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  1. Pam Dowling says:

    Hello to all Plot holders,
    I am Pam Dowling and I share two plots with my friend Julie. We are also ‘Rosemary and Thyme’ supporting Drumbeat 6th Form on their plot 89a. I’d like to invite you to come and see us on our plot. We are there every Thursday morning.
    We are after a shed and paving slabs if you have any spare.

  2. Pam Dowling says:

    Hi everyone,
    This is a WARNING. One of our Plot holder colleagues suffered three bee stings last week causing an ANAPHALATIC SHOCK. It is important that we are all aware of the possibilities of stings etc and perhaps always have Antihistamine products available in our bags, cars, sheds etc. It is also important that you call 999 if sting reactions do not subside after taking Antihistamine.

  3. Lynn Barclay says:

    Hi Everyone! I am Lynn and ploholder 48a, 3 plots in from the front gate and 2 away from the beekeepers ‘ plot! Usually much enjoyed by me!! But it was me that had the misfortune to be stung by a mixture of wasps and bees, 6 stings in all, and went into anaphylactic shock within about 20 minutes! Managed to drive to pharmacy at Bell Green, was given piriton anti-hystamine tablet, ambulance called and 7 hours in Lewisham Hospital Accident and Emergency to get stabilised! Although I have been a ploholder for many years, firstly as teacher of Brent Knoll School students learning Land Studies for many years and after retirement as an individual keen ploholder, I have actually been quite shaken by the experience!! My health and safety awareness was stronger when I was working with special needs students but has lapsed since retirement just looking after myself!!
    The event happened when pulling out a plant with a wasp nest under the roots. The bees were just nectar gathering fly-byers I think!! But the stings still counted!

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