer Sundays.


  1.  If required, the secretary could delegate the waiting list and plot lettings. Also introduction and induction of new plot holders and arranging a mentor when applicable.


I feel it may be easier to find 3/4 people than 1, and it will be easier to cope if 1 person is ill or resigns.

There was brief discussion about these submissions but no decisions were taken on how to go forward with this. To be included on the agenda at the next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer submitted the October report. Balance of accounts £16937.

Site Management Report: Plot Notices to be out by email and post after site inspection by Martin and Trevor and Heather on the 11th of October.

A number of plots remain unnumbered. Some discussion about a charge being added to the rent demand for numbering these plots

A further inspection of uncultivated plots to be carried out in November and where two previous notices have been issued, Notices to Quit will be issued and tenancies will not be renewed. Full site inspections will begin again in Spring.

David Pipe repaired the new roof covering over the office, which has been leaking. Some bolts/screws have been replaced and all fixing holes sealed. David suggested that the roof covering may need to be re-laid at some time in the future as the “fall” is not adequate to stop water pooling in some areas.

Materials have been purchased for the replacement of the next section of roof covering over the workshop, machine and cage but no date fixed for the work to be done. It was agreed that a future committee meeting would concentrate on the 5 year plan which was issued in draft form some time ago.



Site Manager/Lettings: 26a and 69b both plots likely to be become available in November.

Tuesday group /Volunteers report: No new projects undertaken and we continue to maintain completed projects. Poly tunnel has been cleared

Shop Report: John Wetherell provided details of the shop’s activity. Total sales to date £2369. 47 Shop will stay open until weather breaks.


Apple Sunday. National Apple Day Sunday October 21st. 11 till 4

End of Season Bring a Dish Lunch. Saturday 31st October. 12:30

Halloween Party/Bonfire and Fireworks Saturday 31st October 7:30

Rents Days Sunday November 29th and December 6th 11 till 1

Christmas Lunch agreed for December 13th. 12:30

Health and Safety on Site:

Secretary and Treasurer still to make an initial written Risk Assessment of the site.

Planning: Special Committee Meeting to be held to consider short and long term planning later in the year.


D A who until then had been making positive contributions raised the issue of his problems with JG


His position seems to be that he was “happy” about the outcome of the September meeting but JG’s subsequent e-mail to him is proof that JG is pursuing a personal vendetta against him.


JG had written suggesting he apologise for misleading the committee about his contact, conversations and correspondence with Bromley Allotment and Leisure Gardens Federation officials on the matter of his dismissal as Site Manager.


JG had received an email from TC the Secretary of BALGF stating that no correspondence had been received from DA . The only meeting and conversation remembered but not recorded or actioned was an informal one at the funeral of Clive Watson


DA insisted that he has had contact with John Penny the Chairman and Marion Spicer, the treasurer and Competitions Secretary of BALGF and feels that they are sympathetic to him and that he had passed e-mails to them and therefore no apology was due.


RW suggested to DA that it was in his best interest to let the matter go,


The allegation was put to DA at the September Committee meeting that he had made threats of possible violent action against JG to committee members over the telephone and in person and seemed to confirm this was the case when he said that any action he took against JG outside of the site was not covered under any complaints or disciplinary procedures relating to the site and that anyway that the evidence against him was hearsay and was therefore not “legally admissible.


He subsequently apologised to JG for his actions


The fact that JG had dealt with this informally, accepted DG’s apology and despite having misgivings had not so far pursued any grievance or disciplinary action against him was evidence that JG was not pursuing a personal vendetta against him.

Meeting ended 9.30pm. Next meeting November   10th   7.30pm.


Minutes of the KHLGA Management Committee Meeting held on 14th September 2015

Present: Reg Wickings, John Wetherell (Chair), Martin Spatcher, Korehan Dora, John Griffiths, David Pipe, David Allart, Richard Mildenhall.

In attendance: Rita Wetherell, June Allart, Julia Webb.

Apologies: Heather Mallinder.

Minutes of the previous Meeting: Agreed

Matters arising: Dorset Road to purchase equipment to eliminate Japanese Knot Weed which will be available to KHLGA. Thanks expressed to Sarah Ratcliffe, who is no longer able to do so, for having taken Committee Minutes over a considerable period. Message of support to be sent to Heather Mallinder following recent surgery.

The Chair: Expressed thanks to all who contributed to our very successful Open Day. Bottle of whisky, donated by Drumbeat, was still available to be used on another occasion. Applauded the changes to Weed Notices recently sent out by email. Richard Mildenhall suggested a “de-briefing” to evaluate arrangements for the Open Day.

Meeting agreed for Sunday September 27th at 11.00am in the Club House. Richard to inform participants.

Correspondence and Secretary’s Report: Secretary had spoken to a raised bed-holder about the state of her beds. Would discuss the matter with her again. Susan Isaac had thanked the Tuesday Group for cutting back overhanging branches from her plot. Six tickets bought for the BLGF Reception on September 24th. Secretary and Chairman to attend.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer submitted the September report. Current balance is £17,412.29

Shop Report: John Wetherell provided details of the shop’s activity. Current balance in the bank 2190.82 . Activity in the shop slowing down as Autumn approaches.

Site Management Report: Weed Notices sent out by email after site inspection by Martin and Trevor. Tap repaired by Les Bateson. Roofing materials bought. Timber and fittings still to be obtained. David Pipe and Richard Mildenhall to oversee the work. Correspondence received from plotholder of plots 42/43. Agreed these plots would be inspected monthly along with rest of the site.

Site Manager/Lettings: All plots now let! There are currently about 30 people on the waiting list.

Tuesday group report:

Volunteers Report – September 2015

Plot 26 B, any progress ? Plot let!

Wooden furniture on picnic areas has been cleaned and painted with several coats of teak oil.

There were good sales of perennial plants on open day (as well as seeds), the poly-tunnel has been cleaned out and is ready for spring. We have 60 primroses potted up and are taking cuttings of lavender, rosemary & box.

We continue to maintain completed projects.

Notes from BALGF meeting Sept 8

KHLGA represented by R. Mildenhall & M. Spatcher.

Like it or not, we are living under the auspices of “The Landscape Group” who now act for Bromley Council

Lease extensions will be given priority (we were assured) as they will be required for any future grant applications.

Second hand fencing may be available to sites for repairing storm damage and vandalism (but not wear and tear).

Take up of tickets for the “Awards Reception” on Thur Sept 24 has been poor, there will be a speaker from T.L.G., and the Mayor will attend as it is BALGF’s

50th anniversary.

Autumn Show Report 2015

Home craft       Rosemary         11 points                      Prize    Chocolates

Margaret          9


Tomatoes        Martin              10 points                      Prize    Chocolates

Rosemary         9


Overall Rosemary         32 points          } Joint Prize     Whisky

Martin              32                    }

Margaret          20

Annamarie       12

Anna lee          11

Total entrants 15, (down 3).    Total entries 53, (up 3).

Childrens entries nil, however Julia organized childrens painting during the day so we ended up with 3 ( all joint 1st).


Hock & Roll deemed to be a great success. Thanks to Korehan and family. Desire expressed to repeat the event.

September Open Day had been discussed under Chairman’s Report.

Fish and chip Supper Tuesday 15th September.

National Allotment Week 10th – 16th October. October 16th Site Open. Local Press informed.

Apple Sunday. National Apple Day Sunday October 21st. Details to be announced!

End of Season Bring a Dish Lunch. Saturday 31st October. Details to be announced!

CHRISTMAS LUNCH agreed for December 13th.

Health and Safety on Site: the Treasurer had purchased a new First Aid kit and would examine the desirability of including plasters. Container for fire blanket to be bought (JG). Secretary and Treasurer still to make an initial written Risk Assessment of the site.

Planning: Special Committee Meeting to be held to consider short and long term planning later in the year.

AOB: Korehan – drills and saw bought. John Black had made a security cabinet to house high value tools. Workshop tidied again. David P. and Richard M. to purchase timber for roof repairs(+ or _ 230 pounds) plus hardware. Large numbers of rats and foxes on site. Ask BLGF for advice? David P.- modular design for roofing agreed. Requested advice on construction of a lean-to addition to a building on Bee Keepers’ site. Will provide diagram. Tractor serviced but needs repeat visit by engineer as still not working. Shed available from Dorset Road to replace damp shed at KHLGs, would provide details. Richard – no longer necessary to purchase battery for tractor. Tony Chase of BLGF willing to attend either Committee Meeting or AGM to discuss role of The Landscape Group. John G – proposed Richard Mildenhall be co-opted onto the Committee. Seconded by John Wetherell, agreed unanimously. John W. Treasurer to examine past charity donations from Bee Keepers.

Meeting ended 9.30pm. Next meeting October 12th 7.30pm.

Minutes of the KHLGA Management Committee Meeting held on 10th August 2015

Present: Reg Wickings (Chair), Martin Spatcher, Korehan Dora, John Griffiths, Trevor Barnes, David Pipe.

In attendance: Richard Mildenhall.

Apologies: Heather Mallinder, David Allart, John Wetherell.

Minutes of the previous Meeting: Agreed

Matters arising: It had been suggested by June and David Allart that the July Meeting had been inquorate and therefore “illegal”. This was not the case as there were five Committee members in attendance. Reg Wickings informed the Committee that roofing materials, agreed at the July Meeting, would be delivered Thursday 13th August. Necessary to have members in attendance as the delivery would be made without the use of a crane.

The Chair welcomed David Pipe who represents the Bee-keepers on site.

Correspondence and Secretary’s Report: the Secretary’s letter to David Allart, previously distributed to Committee members, in which he had drawn attention to inconsistencies in the Site Inspection, which had led to the resignation of Les Bateson, was discussed. After lengthy consideration it was unanimously agreed to ask David Allart to step down as Site Manager with immediate effect. Two documents from BALGF, distributed to Committee members, were discussed. Concern was expressed at The Landscape Group’s interest in the activities, or otherwise, of allotment sites/leisure gardens in the borough. Julie Traquair and Pam Dowling, on behalf of Drumbeat sixth form, had requested raised beds, leading on to a plot. It was agreed that Drumbeat should have raised beds requested with further discussion about an allotment. Their names were added to the Waiting List. Concern was expressed about the state of the raised beds. It was suggested that they should be rebuilt. The Secretary to discuss with holders whether they intended to continue to work them. Tenant of plot 45A1 asked that overhanging cherry tree branches be removed from her plot. Martin Spatcher and Les Bateson had dealt with a query from TLG about overhanging branches in Kent House Lane. Agreed to offer two places to the Tuesday Volunteers Group to attend the BALGF 50th Anniversary Awards Ceremony on 24th September together with two places for the only plot entered in the competition. Secretary had written to tenant of plots 43/43 to reinforce the Committee’s decision regarding the maintenance of his plots. The Committee were given a list of the work carried out by John Black in recent weeks, including repairs and maintenance to site machinery and feedback on requirements to keep machinery in operation. Committee agreed a vote of thanks to John Black. Letter received from Ray Allart objecting to poles at the end of plot 2 having been moved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer submitted the August report. Current balance is £15,915.24

Shop Report: John Wetherell, in his absence, had provided details of the shop’s activity. Current balance in the bank 1871.32 with 43.00 to bank,

Site Manager’s Report: The Site Manager was not present and had not been present for Volunteers’ Sunday.

There had been no Site Inspection.

Korehan Dora had stood in on Volunteers’ Sunday and gave details of repair work done by John Black and himself. Korehan also noted those tools, previously in the workshop, that needed to be replaced. Agreed. It was proposed that John Black be offered co-option to the Management Committee so that he had access to the workshop & machine room at all times. Korehan Dora offered to take responsibility for the workshop to keep control of tools and to restore order. Agreed. Suggested a book be kept of Association members’ use of tools. Agreed. Electrical problems are affecting the tractor, Richard Mildenhall to ask Ben Mansour to look at it. Reg to order parts for the Honda lawn mower. Report that the rotavator “drinks” petrol to be investigated.

Site Manager/Lettings:

Plots 11A1 and 26B (thank you Martin!) still to be let. Plots 8A and 63A have been let. There are currently about 30 people on the waiting list.

Tuesday group report:

Volunteers Report – August 2015

We have completed the clearance of “lovers lane” and burnt all the rubbish and prunings,

planting of bluebells still to do.  Top of orchard next ?


Plot 26A – any progress since last meeting ?


This Committee rightly spends time and effort on Health and Safety etc but we feel that our plotholders main grief is the state of unkempt plots; why are they still let to tenants who do not cultivate them ? We feel that this should be our first priority.


We continue to maintain our completed projects.


  1. Spatcher. 9.8.15.



Hock & Roll, pulled pork rolls, available onsite afternoon of Saturday August 29th. Event starts 12.30. Vegetarian option as well as pulled pork. 5 pounds. Glass of wine/sangria included.

September Open Day. September 6th : Rita and John Wetherell prepared detailed Minutes of the Preparatory Meeting which will be displayed in the Cub House. Copy to Richard Mildenhall the co-ordinator of the event. Martin Spatcher’s literature for the Flower and Vegetable Show also to be put in the Cub House.

Fish and chip Supper Tuesday 15th September. Details to be announced!

National Allotment Week 10th – 16th October. October 16th Site Open.

Apple Sunday. National Apple Day Sunday October 18th. Details to be announced!

End of Season Bring a Dish Lunch. Saturday 31st October. Details to be announced!

Health and Safety on Site: the Treasurer is to purchase a new First Aid kit plus container for fire blanket. Secretary and Treasurer still to make an initial written Risk Assessment of the site.

Planning: Suggested a special Committee Meeting be held to consider short and long term planning.

AOB: Martin Spatcher noted the prevalence of Ragwort on the site which he will endeavour to get rid of before seeding. David Pipe to enquire about eliminating Japanese Knot Weed in the drive. Richard Mildenhall, who is co-ordinator for the September Open day, requested information to enable him to carry out that role.

Meeting ended 9.45pm.

Next meeting September 14th 7.30pm.

Minutes of the KHLGA Management Committee Meeting held on 13th July 2015

Present: John Wetherell (Chair), Reg Wickings, Korehan Dora, John Griffiths, Heather Mallinder (left Meeting at 9.00pm).

In attendance: Rita Wetherell, Greg Micallef (to discuss progress of work on his plots.)

Apologies: Martin Spatcher, David Allart, Trevor Barnes.

Minutes of the previous Meeting: Agreed

Matters arising: None.

Chairman’s report: The Chairman asked the Committee to stand in memory of Clive Watson, KHLGA’s Chairman, who had passed away. Members of the Committee all spoke of Clive’s warmth and generosity, and of his contribution to KHLGA. Clive was thought of as a loyal friend whose presence was already missed at KHLGs.

Correspondence and Secretary’s Report: The Secretary reported on his attendance, with Richard Mildenhall, to the BALGF Meeting on June 25th. KHLGA was especially interested in the new role of The Landscape Group (TLG) which had been awarded the responsibility of overseeing the running of allotments in Bromley, along with the parks in the Borough. Although representatives of BALGF had had a meeting with TLG it was far from clear what their responsibilities would be and with whom BALGF would liaise. Other meetings are planned. Richard Mildenhall asked about the security of tenure for allotments such as KHLGs. There are safeguards, and any attempt to take back allotments would be fiercely challenged. BALGF appeared more sanguine than were the representatives of KHLGA.

Committee agreed of the importance of playing an active role in BALGF as well as making contacts with other sites.

Tenants of plot 26B had returned keys and copy of contract of tenure having been evicted.

Committee thanked Jenny Hussell for having co-ordinate many successful visits from Alexandra School for a number of years. Task of co-ordinator passed on to Pamela Dowling.

Drumbeat, which had made two very rewarding visits to KHLGs in recent weeks, had discussed the possibility of the Centre having a small plot for students to work.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer submitted the July report. Current balance is £17,110.24

Shop Report: John Wetherell gave a full account of the shop’s activity. Current balance in the bank 1783.16.

Site Manager’s Report: Site Manager had provided a written Report in his absence. Weed/Tidy/Cultivation Notices given to plots 4A, 29B, 14B, 12B, 46B, 41A, 40A, 40B, 29A, 28A, 69B, 65B, 72A, 55B, and 79.  (Notices were not sent out)

Site manager had looked at the price of hedge cutters. Martin Spatcher’s advice to be sought.

Plots 42/43. Tenant joined the Meeting to discuss progress turning around his plot. Committee agreed that a great deal of effort had been done in recent months but that the plots were still a “work in progress”. Tenant made a commitment to continue working on the plots and to remove unsightly materials that had been accumulated. From now on the plots would be inspected monthly as a part of the Site Manager’s Inspection.

Site Manager/Lettings:

63b, 26A and 8A are to let. There are currently 30 people on the waiting list.

Tuesday group report: Martin Spatcher sent a written Report in his absence.

Volunteers’ Report for June/July

Tuesday group report;

We have started to clear “lovers lane” and  will continue as time permits, it will be planted up with bluebells etc. Most of the undergrowth has been shredded in-situ but as larger branches need burning we would like to have a small bonfire in the car park 14/7 (tomorrow).

Plot 26B ? (old poultry plot); If this plot is now vacant, would the committee organise a “one off” working party over a weekend specifically to clear this plot ? we could arrange supervision/co-ordination if required.

Plant sales since open day are £276.15 to date.

£250        paid to treasurer.

£ 11        spent on receipted sundries.
£ 15.15    retained as poly-tunnel float.


The Big Breakfast was a great success. John Wetherell and Korehan Dora were thanked for having done the lion’s share of the preparation and cooking. The small profit that was made was held to contribute to other forthcoming events such as the Fish and Chip Supper on Tuesday September 15th.

New Event: Hock & Roll, pulled pork rolls, available onsite afternoon of Saturday August 29th. Look out for further information!!

September Open Day. September 6th. A preparatory meeting for September’s Open Day was agreed for Monday August 3rd in the Club House at 7.30.

Fish and chip Supper Tuesday 15th September. Details to be announced!

End of Season Bring a Dish Lunch. Saturday 31st October. Details to be announced!

National Allotment Week 10th – 16th October. October 16th Site Open.

Apple Sunday. National Apple Day Sunday October 18th. Details to be announced!

Health and Safety on Site: the Treasurer is to look at options for on-site First Aid training. The First Aid Box is to be rationalised and fixed to the wall. Fire blanket to be purchased and made visible. Secretary and Treasurer to make an initial written Risk Assessment of the site.

Planning: No progress.

AOB: Korehan Dora noted the loss of essential tools from the Workshop. Will provide a list of tools for purchase at the next Meeting.

Meeting ended 9.30pm.

Next meeting August 10th 7.30pm.



Minutes of the KHLGA Management Committee Meeting held on 8th June 2015

Present: John Wetherell (Chair), DavidAllart, Martin Spatcher, Trevor Barnes, RegWickings, Korehan Dora, John Griffiths, Heather Mallinder.

In attendance: Rita Wetherell, Les Bateson, June Allart.

Apologies: Sarah Ratcliffe , Clive Watson.

Minutes of the previous Meeting: the Secretary noted that draft Minutes of May 11th Meeting were circulated; Korehan suggested inclusions; Minutes posted on the KHLGA website did not include the sentence, ” After Meeting decided to send notices to 1, 3, and 46B.” Latter version agreed.

Matters arising: Laptop computer still to be purchased.

Chairman’s report: The Chairman sent his apologies having just been released from hospital. The Committee asked the Secretary to write to Clive to express their best wishes.

Correspondence and Secretary’s Report:

Email exchanges between the Secretary and H M were read into the Minutes. A number of Committee members found language used by H to be offensive. H apologised to the Committee. Julie Traquair and Pam Dowling asked for permission to bring students from Drumbeat, a local college for young people with Autism and Communications difficulties, to experience their plots and the KHLGA environment. Proposed dates are 30th June and 7th July. Committee unanimous in agreeing. Committee had received a letter referring to the state of plots 43A and 42. Committee reminded that the plot holder had been given six months to turn the plots around. Letter referring to plot 88 detailing work to be done in response to a Weed Notice. Letter referring to plot 2 taking issue with the sender and nature of the Weed Notice received. Letter referring to plot 3 accepting the Weed Notice and pointing out work done and to be done. Letter referring to plot 40A following a Weed Notice asking for guidance on “restoring a path”. Letter from Mrs A objecting to the Committee’s decision to take no further action on her Code of Conduct complaint. Committee upheld the decision taken at the May 11th Meeting that “Committee decided to take no action given the nature of the dispute but emphasised the importance of adhering to the Code of Conduct.” A complaint under the Code of Conduct was received from DA against J W. Mr A was asked if he had made similar comments about Mr W and Mr G which he denied. Mr W strenuously denied making the comments detailed in Mr A’s complaint.

There was lengthy discussion about the commitment of the Site Manager and his attendance on the site. Mr Allart forcefully defended his contribution to the Association but noted his health restrictions and, in recent times, a full-time job. A number of Committee members spoke of the necessity for the site to have an identifiable, full-time, committed Site Manager. Mr Allart assured the Committee of his continuing commitment to fulfilling the responsibilities of Site Manager.

Letter received from John Black confirming the Treasurer’s and Secretary’s agreement to purchase protective trousers to be worn when chainsaws used on the site. The Secretary noted that the Observer article of 17th May 2015, circulated to all Committee members, about local Councils’ takeover of allotments was displayed on the main notice board and in the Club House. Details of the campaign by Bull Lane Allotments Action Group, in Chislehurst, to save its allotments from being taken over by Bromley Council had also been circulated. June 25th Bromley Council were celebrating fundraising at the Civic Centre, 2.00 – 5.00pm. The next BALGF Meeting on June 25th will be attended by the Secretary and Richard Mildenhall on behalf of KHLGA. Details of the BALGF Competition to be circulated to all Committee members. DEADLINE June 21st 2015. Martin Spatcher had written an excellent short introductory booklet for new tenants at KHLGs. Reg to scan ,digitise and circulate to all members of the Committee for comment.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer submitted the June report. Current balance is £17,239.25

HSBC Bank requires a new mandate for the KHLGA account. John Griffiths to be added, Reg Wickings and Trever Barnes to stay as signatories.

Shop Report:

John W submitted the shop report. Currently there is £1291.00 in the shop account (as of June 8th). Shop turnover currently 100 pounds per week.

Site Manager’s Report:

11A1, 20A, 10B, 37B, 39, 44B,41A,63A, 29A, 28A, 26A, 25a, 69B, 76A, 55B, 81, 85, 89A, and 79 were sent Weed Notices/Tidy Notices/Non-Cultivation Notices. Plot 20 to receive an Eviction Notice.

Site Manager/Lettings:

63b is to let. There are currently 30 people on the waiting list.

Tuesday group report: Martin Spatcher presented a written Report.

Volunteers’ Report for May.

Flowers and veg were potted up and labelled for Open Day. Tents were pitched and tables set up over three days before the weekend. This work was done largely by the “Tuesday Group” with the help of new volunteers. Many thanks to them. Associate member Chris Wise replaced the faulty water heater in the Gents.

Flower beds around the Club House, Memorial garden, and new picnic area have all been weeded & tidied up, as well as the rhubarb and orchard. The Club House was cleaned and prepared for the Open Day catering team.

After Open Day we took down the banner, moved the “food tent” to the picnic area & struck the bric-a-brac and veg tents which were packed away with the tables. This was all done with minimal help from other plot holders on site, most of whom were asked. The “Competition” tent remained as we were exhausted! Unfortunately this tent was damaged in the high winds last week. Some of us feel that we do not want to do this again unless we have an “Open Day Coordinator” (to provide leadership) and a “Tent Pitching/ Striking team (not us). We all feel that we do not get enough support from “Site Management”.

Open Day receipts

Flowers Gate Veg Tea Julia Burgers Pancakes
£1,067.30 £679.99 £846.00 £632.20 £298.21 £228.00 £63.20

After some expenses deducted : Payment of £340 to Air Ambulance and aftersales.  Net Total so far   £3o46.03

We grew 53 varieties of flowers. 32 sold out. We hope to sell the remainder on Open Squares Saturday, also, the tomatoes and cucumbers grown by Ray which were too small to sell on Open Day.


The next event on site is Open Squares Day Saturday 13th June 2.00 – 5.00pm.

Visit by Alexandra School June 16th at 10.00am and 1.30pm. Please liaise with Jenny Hussel.

Visit by Drumbeat. June 30th and July 7th. Liaise with Pam Dowling and Julie Traquair.

Sunday Breakfast July 12th Details to be announced!

September Open Day. September 6th.

Fish and chip Supper Tuesday 15th September. Details to be announced!

End of Season Bring a Dish Lunch. Saturday 31st October. Details to be announced!

National Allotment Week 10th – 16th October. October 16th Site Open.

Apple Sunday. National Apple Day Sunday October 18th. Details to be announced!

Health and Safety on Site:

Papers from the National Allotment Association and Health and Safety Executive previously circulated were discussed. This discussion was seen as preliminary in nature. Recommended that John Best be written to for advice and guidance.


Papers previously circulated were used to initiate discussion. Suggested that Alexia Murphy be co-opted onto the Committee given her experience of fundraising.

Coordinating Roles for the Committee:

Heather Mallinder’s paper was presented for discussion.


A letter be written to Anne Schuman suggesting her relative, who is frequently on site, applies for Associate Membership.

Chris Wise to become an Associate Member but, due to his contribution on the site, fee payable 1.00 pound.

Site Manager asked that a new site map be produced.

Agreed KHLGA membership of the National Allotment Association be paid out of Association funds NOT through an increase in rent.

Meeting ended 10.00pm.

Minutes of the KHLGA Management Committee Meeting held on 11th May 2015

Present: John Wetherell, DavidAllart, Martin Spatcher, Trevor Barnes, RegWickings, Clive Watson , Korehan Dora, John Griffiths, Heather Mallinder, Sarah Ogilvie, Rita Wetherell

Apologies: none

Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed with corrections: Rita Wetherell for Wetherall; plots 83/84 read 42/43; shop open from 15th March not 1st.

Matters arising:

Plot 88 – Les re-measured this plot. The issue has been resolved.

Compostable waste is being dumped at the top of the site (near the polytunnel). This needs removing, and then the practice of dumping waste there should stop. Martin offered to move the worst of this tomorrow (12th May) with the Tuesday group.

Daphne’s raised bed – it was agreed last month that the piece that had been removed would be replaced. This could also be resolved tomorrow (12th May) by John G.


Council tree surgeons didn’t carry out the work they arrived for because the council had not marked the trees in question.   Clive has been in contact with Tom Roser from Bromley Council and has resolved the issue.

Practical Action want to hire the clubhouse for bbq on 27th June. Will donate a percentage of their profit to KHLGA. This was agreed.

Francoise has informed the Committee about the pending visit from Alexandra Junior School on 16th June. Committee are happy that this visit takes place. Any cleaning materials should be removed from the toilets prior to the visit. Confirmed date changed to 16th June .

Les Bateson has resigned from the Committee for personal reasons.

Chairman’s Report:

Reminder: any tree work must be approved by tree department at Bromley Council.

All allotments are being taken over by the council contractors that deal with the parks. There will be a review after 6 months. Implications are unknown at the moment.

Judging for competition will be between 29 June and 3 July. Entry forms must be with the facilitator by 21st June. John Griffiths should receive the entry forms.

Treasurer’s Report:

Reg submitted the May report. Current balance is £14,135. There is now a third account which is the shop account.

Site Manager’s Report:

Korehan reported that the roof of the workshop/toilets was made good yesterday (10th May). John Black had already fixed new brackets and Korehan and John finished the job. The green and all the paths were cut by volunteers. A lawnmower was donated by Jenny Spong-Smith from the Bromley Beekeepers; it has been repaired and is now available to hire. Two of our lawnmowers can be battery operated, so the trigger starters will be enabled on these to ease starting. Korehan suggested buying an addition to the strimmers that makes rewinding the cutting string easier. The committee approved this purchase. Annalee Mather made an excellent meal for the volunteers. Many thanks to her!

Dave has had a note from Sonia plot 76a – put mini greenhouse on plot at weekend but it has now disappeared – may have blown away. Please look out for it.

Weed notices will go out to plots 8a, 11a1, 20a, 26b (all 2nd notices) and 91b (1st notice). Plot 25b also needs a 2nd notice with additional request to prune the overhanging tree.   Committee to ask Greg to clear broken glass and metal from the side of his plot (42/43a). John G will write to holder of plot 40A to request that paths are cleared to required width.


63b is to let. There are currently 25 people on the waiting list.

Shop Report:

John W submitted the shop report. Currently there is £737 in the shop account (paid in on May 4th). There is a further £96.50 waiting to be banked.

Tuesday group report:

Martin has made a note to tidy up polytunnel path and helping with Daphne’s raised bed.


Rubbish needs to left in the room next to the shop after the Open Day, not outside as the foxes rip it apart.

24th May Open Day co-ordination meeting was successful. Tents, catering, plants, etc. organised.

Mrs Allart’s Complaint:

Committee decided to take no action given the nature of the dispute but emphasised the importance of adhering to the Code of Conduct.


Heather agreed to produce a document on her suggestions for a coordinating role for the Committee.

David agreed to provide more detailed information of work required on the site as a contribution to planning over the next 5 years.

Korehan reminded the Committee that plans to continue with reroofing had already been agreed.

Korehan also pointed out that the Wineries Roof is now leaking and to rectify this second hand corrugated metal roofing material  has been purchased by the Wineries Committee for £135.00.

In future the cost of repair to the roof or structure of the Winery will be financed by Association funds.

The Committee also agreed that the winery roof repairs, and any other necessary upkeep, should be referred to Committee in future.

It was agreed that the cost, and construction, of the continuation of the pergola erected by Beekeepers to the Memorial Garden be reviewed at the next Meeting unless those involved are satisfied with the plan to bolt posts to concrete spurs, also set in concrete.

The Committee agreed to purchase a laptop computer for secretarial work.

The Committee agreed to join The National Allotment Society for the information and benefits membership of that organisation provides.

Meeting ended 9.25pm.

Next meeting June 8th. 7.30pm.


Minutes of the KHLGA Management Committee Meeting held on 13th April 2015.
Present: Clive Watson, , Reg Wickings, , David Allart, John Wetherell, Korehan Dora, Trevor Barnes, Martin Spatcher, John Griffiths, Heather Mallinder, and Les Bateson.

In attendance: June Allart, Rita Wetherall, Greg Micallef (part of the Meeting)

Minutes of the Meeting of March 9th were agreed with the correction, as Les Bateson pointed out, it was he and David Allart who had repaired leaking pipes.

Matters arising: Correspondence with tenant of plot 88. Agreed for plot to be remeasured.

Correspondence: Letter from Margaret Ronald on behalf of NSPCC. Agreed that NSPCC should have use of one of the marquees on Open Day May 24th but not with a stall in competition with the charity’s bric-a-brac. Committee asked if NSPCC were able to assist with erecting the marquee.

Two letters received from Mrs June Allart which were discussed at length in her presence. It was agreed to seek a response to the complaint she raised and to discuss the matter on another occasion if necessary.

Letter from tenant of plot 84 regarding compostable waste being put around the site. Further information was sought on current dumping practice. As the practice is not clear at present guidelines to be agreed.

Chairman’s report: Following AGM decision for Management Committee to elect a Vice-Chair annually, John Wetherell was elected to the position.

Treasurer’s Report: Suggestions by auditors were discussed. Agreed to keep cost of petrol in the account book to enable greater transparency on hire of site machinery. Committee agreed that John Wetherell would keep to his system of accounting in the shop with review at end of year. Treasurer’s statement of accounts for March/April were distributed.

Tenant of plot 83/84 described the work done on his plot following the Committee’s decision to give him six months to turn it around. The tenant agreed there was much more to be done but felt he had “made a difference, and was getting it under cultivation”. Opinions varied within Committee about progress made which would be monitored.

Site Manager’s Report: Plot inspections to be made within days. Use of photographs to demonstrate state of plots and progress made. Three members of Committee to make plot inspections following agreed consistent criteria. Agreed that raised bed that had had planks removed to be reinstated as tenant unable to use the bed at that reduced height.

Lettings: Only plot 63B unlet.

Shop Report: 1st March to April 13th 320 pounds banked.

Events: Co-ordinating Meeting for May 24th Open Day to be held April 27th. All tenants to be informed. Necessity to plan preparations and contributions on the day. Martin Spatcher reported on positive progress of plants. Heather Mallinder offered to contribute to communications within the site.

AOB: Requests had been made for Associate Membership of the Association to enable family members to work on plots. Agreed by Committee. Associate Membership contains no implied tenancy which will be made clear to new members.

Vote of thanks to Susan Isaacs for taking, and producing within days, the AGM Minutes. And to Stuart Fairlamb who had repaired windows, and Chris Ryse for mending pipework.

The importance of planning was discussed. It was agreed it was crucial to know what had to be done on site, how it was to be done, and when it was to be done. The possibility of obtaining grants was discussed and would be returned to.

A volunteer, Annalee Mather, would make Volunteer Day meals from now on.

Meeting ended at 9.30pm.

Minutes of the KHLGA committee held on 9th March 2015

Present: June Allart, John Wetherell, David Allart, Vic Barnes, Martin Spatcher, Trevor Barnes, Reg Wickings, Les Bateson

Apologies: Clive Watson , Korehan Dora, Sam Bailey

Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

Matters arising: Sam Bailey has resigned as secretary of the committee.

Correspondence: Michael Mawby – letter is being sent asking him to remove the items on the triangular piece of land adjacent to his plot, otherwise the items will be moved onto his plot.

Chairman’s Report: None.

It is proposed that a vice-chairman is to be elected by committee members after the AGM.

Secretary’s Report: None

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s report for March 2015 submitted. Current balance is £14,331. Reg is working on the balance sheet for the audit in time for the AGM. Reg has a hard copy of the minutes from the last AGM and any changes necessary will made at the next AGM (12th April).

Site Manager’s Report: List of jobs for last Sunday (8th March) was put up. Polytunnel was cleared out. Thanks to John Black for his assistance for getting all the lawn mowers working. Area for the woodchips has been sorted out. Grass cutting was carried out. Dave has about another hour of work to do in the shop, then the tidying will be complete.

Lettings: Currently one vacant plot (63b).

Shop Report: Stock take has been completed.

Events: Open days on 24th May and 6th September.

Tuesday group report: The group has started on new picnic area – design to be confirmed. The flower and vegetable teams and Margaret are doing the flowers, vegetables and herbs for the first open day and will be starting at the end of March.

AOB: Reroofing. John has put together a costing. We will need to buy 9 panels – total cost £543. New flashing £181. In addition we need screws, stitching screws, polythene fillers and 75m of timber (about £113 for timber). £48 delivery. Total cost is likely to be around £885. Vic proposed that the reroofing is carried out very soon. Seconded by John. Unanimous vote.

Where rainwater comes along the back wall of the club house there is a water pipe, which people stand on to look into the shop so the pipe has bent and is leaking – this needs mending.

Stuart is mending the windows in the shop.

There are some leaks; Les will mend the three in plastic that he knows about, then Dave will check the pressure.

John circulated proposed changes to the management of the Association Shop. Vic proposed that the changes were put into place, Trevor seconded, 4 voted in favour; none against; 3 abstained.

Next meeting 23rd March 2015 to put together agenda for AGM.




Minutes of the KHLGA committee meeting held on 9th February 2015.
Present: Clive Watson, Sam Bailey, Reg Wickings, June Allart, David Allart, John Wetherell, Korehan Dora, Trevor Barnes, Vic Barnes, Martin Spatcher, Les Bateson.

Apologies: Sarah Ogilvie.
Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed after Les Bateson was removed from attendance, as he was not present.
Matters arising: Due to damage to a scaffolding board on plot 47 from the emptied water tanks, it is with immediate effect they will be replaced by John Wetherell.
Chairman’s Report: It was proposed that a vice chairman is to be elected at the AGM.

AGM date confirmed: 12 April 2015
Secretary’s Report: Daphne has been contacted and a rent demand has been sent. Attendance to be monitored. Anne is requesting a raised bed after vacating her plot. She will be sent a rent demand in due course. Mick Moby to be sent a letter re area next to plot being used by him, however it is not covered by his rent.
Treasurer’s Report: Some tenancies are still outstanding, it was decided that a further copy will be available to those who haven’t signed yet.
Current balance : £14,618.20. Tony Chase to check annual accounts.
Site Manager’s Report: The toilet roof has been replaced. Many thanks sent from the committee to John and Rita Wetherell, Korehan Dora, John Black, Jerry Burgess, Stewart and Charlie.
Lettings: There are currently no vacant plots. There are also 3 raised beds vacant.

Shop Report: The shop will re-open in 15th March. A shop inventory is needed to adjust for illegal or out of date products, Martin has agreed to help June. June Allart mentioned there was a pot of money which belongs to the winery not in the shop drawer. It appeared with John Wetherell, and after a discussion, it was decided that Korehan would be treasurer of winery takings and monies would be kept separate.
Events: Open days will be on 24th May and 6th September.
Open weekend was discussed and confirmed to be held on Saturday 13 June, 2-5pm. Martin Spatcher will find out about refreshments

Tuesday group report: The committee would like to acknowledge and thank the group for the valuable work, The plan is to maintain what they did last year.

AOB: Les Bateson has received delivery of 50, 13ftscaffold boards, these have already been allocated so it was decided to order a further 63 for plotholders to buy. Thanks goes to Les. It was decided to buy top soil for the raised beds.

A request from Vic Barnes to reroof the machinery shop and cage roof was proposed. It is to be costed before the go ahead.

Nomination papers for committee posts are to be available before the AGM.

There was a vote was to change the shop but Clive pointed out it could not be a consortium.

It had to be one person in charge of the shop who can then organize help themselves.

The vote for this was upheld. 4 voted for it and 4 abstained.

It was proposed by John Wetherell, seconded by Vic Barnes, Trevor Barnes, Korehan Dora and Les Bateson voted but Sam Bailey and Reg Wickings abstained so the vote was not upheld.

David Allart has offered to tidy and clean the shop.

The new roof was proposed by John Wetherall who had been on the website.

He was asked to present proposed costings to bring to the next meeting.

Dave Allart asked for plot 2 to be renamed to June Allart due to ill health of her husband.

A request from Clive for knotweed notices to be used instead of cutting it down as this is actually illegal. It is only to be treated by committee members.

Next meeting: 9th March 2015 Meeting Closed: 8.55pm


Minutes of the KHLGA committee meeting held on 12th January 2015.
Present: Clive Watson, June Allart, John Wetherell, Korehan Dora, David Allart, Vic Barnes, Martin Spatcher
Sarah Ogilvie, Trevor Barnes, Reg Wickings, Les Bateson, Greg
Apologies: Sam Bailey
Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.
Matters arising:
Correspondence: Letter from Mr Griffiths re water tanks at side of winery which have been emptied. Mr G complained that they were emptied into his plot and damaged part of his scaffold board edging – can this be mended? In addition, can more manure be delivered? Mr G has offered to put the minutes on the website so that they are always up to date. He has also offered to contribute towards a newsletter to aid better communication to plotholders.
In response to this, John explained that access was needed to winery and this entailed the water tanks being emptied and moved. A small amount of water was emptied onto Mr G’s plot, but not all of it.
Clive will write to Mr G and explain that the winegrowers will sort out the problem with his edging.
Letter re plot 49a. Plotholder has sadly died; family are making arrangements to clear the plot.
Clive has said that in future, all notices to quit are sent recorded delivery from the secretary.
Chairman’s Report: none
Secretary’s Report: none
Treasurer’s Report:
Rents paid – £3939.70
Rents outstanding – £416.49
Vacant Plots – £419.04
Reg has contacted everyone except Harvey Jacobs re outstanding rents and all these plotholders have confirmed that they will pay.
Current balance – £12,434.05.
Site Manager’s Report: none
Lettings: There are currently 11 vacant plots.
11a1 has been let. It should not have been recorded as vacant on the previous minutes.
There are also 4 raised beds vacant.
Reg sent out around 35 letters detailing vacant plots and he has had 12 positive replies. These people will be invited to come along one Sunday morning to view the plots.
Plotholder of 43 has outlined a plan to improve his plot. He will put his plan in writing and send it to the committee.
Shop Report: The shop will re-open in 15th March. The shop needs clearing up before the opening day. Ray has resigned from running the shop; June and Dave will take over.
Open days will be on 24th May and 6th September.
We have had a request from Open Squares organisation which open gardens that are not normally open to the public (13/14 June). Up to quarter of the fee paid would go the KHLGA. The event is in June. The advertising booklet goes out in February. It would be a good way of selling the plants that do not go during the May open day. Possibility of selling cakes, teas, bbq..It was agreed that we would participate.
Tuesday group report:
Until the spring, the group will meet once a month. The plan is to maintain what they did last year. The memorial garden has been planted with bulbs. If anyone wants to plant a rose or similar, please liaise with Rosemary.
The committee would like to acknowledge and thank the group for the valuable work it has carried out and also John and Rita Wetherall for clearing the area to the left of the main gate
The committee thought it would it be a good idea to have a board for plotholders to post suggestions for jobs that need doing on site?
Fly tipping notices for the front not yet completed.
Plant that is growing over office doorway needs pruning – this has been agreed.
Water is still running – it should be off at this time of year. Top gate valve to be checked
Lights in toilets are not working.
Reg has phoned re scaffold boards again but they are not always available. He will call again.
Roofing on toilet block will be repaired on Sunday 18th January. Clive can bring his impact driver to help with this. Stuart (carpenter) is also coming along to help.
Next meeting 9th February 2015

Minutes of the KHLGA committee held on December 8th 2014,

Present: Clive Watson, June Allart, John Wetherell, Les Bateson, Korehan Dora, David Allart, Vic Barnes,
Sam Bailey, Sarah Ogilvie

Apologies: Reg Wickings , Trevor Barnes

Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

Matters arising: Skip still needs arranging. Skip from Kangley Bridge Road – £264, 8 cubic yards.
Dave will see if he can get a larger one at a better price for next Tuesday (16th December).
Brown wooden greenhouse has been cleaned out.
Area by gate has been cleared.
Correspondence: Plotholder of the raised beds was sent a weed notice on week of 14th July. Since this, the plotholder has still not maintained the beds. She has written a letter of complaint as she has not received a new rent demand this month. This plotholder will now be sent a letter stating that she can no longer have the raised beds as she has not cultivated them which is why she has not received a new rent demand.
A letter will also be sent to Vera confirming that the raised beds are not hers to cultivate, but she is still on the waiting list.
Chairman’s Report: Thank you to the Tuesday volunteers for clearing the area by the gate – they have done a good job. Martin from this group has offered to provide a monthly report to update the committee on the maintenance carried out each Tuesday.
Secretary’s Report: Letters sent to Daphne, Tidy/ weed notice sent to 42/43a and Sophie Carrington, and Vera, a plot holder who is on the waiting list.
Treasurer’s Report: none
Site Manager’s Report: none
Lettings Reg’s records show that there are currently 4 empty plots. From map 11a1, 12a, 15a, 34b, 36a, 68a, 69a + 4 raised beds are to let.
Plot 88 needs monitoring – a weed notice may need to be sent out in early 2015. It is unclear whether this plotholder was sent a notice to quit earlier this year but he has now been sent another rent demand.
From now on, notices to quit should be sent out by the secretary on behalf of the committee.
It has been decided that Reg should send out letters to the first twenty people on the waiting list asking if they still want a plot. They should reply within 14 days, otherwise they will be taken off the list. Prospective plotholders will be given three consecutive Sundays to turn up and have a look.
Shop Report: none
Events: Christmas lunch – June unable to organise it this year. So far, 13 tickets have been sold, so it is unclear whether to proceed. However, a few other people have said they would come along so there may be around 20 – 25 people who will turn up. Simon has offered to buy the vegetables and to cook the meat on Saturday morning. Ann will get the meat from Sainsbury’s.
AOB: Information re work to be carried out on Sunday volunteer mornings needs putting up on board.
Any weed notices needed should be sent out in early 2015.
Clive will organise the fly tipping notices for the front.
Plotholders who have not yet paid their rent must do so by 15th January or they will lose their plots.
The plotholder of plots 43a and 42 needs a letter asking him to tidy up his plots.
Meeting closed at 8.42pm
Next meeting 12th January 2015

Minutes of the KHLGA committee held on November 10th 2014

Present: John Wetherell, Les Bateson, Korehan Dora, Trevor Barnes, Vic Barnes, Sam Bailey, Sarah Ogilvie,
Reg Wickings, Heather Mallinder
Apologies: June, David and Clive

Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

Correspondence: Pam Dowling has asked to swap her plot for the top of Sam Smith’s. The committee agreed to this.
Chairman’s Report: none
Secretary’s Report: none

Treasurer’s Report: main item of expenditure has been roofing materials for workshop
Balance: £11, 226.36
Reg is currently putting out the rent demands. Rent days are 30 November and 7 December. New tenancy agreements were approved by the committee. Conditions 1-9 of the tenancy agreement will be attached to new Allotment Tenancy Agreements. Sam has edited the conditions as requested. The updated handbook will be sent to all plotholders by Sam either by email or by post.
Reg suggested keeping a record of people’s volunteer hours, and reconsider putting a surcharge on the 2015 rents of those plotholders who fall short on these hours.
Reg has found a local scaffolder that will give boards for free, provided they are collected. Scaffold boards from other suppliers are around £1000 for 100.
Site Manager’s Report: none
Lettings: Plot 44b has been let to Kirsty Bowman-Vaughan. Trevor has left messages for a few other people re vacant plots. Reg emails people on the waiting list when they are within 10 places of the top of the list. Some e-mails come back as non existent. Heather has offered to assist Reg in writing to these people to double check their interest in becoming plotholders.
Plots available: 11a1, 12a, 15a, 68a
Committee: Heather Mallinder was unanimously voted onto the committee as a co-opted member.
Shop Report: none
Events: The fireworks went very well.
AOB: Brown wooden greenhouse – padlock needs removing so that the greenhouse can be repaired and cleaned.
What are the details of the proposed plan for a gazebo for outside the shop?
Brown shed next to winery – considerable damp had been coming in from adjacent plot. Some of the overgrowth from this plot has now been cleared and the shed has been repainted but more needs doing to finish the job.
Thank you to the Tuesday volunteers although there is some concern that there is no plan and that work carried out should be approved by the committee beforehand.
Sunday volunteers’ morning could be planned more thoroughly and plans for work to do during rainy weather should be in place.
Workshop has been cleaned out by John.
Sarah to email the minutes to Sam after each meeting, and Sam will post them on the clubhouse noticeboard the same week.
A small amount of money has gone missing from a pot in the clubhouse.
New roofing of the toilet block and workshop has been discussed. Materials have been purchased. Some of the rafters need replacing so this is heavy work. This is a priority before the winter sets in. Volunteers with practical/carpentry skills are needed asap.
It was decided to stop working on Maggie Hughes’ plot from now on.
Discussion re cutting branches from oak trees: We need permission from the borough however we have been previously told we can remove upto 10ft off the circumference.
Land behind trailers by entrance gate could be put to use. Committee approved John’s suggestion to tidy up this piece of land and be placed on Trevor’s old plot to be burned.
Rubbish from site: We need a skip as there is a large amount of rubbish that cannot be taken away by individual plot holders. Dave will be asked to organise the skip.
The committee sends their best wishes to Ray.
Meeting closed at 8.55 pm Next meeting 8th December 2014.
Addendum added by Reg Wickings on the 16th November.
Tuesday Group
I would like to apologise to the members of the Tuesday Groups for my questions and comments about the work of the group at the last committee meeting, which I chaired. These were based on a misunderstanding about the work of the group and in particular about work they carried out on or around two plots. I am not going to go into details but suffice to say I was happy with the explanation of events given to the meeting. I spent some time on site on the following Tuesday morning and it was good the see the group still carrying out essential maintenance work.
I will add this note as an addendum to the minutes of the November Committee meeting
Reg Wickings

Minutes of the KHLGA committee meeting held on 13th October 2014.

Present:- Korehan Dora, Clive Watson, John Wetherell, Vic Barnes, Trevor Barnes, Reg Wickings, Sam Bailey, June Allart, Les Bateson, David Allart.

Apologies:- Sarah.

Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

Matters arising:- Sample new tidy letter discussed, add on plot cultivation and weed notice, otherwise ok.

Chairmans Report:- Allotment awards Les won the wine cup and second and third place. Jo and Rosemary won the Peter Tomlin cup. We were also awarded with some 18 – 20 certificates to various plot holders. Well done to everyone and lets get more next year.
Need an office key for Sarah to use computer.

Correspondence:- Email from plot holder with a few queries was discussed.

Secretary’s Report:- None.

Treasurer’s Report:- Good balance at the moment after Open Day. Water rates nearly due.

Site Manager’s Report:- Productive workday, bushes pruned on Hampstead Row.
Workshop roof badly leaking again needs to be done now. Agreed to get the stuff ordered as soon as possible and get job done weather permitting. Screwfix have wheelbarrows with puncture proof tyres for £37 ea. Complaints that a plot holder at the top of the site has dug into the wide main pathway and into main path from there plot making it far narrower than it should be. They will be contacted to re-instate to the correct width. Trevor and David have decided to look at the whole site to ascertain where any/all paths need to be corrected/straightened. This will be done in blocks over a period of time. Vote taken and agreed to purchase a small cheap chainsaw. No weed notices but site manager’s will look at any bad plots and act accordingly. David to speak to a plot holder. Clive to ring Lewisham Council about ash tree at the top damaging the fence.

Lettings:- 14b has been let, two others rung but didn’t want plots anymore.One coming to view another trying to decide if they still want one. A plot holder on the top of the list is suspended for the moment due to problems. Plots to let 11a1, 12a, 15a, 68a, 44b. Lillian to be put on the list for a raised be

Shop Report:- Next meeting.

Events:- Halloween/Fireworks Sat Nov 1st 6.30, soup and burgers bring your own fireworks.
Xmas Lunch 14th Dec price £6 per ticket.
Rent Days. 30th Nov and 7th Dec. New tenancy agreements to be adjusted and given to plot holders to sign when coming to pay rent then new forms to be kept in ring binder in the office.

A.O.B. Raised beds, Ace Scaffolding and others to be contacted re new boards being purchased to finish beds. Sam to try and find some and also some extra’s for whoever wants some.

Davids chain saw was used for site work so it was agreed that it was correct for the site to pay for it’s service.

Vic has had one of his blueberry bushes stolen from the pot on his plot. Also beans from Hassans plot and a theft from Bens plot. ANYONE CAUGHT WILL BE THROWN OFF THE SITE. Please be aware and if anybody see’s anyone stealing from plot’s please give us there name and or description.

John Wetherell asked and was given permission for workmen to have access to the back of his house through the site to use a chipper.

Korehan has aquired a fridge and freezer for site use.

Sam said she would be prepared to be site secretary.

Meeting closed 9’35.

Next meeting:- 10th November 2014

Minutes of the KHLGA committee held on September 8th 2014
Present: Clive Watson, June Allart, John Wetherell, Les Bateson, Korehan Dora, David Allart, Trevor Barnes, Vic Barnes, Sam Bailey, Sarah Ogilvie, Reg Wickings.

Apologies: none

Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

Matters arising: Complaint about path being overgrown beside plot 43b. S C is still waiting for a reply to her letter.

Correspondence: none

Chairman’s Report: none

Secretary’s Report: Wally Wigley a plot holder of long standing, died on 7th September. A card signed by the committee expressing their condolences will be sent to his family.

Treasurer’s Report: Total takings on gate on the open day was roughly £350.

July – September expenditure was circulated to committee.

Site Manager’s Report: Dave and Trevor will do the weed notices this week. Good open day this year – lots of positive feedback.
The winner of the gate prize , Peter Fookes, who is the councillor for Penge and Cator wards. He offered to advertise any further events of KHLGA on his blog.
We are still waiting for Bromley council to arrange for seven trees to be cut down.
Last week Dave went to SELTEC in Windsor – company based in Dorking sell good quality wheelbarrows for £25 each inc VAT providing we buy 18. Clive will ask around other allotments in the area to see if there is any interest.
Dave will need a lot of help with physical tasks as his shoulder condition has worsened. A lot of heavy work will need doing soon.
Lettings: Trevor has recently left messages with 5 people – no replies yet. There are currently 61 people on the waiting list and 7 vacant plots: 44b, 68a, 11a1, 14b1, 12a, 15a. Wally’s plot was 73 and 72b and he was planning on giving it up in November.

Plot holder of 62b2 has requested another plot. 62b2 has not been kept in good condition so the request will be turned down. Plot holder has received a weed notice but there has been no improvement and no reply to the notice.

Plot 32 – committee will arrange to weed kill the entire plot and cover it until Anna is available to work the plot again. Anna will pay for the cost of this.

Shop Report: none

Events: Halloween/Bonfire Night evening, 1st November 6.30 pm for 7.00 pm start of lighting bonfire. Food will be served during the firework show. Zoings band will be invited to play – June will email.

Christmas lunch 14th December. 1 pm for 1.30 pm start. Dave will sort out the tickets. There will be space for around 40 people. Plot holders can invite a maximum of 2 guests.

Rent days: 30th November and 7th December. Each plot holder will receive a new tenancy agreement with their rent demand. The expectation of volunteer hours will be highlighted. Tenancy agreement to be discussed at next meeting.

AOB: New tidy notice letter – Korehan will print out this week.

Some concern about plot holders using hired mowers and strimmers with unsuitable footwear and no safety equipment. Everyone hiring site mowers and strimmers etc must be given helmets, goggles, harnesses etc. It is the responsibility of individual plot holders to use the equipment provided.
John Black has offered to design a new banner so that the time/date of open days can be changed easily.

Meeting closed at 8.35 am.
Next meeting 13th October 2014.

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