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15th May 2020

1.                   NM
2.                   AH
3.                   AP
4.                   RW
5.                   AM
6.                   PS
7.                   MC
8.                   JA
9.                   AR
10.                 BG
11.                 MN
12.                 JR
13.                 LM
14.                 ST
15.                 NW
16.                 SG
17.                 LB
18.                 CP
19.                 CB
20.                MS
21.                 DY
22.                 PL
23.                 MR
24.                 RG
25.                 JH
26.                 CP
27.                 AC
28.                 BM
29.                 YA
30.                 SB
31.                 EG
32.                 PU
33.                 HK
34.                 CL
35.                 EO


Download (DOCX, 88B)

2 Responses to WAITING LIST

  1. Leanca Levy says:

    Good morning

    My name is Leanca Levy, i was speaking to one of your members and advised me to sign the waiting list.

    Im a disabled person with several spinal problems but gardening stops me from being heavily depressed. I would love to show my 7 year old there are many others who want to grow their own food and save the bees.

    May i ask, would one be allowed to set up a small bee hive?

    Kind regards

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