Waiting List 2022

There is a link to a waiting list application form at the bottom of this page

10th January 2022

Position on list


Position on List January 2022
1 RW
2 JR
3 TW
4 MG
5 CP
6 SB
7 EG
8 PU
9 HK
10 DS
11 AP
12 KG
13 OT
14 CK
15 LB
16 AD
17 RG
18 HH
19 EP
20 GM
21 NG
22 MC
23 SP
24 CS
25 PL
26 JB
27 CR
28 AS
29 MH
30 SG
31 MG
32 MC
33 SJ
34 MV
35 KL
36 PH
37 D
38 BL
39 GB
40 TM
41 JR
42 RS
43 JD
44 ET
45 SJ
46 RF
47 KS
48 VL
49 JP
50 DC
51 KR
52 SH
53 AH
54 KW
55 YT
56 MH
57 BC
58 JJW
59 CB
60 CR
61 DG
62 AD
63 SO
64 RF
65 RC
66 TR
67 SW
68 AT
69 NC
70 MAM

Download Waiting List Application



4 Responses to Waiting List 2022

  1. Leanca Levy says:

    Good morning

    My name is Leanca Levy, i was speaking to one of your members and advised me to sign the waiting list.

    Im a disabled person with several spinal problems but gardening stops me from being heavily depressed. I would love to show my 7 year old there are many others who want to grow their own food and save the bees.

    May i ask, would one be allowed to set up a small bee hive?

    Kind regards

  2. Ayla Ibrahim says:

    I would like to have a part off your allotment a part I like garden ing growing veg and I lost my job because COVID 19 thanks for giving me a chance to having my oven garden Replied 10/2 RW

  3. Denise Flower says:

    Hi there. The link to download the application form doesn’t seem to be working – is it possible to have a copy sent to me, please?
    Thank you!

    • Reg says:

      Kent House Leisure Gardens Ltd
      91a Kent House Road
      London SE26 5LJ

      Waiting List Application

      Date Time

      Please note there are currently 55 people on our waiting list and at the current rate of letting this could mean a three-year plus waiting period for a plot.


      Telephone Number

      Mobile Number

      E-Mail Address

      Plot Size Required

      Plots Sizes are :

      Full (10 Rods* = 55 yards or 50.29 metres)
      Half (5 Rods = 27.5 Yards or 25.146 metres)
      Quarter (2.5 Rods =13.75 yards or 12.573 metres)

      Full size plots rarely become available and when they do it has been recent practice to split them into half size plots.

      The condition varies from recently cultivated to very weedy and full of grass

      The application should be returned to KHLGATENANTS@GMAIL.COM

      Check our website http://www.khlga.com/waiting-list-3-2/ to see your current position on the list .
      We review the list once a year and remove anybody who does not respond to the review notice
      *The rod is a historical unit of length equal to 5½ yards. It may have originated from the typical length of a mediaeval ox-goad

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